Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Glyphosate Herbicides & Transgenic Food Partners are both Toxic & Endocrine Disrupting in humans

 In common terms that's Round up and Round up ready genetically modified frankenfoods!

As mentioned- The Chemical Manipulation of Humanity was going to become a core topic here
If you are uncertain what I am referencing?
Begin here- The Chemical Manipulation of Humanity
Download the pdf  and read the linked material here-The Fraud of AGW vs the Real Threat to Humanity- Endocrine Disruptor

And then continue learning along side me :) It's good to have you on board.

From 2009- So six years ago....Glyphosate-based herbicides are toxic and endocrine disruptors in human cell lines.

Glyphosate-based herbicides are the most widely used across the world; they are commercialized in different formulations. Their residues are frequent pollutants in the environment. In addition, these herbicides are spread on most eaten transgenic plants, modified to tolerate high levels of these compounds in their cells. Up to 400 ppm of their residues are accepted in some feed.

We exposed human liver HepG2 cells, a well-known model to study xenobiotic toxicity, to four different formulations and to glyphosate, which is usually tested alone in chronic in vivo regulatory studies. We measured cytotoxicity with three assays (Alamar Blue, MTT, ToxiLight), plus genotoxicity (comet assay), anti-estrogenic (on ERalpha, ERbeta) and anti-androgenic effects (on AR) using gene reporter tests.
We also checked androgen to estrogen conversion by aromatase activity and mRNA. All parameters were disrupted at sub-agricultural doses with all formulations within 24h. These effects were more dependent on the formulation than on the glyphosate concentration.

 First, we observed a human cell endocrine disruption from 0.5 ppm on the androgen receptor in MDA-MB453-kb2 cells for the most active formulation (R400), then from 2 ppm the transcriptional activities on both estrogen receptors were also inhibited on HepG2. Aromatase transcription and activity were disrupted from 10 ppm. Cytotoxic effects started at 10 ppm with Alamar Blue assay (the most sensitive), and DNA damages at 5 ppm
A real cell impact of glyphosate-based herbicides residues in food, feed or in the environment has thus to be considered, and their classifications as carcinogens/mutagens/reprotoxics is discussed.
And still the GMO's are spread, globally? Why?

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  1. "And still the GMO's are spread, globally? Why?"

    My answer: To contribute to the demise of Human 1.0 and prepare the way for the transhumanist dream Human 2.0 and clones /robots to replace the unruly goyim.

    Another question is why do the people behind the spread of GMOs / Roundup feel they are immune to the negative impacts on themselves and the environment?

    Vaccinations are an example where it would be fairly straightforward for insiders to opt out or receive non harmful vaccine batches (I just read that autism rates are expected to rocket in the next years), but GMOs are surely harder to avoid, and although the elite get organic food, why risk f***ing up the world when there are other ways to get rid of the useless eaters?

    Depleted uranium is even more bizarre. How do the ad guys avoid ingesting that poison? Or do the elite simply count on having access to medication that will make them immune from harm?

    I happen to believe that possession (in the demonic sense) is nine tenths of the bad guys agenda and just as an addict will race down the road to hell to ensue his fixes, the so called winners in our societies are a motley crew of mind controlled / possessed puppets.

    How else can we explain the desire of people who have it all destroying it all?


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    2. Take 2
      gotta preview before publishing :)

      Hi Anthony

      "My answer: To contribute to the demise of Human 1.0 and prepare the way for the transhumanist dream Human 2.0 and clones /robots to replace the unruly goyim'

      I suspect that is indeed part of the agenda, but, we can put the brakes on this one- we have the numbers.

      "Another question is why do the people behind the spread of GMOs / Roundup feel they are immune to the negative impacts on themselves and the environment?"

      Because they don't relate to us. They have forgotten their humanity as they have become consumed with power. They see the masses as 'other'. Which is why they have to be removed from their positions ASAP

      btw: Anthony I feel extremely frustrated as of late, with the societal apathy, just have to get that off my chest.

      I'm working at making as much change as possible, personally and god knows I am posting and talking- I sure hope everyone else is doing as much as me?
      Or at least half as much as me?

      This topic has really put a bee in my bonnet!

    3. Hi Penny,

      I know just what you mean about the apathy, or even worse, the Stockholm-syndrome like aggressive defence of the evil doers and attacks upon the messengers. Many people I know seem to simply want to take the opposite stand to me in every issue of consequence, although they feel much happier discussing trivia.

      My recent experiences have been that I get very little joy (to put it mildly) from the people I know well (or let's say have been in the company of for a length of time), but just when I think it's all in vain, I get talking to a random stranger and share some very productive moments.

      What I hope is that we are the snowflakes who in the first waves don't seem to achieve anything other than melt, but unseeingly pave the way for the masses to follow at a later stage.

      I've just started reading a book about the knights templar in Nova Scotia. I always tell myself not to recommend books before I get to the end, but I thought as a Canadian this would be interesting for you and your husband.

      The Labyrinth of the Grail by William F Mann.

      It's Rennes le Chateau meets Oak Tree Island and much more.

      Keep going, Penny and never forget to take care of number one. I know that so well now as the single parent of three young children. We have to pace ourselves and be wise as serpents as the saying goes.


    4. When I was young, in Grade school (elementary level) we actually discussed Oak Island at school and I recall going to the library and trying to find more on the topic.

      So, I will most definitely look for that book- thanks and I will pace myself, of course and be as wise as serpents