Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Israeli war planes striking Syria- Presently!- Right now! Second strike in 24 hours

Here is the latest: IDF strikes targets in Syria after 2nd red alert in a day 

Right now, present time, it is being reported that IDF warplanes are targeting Syria

"Israeli Air Force warplanes attacked Syrian military targets shortly after midnight on Wednesday (Israeli/Syria time)
 Residents in the northern Golan Heights reported hearing air raid sirens at 12:33 am. The IDF Spokesperson's Unit announced the IAF strikes moments later.
 Arab media outlets reported that artillery positions of the Syrian military's 90th brigade were attacked"

IDF tanks in the Golan Heights earlier in the day
This is the second time in 24 hours that Israel has attacked Syria!
Earlier today Israel shelled Syrian military positions, allegedly, in response to 'rocket fire'
"Israeli forces Tuesday shelled Syrian positions in the southern province of Qunaitera near the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights, a monitoring group reported"

The rocket fire claim is bogus. What proof is there that any rocket fire, if it happened at all, originated with Syrian military or had a single thing to do with the legitimate, elected, government of Syria! As my hubby suggests "If a Syrian farted in the wind, Israel would claim it as a chemical attack"! Israel's claim of rocket fire originating with Syria, is so ridiculous, it cannot be taken seriously. Israel was looking for any justification, anything they could spin, anything at all, to attack Syria. An attack Israel has been wanting, has prepped for, has planned for, has desired, for as long as I have been blogging on the Syrian situation.

FLASHBACK!: To my post from January 20/2015- Just one week ago!

Israel Prepping for more strikes on Syria? "Israel steps up security for possible Syria airstrike"

Quoting from that previous post.......
 This reads to me as if Israel is going to up their airstrikes in support of their Islamist terrorist/fighters aka NATO's mercs
 I actually don't see this as prepping for 'retaliation' for Israel's most recent strike on Syria, or any of the previous strikes. The moves to me are way more suggestive that Israel is about to make one or more strikes on Syria, Lebanon or on both nations simultaneously
Israel is undertaking the attacks, it has planned for, while the world is distracted by the Auschwitz memorial- Not a coincidence.


  1. Perhaps Israel is attacking as a distraction from the fact that NATO is getting whipped in Ukraine.

    1. I think Israel has been planning this move for some time now

  2. Penny, just saw this:


    The insane one wants US boots on the ground in Syria....Israel is bombing....they are desperate to start WWIII.

    1. Related to McCain: the CFR is blatantly showing its hand, Obama is dragging his heels wrt project WWIII-

      "Washington is in Revolt Against Obama"

      "This Is Obama’s Last Foreign Policy Chance"

      McCain much mentioned. This CFR nutjob also wants to bring back Rabbi Dov Zakheim - he of the 9-11 drones and missing 2.3 trillion - "He knows budgets and policy"; indeed he knows how to lose 2.3 trillion, that's a special talent.

    2. thanks greencrow and Gimlet Eye- McCain is the most bizarre man around- sorry, but, I just don't get his influence or his entire reason for being a member of the government- or even how he get's elected?!
      I just don't get it at all
      And he wants the Dov Zakheim back?!
      shakes head

  3. Maybe it has more to do with that:

    MOSCOW, January 27. /TASS/. At talks in Moscow, the Syrian opposition agreed a unified position on the necessity to stop violence and free political prisoners and abducted people, representative of independent opposition circles Khaled al-Mahamid told TASS.

    "We were united in the necessity to stop violence, free political prisoners and those kidnapped, including women and children," al-Mahamid said, adding that the participants of the talks will voice those proposals at the upcoming negotiations with a delegation from Damascus.

    "We believe it necessary to block channels of armament supply to terrorists, open access for humanitarian assistance to blocked areas," he said.

    "Now we are all united in that the Geneva Communique, all points, are the basis for Syrian settlement," al-Mahamid said. "We are grateful to Moscow for the provided site, this is the first meeting in such format since the first day of the crisis. But we are concerned about the fate of Syrians, as the situation is in a deadlock." (@http://itar-tass.com/en/world/773746)

    Talks involving representatives of the Syrian opposition have been held for a second day in Moscow. On January 28, a delegation from Damascus will join them.

    On Monday, Russian presidential special representative on the Middle East and African countries Mikhail Bogdanov said some 28 Syrian opposition representatives came to Moscow. Bogdanov also said the delegates are expected to meet with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov on Wednesday.

    The meetings aim to find a solution to the Syrian conflict that has been ongoing since 2011. According to UN statistics, fighting between Syrian government troops and militants has killed more than 100,000 people and displaced millions since its start in 2011.

    An international peace conference on Syria, dubbed Geneva-2, organized by Russia and the United States and designed to negotiate a solution to the Syrian crisis, kicked off on January 22, 2014 in Montreux, Switzerland. Its first two rounds in January and February 2014 brought no particular progress. The parties to the Syrian conflict agreed to continue their discussions.

    The Geneva Communique was adopted on June 30, 2012 at a conference of an "action group" on Syria in Geneva. That conference is now commonly referred to as "Geneva-1."

    Is the danger of peace in Syria growing?

    It looks that Obama is not following orders!


    "Covert CIA Mission to Arm Syrian Rebels Goes Awry
    Plagued By Red Tape and Skimpy Supplies, U.S. Shifts Program’s Focus".

    ...Pentagon officials are establishing a new program in Syria, and the general in charge of the effort has told lawmakers that he wants to establish more consistent supply lines and provide air support to approved fighters.

    But the new mission also calls for building a rebel force to fight Islamic State, not the Assad regime, which will make it tougher for the Pentagon to attract rebel commanders to the program, some U.S. officials say.

    “I think we’ve lost our window of opportunity,” says Robert Ford, the State Department’s ambassador to Syria from 2010 to 2014....

  4. Hey all, be back briefly- thanks for the comments :)