Sunday, January 25, 2015

Greece: Exit Polls Indicate Big Win for Syriza

Because we can't forget about Greece!
The latest and a relink.

The Latest!-Exit polls signal big Syriza win

 The polls indicate that Syriza took between 36% and 38% of the total vote, with the ruling New Democracy party a distant second with 26%-28%.

It is unclear whether Syriza has enough votes to govern the country alone.
Syriza's Alexis Tsipras has pledged to renegotiate Greece's debt arrangement with international creditors.
He has also vowed to reverse many of the austerity measures adopted by Greece since a series of bailouts began in 2010.
The result is being closely watched outside Greece, where it is believed a Syriza victory could encourage radical leftist parties across Europe.
The exit polls suggested Syriza had won between 148 and 154 parliamentary seats. They need 151 seats for an outright majority.
'Historic victory' 
Syriza hailed the exit polls as "a return of social dignity and social justice".
"What's clear is we have a historic victory that sends a message that does not only concern the Greek people, but all European peoples," spokesman Panos Skourletis told Greek television.

Syriza supporters in Athens greeted the exit polls with jubilation
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Debtocracy- Greece's "Debt Crisis"


Debtocracy International Version by ThePressProject


Unfortunately Syriza wants to keep the Euro- I would prefer each nation goes back to it's own- 
But, that's a story for another day. Here is hoping Syriza is not just an Obama- hope/change illusory party. 

Oh and btw- The commercial from the EU that opens this video? Watch the video and you will understand my reference.  As if the EU has any real concern or issue with that aspect of the  abuse of humanity!

Odious Debt

All of our governments incur illegitimate debt. All of them. Canadian. American. France. UK. German. Etc., That is the very core of private central banking. 
Every dollar is odious debt.


  1. Hi Penny,
    One word sums the doco up, Indoctrination, more potent than perception management as it is the next step in total mind control. Take T.V and Movies as an example lots of the programmes have :torture segments in them and promoted as OK due to the getting of information that allows the evildoers to be liquidated or punished er liquidated. so murder is ok to as it is only evildeoers that get killed. Summed up as might is right. It is all total Bullsh&t we know alas over 90% of the population take it as read. Time is running out to enlighten them. Best advise is become self sufficient while building networks that are like minded, use barter as a trade mechanism. The Greeks had that at the end of WW2 whic hwas working very well thank you. UK ans USA saw it as a nono and reengineered a coupe to bring the country back to democracy. ( Democracy = do as you are told)
    Cheers Penny

    1. Hi Gordon;
      Interesting your thoughts about the documentary? I watched it in 2011, but, not since. (And surely I have learned more since then?!)
      I can't recall it entirely- however....
      If I can mention odious debt in any post and tie it to the private central banking scam- I am on it!
      Recently the central bank here dropped the interest rate and our PM said he agreed with it.. what a laugh- as if what his agreement or disagreement means a dam thing!
      I have something for tomorrow about the global banksters colluding- but that will have to wait
      Hoping some Greeks stop around to give us their impression?