Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Charlie Hebdo: A bullying bully celebrated?

 I'm going to keep this post short, sweet and on point!

I’ve been thinking about this since the incident in Paris. So, here is my question.
How is it that Charlie Hebdo’s collection of disparaging  (to bring reproach or discredit upon; lower the estimation of) cartoons is not being condemned as an  intentional campaign (an organized course of action to achieve a particular goal) created simply to achieve a goal ,  by employing bullying tactics, against their intended targets?

 I saw some of the cartoons on line. And of course today, I see news of people lining up by the thousands to by what is essentially a book of rehashed/repackaged nonsense. Worthless trash.
The comments from some of the people buying this edition border are absurd, teetering on moronic!
 BBC: Catherine Boniface, Paris: "This issue is symbolic, it represents their persistence, they didn't yield in the face of terror."
It represents their persistence in the face of terror?  Certainly, I don't see it that way. The magazine sale represents a marketing campaign- virtually guaranteeing a barrage of purchases-
 A cash cow! 

So if Charlie Hebdo is persistent in wanting to finally make a profit, then yes, I get the persistence. But in the 'face of terror'? Sorry, that's just another talking point. If the media would have used the word crime, as opposed to terror, no one would have lined up to buy this magazine

Bullying vs Free Speech

In the West we are very big on the bullying meme. It’s all about bullying.  We have politicians talking bullying. (See Obama below) We have so called celebrities talking about bullying. We have bullying songs. Bullying rules. At schools. In the workplace.

 Obama talkin’about bullying
“All of us have an obligation to think about how we’re treating other people. What we may think is funny or cute may end up being powerfully hurtful,” President Obama said at MTV’s forum
Not so subtle signs of bullying
  • Belittling. Persistently disparaging someone or their opinions, ideas, work, or personal circumstances in an undeserving manner
  • Embarrassment. Embarrassing, degrading, or humiliating an employee publically in front of others
  • Offensive communication. Communicating offensively by using profanity, demeaning jokes, untrue rumors or gossip, or harassment
  • Campaigning. Launching an overt or underhanded campaign to “oust” a person out of their job or the organization-

Yes, campaigning fits Charlie Hebdo’s publications. As does offensive communication. Belittling. Embarrassing. Harassing. Disparaging.  And the BULLY is always attention seeking?
Charlie Hebdo has it all.
Charlie Hebdo fits the bully mold.
If Charlie Hebdo's cartoons were presented as bullying, instead of free speech, could they still be presented as  heroic?
 Clearly, how any one incident is portrayed to the masses determines how the mindless masses will view the incident?
 The madness is truly in the presentation of what passes for reality!


  1. Taunting is free speech but those wimps in the N F L penalize it anyway, go figure.

    1. Hi rubell, I am actually for free speech and think the bullying meme is simply an elite control mechanism

      What got me thinking about this all was because I had seen so much bullying garbage and this Hebdo magazine clearly fit that message
      However, it's presented as heroic and free speech etc
      So, I rewrote my ending to make more clear what I was trying to say
      It is the way the incident is portrayed, always, that garners the desired response

  2. Talking about bullying - Netanyahu apparently said that France is not safe for Jews and that they should move to Israel.

    Though with the attacks and all isn't he saying 'Move to Israel or else', but in a Godfathery way, y'know horses heads in the beds etc?

    I note he also 'bullied ' his way to the demonstration and then to the front of it.


    1. Yup, aferrismoon
      Netanyahu did say france is not safe for jews
      and that Israel is their home
      I have a link in one of the previous posts- it's in the comments section
      Yes, it is very subtly threatening

    2. Déjà vu?


      "1950–1951 Baghdad bombings refers to the bombing of Jewish targets in Baghdad, Iraq, between April 1950 and June 1951....
      Historians who assign responsibility for the bombings to an Israeli or Iraqi Zionist underground movement suggest the motive was to encourage Iraqi Jews to immigrate to Israel, as part of the ongoing Operation Ezra and Nehemiah. Those historians who have raised questions regarding the guilt of the convicted Iraqi Zionist agents with respect to the bombings have raised other possible culprits such as a nationalist Iraqi Christian army officer, and those who have raised doubt regarding Israeli involvement claimed that it is highly unlikely the Israelis would have taken such measures to accelerate the Jewish evacuation given that they were already struggling to cope with the existing level of Jewish immigration...
      Historian Abbas Shiblak, Iraqi Jew Naeim Giladi and CIA agent Wilbur Crane Eveland have argued that Jews were involved in the bombings.
      In 1949, Zionist emissary Yudka Rabinowitz complained that the complacency of the Iraqi Jews was "hampering our existence" and proposed to the Mossad "throwing several hand-grenades for intimidation into cafes with a largely Jewish clientele, as well as leaflets threatening the Jews and demanding their expulsion from Berman", using the code name for Iraq. The Mossad forbade him to conduct negotiations about or carry out any acts of terror, an order which he reported that he had "confirmed and accepted"...
      According to Moshe Gat, as well as Meir-Glitzenstein, Samuel Klausner, Rayyan Al-Shawaf and Yehouda Shenhav, there is "wide consensus among Iraqi Jews that the emissaries threw the bombs in order to hasten the Jews' departure from Iraq";[5] Shenhav noted an Israeli Foreign Ministry memo which stated that Iraqi Jews reacted to the hangings of Salah and Basri with the attitude: "That is God's revenge on the movement that brought us to such depths."....
      In a 1954 operation by Israeli military intelligence, known as the Lavon Affair after the defence minister Pinchas Lavon, a group of Zionist Egyptian Jews attempted to plant bombs in an US Information Service library, and in a number of American targets Cairo and Alexandria....
      The Israeli government has denied any link to the Baghdad bombings, and blamed Iraqi nationalists for the attacks on the Iraqi Jews. However, according to Shalom Cohen, when the Lavon affair broke in Israel, Lavon remarked, "This method of operating was not invented for Egypt. It was tried before in Iraq".

  3. Hi Penny: Your point about the bullying aspects of Charlie Hebdo are good. Why is this not being covered by the M$M? Selective morality...that's why. The perps need to have a chip on their shoulders that they taunt their victims to knock odd. In this case, it's "Free" speech...the ability to taunt their neighbours. I don't believe muslims took the bait, however, I believe the perps knocked the chip off by their own fist and then blamed the per usual.

    1. exactly gc, selective morality
      Yah the bullying thing has been on my mind, but, clearly it doesn't fit the state approved conspiracy theory- pre packaged and ready to go

  4. Hi Penny,

    Panamza, the only investigative journalist left in France (he's not mainstream that's for sure) checking things in the Charlie Hebdo affair has dug interesting stuff on the owners of the bakery in front of which the "terrists" left their car.
    This bakery is one of the only 7 official supplier for the representation of the IDF in France. The owners are known for their zionism (there's a link to The Christian Science Monitor in the article).
    I will only translate one sentence of the article
    Résumons : des djihadistes-terroristes-antisémites présumés (dont l'un des "trois" s'est évaporé durant la fuite) se dirigent vers un quartier où vit la plus importante communauté juive de France et décident alors d'y changer de véhicule "volé" devant un commerce cacher tenu par un couple ultra-sioniste collaborant avec le ministère israélien de la Défense.

    Let's sum it up: the alledged antisemitic-djihadist-terrorists (of which one of the "three" evaporated during their flight) go in the direction of the area where the biggest jewish community of France live and decide to change "stolen" vehicle there, just in front of a kosher business held by a couple of ultra-zionists with close ties with the ministry of defense of Israel.

    I can only go mmmmh, after that.

    1. Thanks Gallier- I will put the link through translate and see what comes up
      But, judging by that one sentence I can see why you might be suspicious!