Monday, January 26, 2015

From Persian Spring (Iran) to Today’s Drone Strikes etc., in Yemen

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Persian Spring refers to today's earlier post- Is it Time for a "Persian Spring"? Destabilizing Iran
I am connecting Yemen and Iran, because, they are connected. The western powers aka NATO/Israel connect them- Whether they really are, matters not. We are looking at the fact that, as stated, NATO/Israel connects Iran and Yemen- So, it is not coincidence that a Persian Spring is being touted as Yemen is being destabilized.
Just to be straight up front and clear- There was NO Houthi coup in Yemen.
It is very obvious that the western backed transitional government stepped down.
(See here and here and here and finally- HERE)

First- the Yemen government did not want to keep the power sharing agreement they had made with the Houthi populations

Second- Saudi Arabia had cut the funding last September 2014. And appear to have cut the remaining funding quite  recently.

Saudi Arabia cuts of funding, again, to Yemen government

“Another lawmaker, Mohamed Saleh Ali, offered a different explanation. According to Mr. Ali, the meeting was canceled (Sunday January 25/15) partly because the president of Parliament was traveling to Saudi Arabia, which sees the Houthis as an extension of Iranian influence and has cut off nearly all aid to the Yemeni government.”

So Saudi Arabia has now cut off nearly all aid to Yemen! When was this done? Was this funding cut the impetus for the mass government resignation? We know that on Thursday the President resigned after the Prime Minister and Cabinet stepped down. Did Saudi Arabia cut funding in order to take down the government?

Digression- It seems that the death of the 'Wily King', Thursday January 22nd,  didn't change a thing! (Was he in charge, really?) Saudi King Abdullah- Dead- A Wily King?

 Saudi Arabia reduces funding to Yemen 2014

Last September (2014) ,when the Houthis had originally worked out a power sharing arrangement with the western backed government, Saudi Arabia had also reduced funding to the government
“The Houthis are also believed to get financing from Iran, and concern about that led Saudi Arabia last year to cut off $4 billion in funding to the Yemeni government when the Houthis became part of it
It is often suggested the Houthis get funding from Iran? Though I have yet to see any real connectivity via war mongering media reporting. What is abundantly clear is that Saudi Arabia had been propping up the Yemen government.- Similarly Saudi Arabia props up Egypt.

Houthis are quite moderate:
 Houthis may be a lot more moderate than it suggests, according to many diplomats and analysts who have followed them closely.
“The Houthis are not Hezbollah,” said Charles Schmitz, an expert on the group and a professor at Towson University, referring to the Iranian-supported group that dominates Lebanon and is actively fighting on behalf of President Bashar al-Assad in Syria. “They are domestic, homegrown, and have very deep roots in Yemen, going back thousands of years.
April Alley, a senior analyst for the International Crisis Group in Sana, said: “Theoretically there is quite a bit of common ground in Yemen between the Houthis and the U.S., particularly when it comes to security issues and Al Qaeda. But so far it’s not been enough to overcome the obstacles. The Houthis have their own limits in which they can engage the Americans given the political narrative they have propagated.”
Israel's concerns
Israeli analysts have viewed the rise of the Houthis with concern, worrying that a pro-Iranian government in Sana could disrupt shipping lanes through the Red Sea, a vital passageway for Israel. “The fact that an ally of Iran basically now controls another Arab capital is of great concern to Israel,” said Jonathan Spyer, an Israeli international affairs analyst.
Drone Strikes: US Drone war survives Yemen government resignation.

The attack in Marib province was the first apparent drone strike since the departure of Hadi, and signals Washington's campaign against AQAP is continuing, at least in its use of drones, despite his absence.
A suspected U.S. drone strike on a car in eastern Yemen killed three men believed to be al Qaeda militants on Monday, officials said, suggesting Washington's remotely-piloted air war has survived the overthrow of the country's U.S.-backed leader.

The US has NOT evacuated the embassy. Only closing it to the public

The U.S. embassy said on Monday that it was closing to the public until further notice.

Destabilization!: Some, but not all, Southern provinces announce independence from central Yemeni government

A number of southern provinces (2) such as Ibb and Taiz have “declared independence” from Sana’a, while other provinces such as Ma’rib said they would no longer accept any instructions from the capital.

Wanna bet the US and company are totally OK with this declaration of independence?

UPDATE! One tiny news item- more details have emerged
 Yemen rivals sign deal to form salvation government

Yemen rivals sign deal to form salvation government

Yemen rivals signs deal to form salvation government

 U.N. envoy Jamel Benomar had earlier met with leaders of Shiite Houthi militia
The meeting was among a series of talks that the Moroccan diplomat was holding in Sanaa to try to broker an agreement after Western-backed President Abdrabuh Mansur Hadi resigned, (NO COUP, as I had mentioned) U.N. spokesman Stephane Dujarric told reporters.

 Benomar said Hadi and his cabinet were effectively under house arrest (so the quitter says, but, I don't believe him) and that violence could erupt at any time, (this western backed leader is a real drama queen) but he added that a power-sharing deal "was possible," the diplomats said.
 The envoy was also in touch with Gulf countries which have come out in strong support of Hadi, whose resignation on Thursday has yet to be endorsed by the parliament.
There was NO coup, this guy quit. The plan the US/Israel etc had for framing the Shiite militias failed.  Likely the US pressured Hadi to quite and he did! The cutting off of funding from the Saudi's sealed the deal- No coup!


  1. 1. Israel is quite clearly in the throws of something. The country said today relations with Russia were most important. This as it followed Egypt and announced interest in FTA withe the EEU. The Israeli FX is coming under pressure (for good reason, but notable). In view of the Netanyahu debacle in the US, Israel just offered to broker a Russia-Ukraine discussion. More interesting than all is the open break in the Mossad last week indicating that the agency advised against more Iran sanctions. How this squares with the latest airstrike TBD. Is it a fracture or more blurring.

    2. That Argentina journalist behind the story just fled to Israel

    3. When Saleh was removed (after the bomb strike) - resting in the Kingdom - he "escaped" form the airport and returned to Yemen. What was the Saudi vs. US role in that move? Late 2011/12. Same page?

    4. More Saudi-Iran detente? Any progress in Lebanon on election is a derivative of an as yet undisclosed back channel. The new King just made the comment that all Muslims and Arabs should work together.

    coup de grâce?

    Unlikely US and Saudi allies still need one another

    It is said the talks in Lebanon Presidentail are a direct function of an Iran-Saudi deal. What about Yemen?

    As far as Lebanon/Hez/Golan from the source:

    "Two top Hezbollah officials said Sunday that the Israeli airstrike on a Hezbollah convoy in Syria’s Golan Heights last week exposed Israel's cooperation with terrorist groups stationed in the area."

    1. The story on the journalist- so called- is quite interesting
      And I would suspect this "journalist" was the assassin- whatever nonsense he is spinning about Iranian involvement and Hezbollah is really not credible

      re" US and Saudi

      US and Saudis have seen their ties tested over Iraq and Iran, but trading petroleum for protection will continue to benefit both sides

      Israel's cooperation with their Islamist fighters is a subject I have gone on and on about

    2. anon; do you think there is some break between the Saudis and the US?
      I just don't see it.
      The break will come when the oil runs out, but, until then considering all the war planned for the ME, I just can't see it

    3. Nisman, reportedly, was shot point-blank in the 'forehead', but I can't find any info on where exactly. To me 'forehead' indicates a frontal shot and is more suggestive of assassination (rather sloppy, he should have been shot in the temple) than suicide; but the notion that it was suicide is laughable anyway.

      Salbuchi's take on the Nisman affair-

      and now:
      CFK announces plan to dissolve SI intelligence service

      Wouldn't it be nice if CIA/Mossad/MI6 etc could be dissolved too (preferably in a big vat of acid) ?

      Other news in Argentina/Patagonia tha caught my gimlet eye:
      Patagonian Mapuche group declare ‘war’ on Argentina, Chile

      Uproar over mining lobbying in Chubut

      Barrick Gold Corporation is the largest gold mining company in the world, with its headquarters in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
      Founder & Chairman Emeritus is Peter Munk, a Holocost dodger. His CV is quite remarkable, the boy did well-

      Shale boom forces Añelo to start over

      Big news in the Israeli & Zionist press but not initially in Argentina:
      Israeli backpackers {soldiers} suffer antisemitic aggression in Patagonia-
      "The owner of the hostel, Yoav Pollac -- a 38-year-old Israeli of Argentine parents -- told AFP that the attackers, who appeared to be drunk, broke windows and stole money, luggage and cell-phones while shouting anti-Semitic slogans such as "You fucking Jews, you are trying to take over Patagonia"."

      DAIA, Israeli Embassy call for investigation of Chubut attack-

    4. "Wouldn't it be nice if CIA/Mossad/MI6 etc could be dissolved too (preferably in a big vat of acid) ?"

      Ahhhhh..... sweet dreams :)

    5. We can dream Penny.

      Regarding a similar forehead-shot 'suicide' (french police commissioner on the Hebdo case) the family are denied access to the post-mortem report-
      translated; note the frontal shot highlighted in point-4 ('the ball' obviously refers to the cranium):

      Also related to CH psy-opera: J.M.le Pen, who refused to buy into the official narrative, has had his mansion-house torched:

  2. Anonymous said: "...Israel just offered to broker a Russia-Ukraine discussion...."


    Funny, I was thinking recently that Israel would probably like to buddy up with Russia. Historically, they have always played both ends against the middle.

    1. I don't know if I would choose the words "buddying up"
      Perhaps it would be more accurate to use the word/s- oh let me think??
      Hooking itself into- Claws in- strangle hold- buddying up just seems so friendly ;)