Thursday, January 8, 2015

Je Suis Charlie = JeSus, Jesus or JC = Messianic Archetype

We are being psyoped

We are being 'mindf*c ked"- Excuse the language but that's the most blatant way of stating what is going on!

While the word "messiah" has different meanings in different cultures and there have been dozens of claimants to the title according to Wikipedia, for most Western intents and purposes, the term has been Hijacked by Jesus, with Jesus becoming the Trope Maker. In media, the Messianic Archetype is a character whose role in the story (but not necessarily personality) echoes that of Christ. They are portrayed as a savior, whether the thing they are saving is a person, a lot of people or the whole of humanity. They endure a sizable sacrifice as the means of bringing that salvation about for others, a fate they do not deserve up to and including death or a Fate Worse Than Death. Other elements may be mixed and matched as required but the Messianic Archetype will include one or more of the following:

  •     being the Chosen One
  •     gaining a group of devoted followers
  •     being betrayed by one of these followers
  •     persecution by nonbelievers
  •     obvious Crucified Hero Shot (or other parallels to the Passion Play)
  •     a figurative or literal resurrection
  •     a prophesied return to save the world
  •     the initials JC

 The Messianic Archetype is about the role the character has in the events of the plot, and can have any personality traits, even overtly villainous ones

What is a Trope?

Tropes are devices and conventions that a writer can reasonably rely on as being present in the audience members' minds and expectations

The Messianic Archetype is definitely implanted in our collective minds and is clearly being used in this latest Paris psyop

Thanks Anthony for bringing that to my attention!


  1. Hi Penny,

    Doesn't this fit in incredibly well with the Preying/Praying Mantis comment the other day.

    Mantis being the Greek for prophet.

    What I didn't notice the other day is the origin of the Greek Mantis.

    From μαίνομαι (maínomai, “I am mad, raving”).


  2. The city of Paris has been closely linked to the Goddess ISIS. Some even claim that the city of light was named in her honour. See the section Isis and the City of Paris in the following link:

    The events took place on January 7th. 17.

    The 17th tarot card is the Star (Sirius / Osiris) but shows the Goddess ISIS.

    Sirius is the sacred star of ISIS.

    On January 7th at 11.28 Charlie Hebdo issued a cartoon of the IS (ISIS) leader al Baghdad wishing above all good health.


    1. I just had a hunch that the time of 11.28 might be code of sorts.

      Well, in this English qabalah site with Crowleyite influences1128 has just two entries:

      1128 = Child of the Prophet, Age of the Antichrist.


    2. Thanks Anthony- all very interesting reading

  3. Saw the Jesuis Charlie looking like Jesus Charlie, memories of Manson who was known as both Charlie and Jesus.


    1. And of course, Charles Manson fits the archetype mentioned!
      Thanks Aferris!

  4. 12 dead = 12 disciples?

    According to the following website "Coming (of Osiris) was announced by Three Wise Men: the three stars Mintaka, Anilam, and Alnitak in the belt of Orion, which point directly to Osiris' star in the east, Sirius, significator of his birth"

    The shootings were on January 7th, the day after January 6th which is the day of the three wise men. The Epiphany, Three Kings Day.

    Horus was the son of Osiris and Isis.

    Was born of the virgin Isis-Meri in December 25th in a cave/manger with his birth being announced by a star in the East and attended by three wise men.

    He had 12 disciples, two of whom were his "witnesses" and were named "Anup" and "AAn" (the two "Johns").

    10 plus two witnesses = 10 plus two police bodyguards.


    1. 12 dead = 12 disciples?

      That exact thought crossed my mind

  5. January 7th just happens to be Christmas Day in many Orthodox Christian countries, including Russia, so yesterday was Christmas for Putin as well as for regular Ukranians but not necessarily their leadership. See below.

    Yatsenyuk meets Merkel on Orthodox Christmas Day January 7th 2015


    1. A correction to the previous comment. Apparently Yatsenjuk meets Merkel on the 8th according to her official calendar. Presumably he flew to Germany on the 7th.

      She did attend Three Kings festivities on January 7th with Sternsänger (Stern = Star. Sänger = Singers) at the time of the shootings and met David Cameron later in the day.


    2. again, thanks so much Anthony for all these interesting tidbits

  6. Messianic archetype - well spotted, interesting.

    Rather off-topic but I think you'll find this interesting Penny, and there is a Messiah connection..
    BTW this was the last vid posted on anti-Maidan YTube before it was terminated; we'll see how long will this remains.

    News of Khazar Khaganate in Ukraine

    News edition No 8 from Eduard Hodos: Ukrainian writer, former head of Jewish Community of Kharkiv, public figure famous for his stand against Chabad movement.

    Amazing fact: currently 306 out of 450 deputies of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine are Jewish. In a meanwhile, Jewish are less than 1% of population of Ukraine.

    1. going to have to watch this one tomorrow, but thanks for leaving it!

    2. Interesting, nes pas?

    3. Yes, it is. Very much so. Seems Ukraine has a huge, disproportionate representation by the chosenites- It's disheartening that this could have happened so easily :(

      rewriting history is very disruptive/destructive to the community at large- I get why Kolomoisky and the other thugs are doing it
      what I don't get is why it is being so tolerated?

  7. penny,
    what do u think about this...?

    1. I did look at this earlier and certainly freakish- reinforcing present day memes
      I am looking for a specific term and it is not coming to me, when it does I will post it
      thanks denk!


  8. An article that appeared on September 10, 2001 and was lost in the rubble of 9/11.

    Of the Mossad, the Israeli intelligence service, the [Army School of Advanced Military Studies] SAMS officers say: "Wildcard. Ruthless and cunning. Has capability to target U.S. forces and make it look like a Palestinian/Arab act."

    1. Thanks Greg- short on time so I will look later, I had some other info I wanted to get posted before this day is over

  9. Penny - All I can say is that great minds think alike.

    We must have been on to this at exactly the same time.

    You have extrapolated it - what do you think of the 'Arch Lie' photograph - it appeared in the Mail Online first I think.
    Felix in the comments has tracked the first facebook and twitter mention of 'Je Su is Charlie' to a guy called Thiery Puget.

    Best wishes,

    Carol x

  10. Charlie Hebdo want to issue a copy of the magazine next week.

    One of the remaining cartoonists is Luz, which is Light in Spanish and derives from the same Latin root Lux as Lucifer.

    Paris is also know as the city of light.

    The number of copies for the special edition will increase from 60,000 to one million, which just happens to be 16.66 times more than the usual number.


  11. So the patsies/simulated conspirators (to be differentiated from the real conspirators of the hidden hand) have just been surrounded in a kosher grocery store lol...

    Felix commented at my place:

    felix8 January 2015 at 14:02
    12:59 PM Paris time
    Thierry Puget ‏@titi1960
    3:59 am - 7 Jan 2015 [PST = 12:59 CEST]
    1:02 PM Paris time

    Graphics nicely worked out. Very sinister and unspontaneous.


    felix8 January 2015 at 14:50
    Even earlier
    joachim ‏@joachimroncin Directeur Artistique et journaliste musique Stylist magazine
    3:52 am - 7 Jan 2015 [12:52 PM]

    First mention of police names on twitter

    Europe 1 Verified account ‏@Europe1
    Un témoin sur #Europe1 a vu "deux hommes cagoulés en noir qui en sortant ont crié Allah Akbar en montrant le ciel" #E1midi #Charliehebdo
    3:11 am - 7 Jan 2015

    Loïs Guzukian ‏@Tololhardy
    11 morts, 4 blessées très grave. Horrible.
    3:50 am - 7 Jan 2015

    Loïs Guzukian ‏@Tololhardy
    Et Charb qui serait mort. je suis sans voix. Pas de mots.
    3:53 am - 7 Jan 2015 [12:53 PM]

    Loïs Guzukian ‏@Tololhardy
    Wolinski et Charb morts dans l’exercice de leur travail. Comme les policiers. #RIP
    4:19 am - 7 Jan 2015 [1:19 PM Paris time]

    Chadoutaud Delphine ‏@ChadoutaudD
    Cabu est mort???? Les anonymes déjà ça fout les boules, mais Cabu... merde, putain, Cabu, quoi! Vais vomir...
    4:23 am - 7 Jan 2015

    MarionVan Renterghem ‏@MarionVanR
    Assassinés: les grands dessinateurs de #Charlie Hebdo : cabu, wolinski, honoré Charb selon un témoin
    4:30 am - 7 Jan 2015 [1:30 PM]

    Quick, what? Ages 54,57, 68, 69, 74, 76, 80.....

    no need for formal identfication or confidentiality. They just get it right straight off.

    1. thanks Carol I have to make it over to your blog and check out your info, but, was away most of the day- thanks for helping with the puzzle pieces it's great

      I got to say I don't believe the official tale here at all- for so many reasons but to name a few
      masked men, quickly id'd- no
      perfect french accents
      the prepackaged psyop alone is enough to dismiss out of hand the official story

  12. Very important video.

    A British reporter at the scene of the alleged shooting of the policeman suffers a freudian slip and states "The blood on the ground that was put there..." Then quickly corrects himself.

    As someone commented on the YouTube video. Surely, surely, surely the French authorities would scrub the crime scene clean of blood from their supposedly deceased colleague?


    1. so, there putting fake blood down to freak the populace out?

      I would have thought they would have cleaned up the scene- they usual do at accidents etc., so it makes no sense that there would be blood there
      however he says they put blood on the ground because of the blood that was shed there and that's weird!

  13. Hi Penny
    Another key pusher of this almost immediately realised [i.e. pre-planned] and inane hashtag:

    It reminds him of the Air France plane hijacking from Algiers in 1994
    Thierry Guerrier ‏@ThierryGuerrier
    Me reviennent les souvenirs de l'Airbus d'AF en dec 1994. 7 gend GIGN blessés. Oui... Merci. Simplement merci...
    9:47 am - 9 Jan 2015 [6:47 PM],9171,163487,00.html
    now, I wonder what we make of that Islamist hijacking 20 years down the line? [oh, yes, it happened around Christmas in 1994]

    #jesuisunidiot if I fall for this Paris event staging at the unfunny magazine Charlie Hebd.

    1. Hey felix!
      thanks for sharing that info I like the jesuis idiot if I fall for this event, that funny
      I can't recall the Air France 1994 incident so I am going to do some reading
      good to know you are still getting the info out and around Felix :)

  14. Sorry to contradict your nice hypothesis, but the Jesus/Je suis link doesn't work in France, at all. It is the paredolia effect that makes you think that, but for frenchmen it won't trigger the same associations.
    Jesus has nearly no meaning anymore in the French public. It would only work for the remaining Catholics, but these are exacly not the group this campaign would target. The lefties here, for which Charlie Hebdo was the banner, hate Catholics even more than the muslims. You have to understand that the mainstream in France is completely liberal, even the so called right (UMP) is liberal. There is only a fraction of the Front National that still have some conservative aspects, but it is currently in the process of being eradicated (in the last 3 months there were several incidents that showed that the Marine Le Pen, her partner Louis Aliot and the freemason Gilbert Collard prevail against the more conservative Jean-Marie Le Pen, Bruno Gollnish and Florian Philippot axle of the party).

    I know that the operation is also for international consumption, but I don't think that it specifically designed for the Anglo-Saxon world. It is obviously a zionist operation, but it is really extremely well designed for the French public. I even think that it was so horribly ruthless and cunning because Dieudonné and Soral had really a big impact in exposing the collusion and subserviance of France to Israel.
    Sorry if it sounds a little bit rough, but I had 2 hot wine (German Xmas tradition) and 3 glass of cider with the galette des rois (French after Xmas tradition), so I'm not completely sober.

    1. contradictions are allowed :)
      Gallier- my hubby says CHEERS! And raises his bottle of beer- this is Canada after all
      I will have some wine with dinner, but, not otherwise- a bit before, during and a bit after- but other then that?

      And while French society has changed, many many years of messianic archetypes wouldn't have- at least I don't think so- but that's just me and I don't live in France- but still that kind of stuff is very, very ingrained from my understanding of it.

      I agree 100 percent that the operation is for international consumption

    2. Hello Gallier,

      The audience is global. English is the global language and the French public, although in the eye of the hurricane, and are not the main targets in my opinion.

      Regardless of the level of religious belief in France, the satanists / zionists behind this operation despise Jesus Christ and Christianity. The 7th January is Christmas Day for Orthodox christians so the level of conicidence goes way beyond pareidolia.

      The language of the birds, the green language, used by Fulcanelli and others is phonetic and transcends regular linguistic boundaries.

      Henri Bourdet wrote his book "The True Celtic Language and the Stone Circl of Rennes le Baines" at the end of the 19th Century yet he was already using English as the language of comparison for the local dialect.

      In my opinion this was clearly a global occult ritual and the perpetrators hate Jesus Christ. Therefore the Jesu / Jesus theory is absolutely valid in my opinion.