Sunday, January 18, 2015

Kurdish Militias battle Syrian Army Forces

Kurdish Militia (YPG) alongside their ISIS brothers, together, battle Syrian Army forces-
My Kurd/ISIS symbiosis theory just keeps on proving itself to be accurate
Syrian Kurds battled on Saturday with forces loyal to President Bashar al-Assad, Kurdish sources and a monitoring group said, breaking a longstanding tacit agreement between the two sides to focus on other enemies in a complex civil war.

In Syria’s predominantly Kurdish northeast, (same area of Syria where ISIS is holed up) Assad´s forces and Kurdish militia, mainly the Syrian Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG), have for the most part coexisted without clashing, focusing their firepower on the Islamic State insurgent group.
However, violence broke out when army soldiers and allied militiamen took control of buildings in an area that both sides had agreed would stay demilitarised, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitoring group said.
So says SOHR- I don't always believe them. And I don't believe the building story at all.
What is bolded in read is more sensible as to why there is fighting!
“There has been some serious fighting today. The PYD (the political wing of the YPG) arrested 10 soldiers and Baath party gunmen,” Observatory head Rami Abdulrahman told Reuters. “There is now fighting in many areas of Hassakeh.” The YPG and the government had divided Hassakeh into zones in a power sharing agreement, the Observatory said.
The PYD, arrested solders and militia members and the remaining fighters and army members are attempting to get their men back. That seems much more sensible.

The army shelled three Kurdish-majority areas on the edges of Hassakeh city, and fighters from YPG clashed with Syrian forces inside the city throughout the day, the YPG said on its website.

Why oh why does Hassakeh sound so familiar to me? As if I had written about this place previously? Well, actually, I did.
ISIS transfers Peshmerga fighters to Syria- US drops weapons to ISIS in Iraq! 

ISIS organization has arrested 70 Peshmerga forces members and transferred them from Iraq to the Shaddadi City, which is considered an ISIS stronghold located in the southern countryside of Al-Hasakah city in Syria.
 So, ISIS 'captures' Peshmerga fighters and transfers them to a city just an hours drive from Deir el Zour. Rather then leaving the fighters for dead or captivity in Iraq, ISIS transfers them into Syria at a most important time... Really making it seem as if the troops were being bolstered

And yet again ISIS shows it’s ‘humanitarian’ side and releases 350 Kurds brand Yazidi.
“ISIS freed around 350 members of Iraq's Yazidi minority on Saturday, delivering them to safety in the country's Kurdish north.
Almost all those released were elderly, disabled, or unwell, and included several infants with serious illnesses, according to a Reuters reporter who saw them arrive in the Kurdish-controlled city of Kirkuk”
Wasn't that kind of ISIS? This is not the first time that ISIS has released Kurds.
However, ISIS never releases Syrians. ISIS kills Syrians. Brutally.
Just another example of that Kurd/ISIS symbiosis.


  1. Israel killed some Hezbollah soldiers on the Syrian side of the Golan. Tensions seem to be rising in the area as the western supported terrorists appear to be in disarray and Israel looks to support its Islamozionist spawn.

    I mentioned the Albert Pike prophecy recently regarding world war three between the forces of radical islam and political zionism. The Israelis have been blowing the trumpet for French Jews to return to Israel while Jews in France have called for special gun laws especially for them so they can be armed while the goyim are not.

    This combination would seem to suggest that Israel is preparing the mother of false flags to trigger absolute chaos across Europe.

    I noted today that the population of France including overseas territories is given in wiki as 66.6 million.

    I was also reminded that Paris used to be the centre of the world before the Paris meridian was replaced by GMT. In 1666, Louis XIV of France had authorized the building of an observatory in Paris to measure longitude. (I posted recently that the Charlie Hebdo magazine was to increase weekly production from 60,000 to one million which was an increase of 16.66 times).

    From wiki: "In certain circles, some kind of occult or esoteric significance is ascribed to the Paris meridian; sometimes it is even perceived as a sinister axis. Dominique Stezepfandts, a French conspiracy theorist, attacks the Arago medallions that supposedly trace the route of "an occult geographical line"; to him the Paris meridian is a "Masonic axis" or even "the heart of the Devil."


    1. Hi Anthony, I saw the news of Israel killing the Hezbollah fighters. On the Syrian side of Golan. Apparently it was a helicopter attack.
      and yes, Israel is supporting it's Sunni Muslim forces, including brand Kurds, as it always has done

      I had mentioned Netanyahu saying for Jews to come 'home' to Israel
      and did see it reported that only the chosenites should carry guns in France..

      "One of Europe's largest Jewish associations has written a letter to EU ministers asking for gun laws to be relaxed to allow Jews to arm themselves to protect against terror attacks"

      Off topic but not really, thinking of France and it's revolution...
      I wish that Jose Berrara would stop by- he had done another presentation on the french revolution and it's been on my mind the last little while

      because it was specific to France but wider then that..
      Jose.. if you are around?

    2. Hi Penny,

      I've been having a nice run of synchronicities recently. In The Labyrinth of the Grail it mentions a map of the Acadian settlements in Canada where it states that Oak Island is 66.6 degrees west of Paris, which is yet another 666 reference.

      My namesake Saint Anthony the Hermit is a central figure in the Rennes le Chateau story and he also figures heavily on Oak Island. In fact there is a key place with the name Anthony's Nose. There were many more synchs, but basically my experience is that when we are creative and attentive, the Universe throws up synchronicities which are very often a confirmation that reality is not what it is claimed to be by materialistic science.

      I checked out the link above and it leads very nicely into many related presentations that are equally interesting.

      Thanks. Anthony.

    3. Reality is not what it is claimed to be by the materialistic science crowd
      So much of it, I don't know where to begin..
      The one that bugs me all to heck is the alleged reality of humans being as separate from the planet- when we are such a part of this planet, I believe our demise will have detrimental effects for the planet- does anyone with a real brain in their head believe we evolved and share much of the bacteria and dna of everything on this planet yet thinks we are not of it?

      Thats the doing of the material scientists and their bosses
      I have just ordered a new book to read-

      Aping Mankind: Neuromania, Darwinitis and the Misrepresentation of Humanity


      "With the formidable acuity and precision of both clinician and philosopher, Tallis dismantles the idea that "we are our brains", which has given rise to a plethora of neuro-prefixed pseudo-disciplines laying claim to explain everything from art and literature to criminality and religious belief, and shows it to be confused and fallacious, and an abuse of the prestige of science, one that sidesteps a whole range of mind–body problems.

      The belief that human beings can be understood essentially in biological terms is a serious obstacle, argues Tallis, to clear thinking about what human beings are and what they might become. To explain everyday behaviour in Darwinian terms and to identify human consciousness with the activity of the evolved brain denies human uniqueness, and by minimising the differences between us and our nearest animal kin, misrepresents what we are, offering a grotesquely simplified and degrading account of humanity. We are, shows Tallis, infinitely more interesting and complex than we appear in the mirror of biologism.

      Combative, fearless and always thought-provoking, Aping Mankind is an important book, one that scientists, cultural commentators and policy-makers cannot ignore"

      Once hubby stumbled across it and I read the intro I was hooked.
      should be a most excellent read

      Even the book by ,sheesh, believe he is a biologist, read his book last year??? Or in 2013? can't recall his name, but, I read it
      Rupert Sheldrake

      He questions the science as presented in the materialist fashion
      And taking much flak for doing so

      Lots of science is little more then dogma and most real science is ignored

      agw= dogma (touted)
      EDC= science (ignored)

  2. Sneering Harperian Mutt Baird pelted with eggs thrown by justifiably surly Manly Palastinians. Thing of Beauty.

    1. Saw that news too- Hubby and I were hoping the eggs were all rotten
      Rotten Eggs would be an appropriate choice for tossing at Baird.