Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Whooping Cough hits California- 90% of patients vaccinated

Sorry to cause anymore cognitive dissonance. Well actually, I am not! Vaccination has been sold to us as infallible. A panacea for all that ails us. And far too many believe such nonsense
Is such foolish belief a threat to the human species and it's survival. As our planet is fouled. Our food is degraded. Our water filthied.  Should we hold the misguided belief that vaccines are miracle cures. Or should we accept that first of all  we are deluding ourselves and even worse making weaker future generations. It's time to evaluate, with eyes wide open, exactly what we have done to ourselves, our food, our water and all that sustains us. Vaccines are part of that problem.
As we foul our bodies, we foul our environment, all those vaccines,  over many years, we have excreted  them right back into the ecosystem. Did you ever stop to think about that? 
I certainly have. If vaccines really worked as advertised  all the shots and all the vaccine filled water- we should be free of disease. Instead, we are growing weaker and sicker.

Whooping cough hits California
"We'd have to go way back to the 1940s to find more cases," said Dr. Eric McDonald, medical director of the epidemiology and immunization branch for public health services in San Diego County.
That's when whooping cough was common, causing hundreds of thousands of illnesses annually and thousands of deaths. But after a vaccine was introduced in the 1940s, cases dropped to fewer than 5,000 a year.
That vaccine was replaced in the 1990s because of side effects, which included pain and swelling from the shot and fever. The newer vaccine is part of routine childhood vaccinations as well as adult booster shots.
Last year was the nation's worst year for whooping cough in six decades— U.S. health officials received reports of more than 48,000 cases, including 18 deaths. This year the number of reported cases nationwide dropped to about 20,000.
After the 2010 epidemic, California launched a campaign about the importance of rapid diagnosis and treatment, especially in young infants. The state also started providing free vaccines for children, pregnant and postpartum women.
Dr. Gil Chavez, epidemiologist with the California Department of Public Health, said while more people, especially pregnant women, need to get vaccinated, he does not believe low inoculation rates are the primary cause of the current epidemic: Of this year's pediatric cases that had information on the child's vaccination history, only 10 percent of those infected in 2014 had not been vaccinated against pertussis.

That  means, very clearly, that 90 percent of whooping cough patients are completely vaccinated. 90 percent! And still they came down with whooping cough.

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