Wednesday, January 28, 2015

More on Israel's twin hits on Syria- IAF and Shelling

Israeli war planes striking Syria- Presently!- Right now! Second strike in 24 hours 

The overall focus of the warmongering media is 'retaliation by Israel'- This is a  non credible meme. It can not, should not,  be believed- Period. The attack launched by Israel yesterday against Syria was planned and executed by Israel- not retaliatory. (Read yesterday's post- linked above for the explanation of the fact!)

McClatchy News

  • Israeli aircraft struck Syrian government artillery positions early Wednesday as tensions mounted along the Israeli-held Golan Heights a week and a half after an Israeli airstrike killed an Iranian general and six members of the militant group Hezbollah.

Abundant Israeli aggression in a short period of time

Israeli army spokesman Lt. Col. Peter Lerner said the early morning airstrikes were in response to the firing from Syria of at least two rockets that struck the Golan Heights on Tuesday. The rockets landed in open areas and caused no damage, but Israeli forces have been on high alert for retaliation since the deaths of the Iranian and Hezbollah members.
“The IDF holds the Syrian government accountable for all attacks emanating from its territory and will operate by any means necessary to defend Israeli civilians,” Lerner said. “Such blatant breaches of Israeli sovereignty will not be tolerated.”
Israel is fully aware the rocket firings, if true at all, have ZERO to do with the Syrian state or governemnt- If the rocket firings took place, and that is a big IF, they originated with Israel's islamists. The ones Israel has been supporting for years now

The airstrikes were the second Israeli response to the rockets. (No response- planned attacks) Lerner had said earlier that the army had reacted to the rockets “with artillery towards the positions that launched the attack” and had ordered the evacuation of Israel’s Mount Hermon ski resort on the Golan Heights. Israeli media said a Syrian position was shelled.

Lerner said that in contrast to previous incidents, in which errant fire from Syria’s civil war has hit the Golan, the rockets launched Tuesday appeared to have been fired deliberately.
Israel has taken every opportunity to strike Syria whether from "errant" or "appearing" deliberate.

“I don’t think it will end with that, and it’s likely there will be a more aggressive response while trying to avoid a full-scale war,” said Omer Einav, a researcher at the Institute for National Security Studies at Tel Aviv University.
I suspected as much myself- Israel will likely become more aggressive still
Israel has reinforced troops along the frontiers with Lebanon and Syria and stationed an Iron Dome missile defense battery in the area.
Israel reinforced troops and moved Iron dome to Syrian and Lebanese frontiers better then a week prior to their most recent attack on Syria- I mentioned that in yesterday's post. You can also find the original coverage of Israel's prepping for war, again, in this post from January 20/2015- Israel Prepping for more strikes on Syria? "Israel steps up security for possible Syria airstrike"

Love this because it is sooooo true!!

Assad: Israel is Al-Qaeda's Air Force in Syria

Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad on Sunday accused the Israel of conspiring with the Al-Qaeda terrorist group.
“It’s very clear. Because whenever we make advances in some place, they attack in order to undermine the army. It’s very clear,” Assad told the American Foreign Affairs magazine.
“That’s why some in Syria joke, how can you say that Al-Qaeda doesn’t have an air force? They have the Israeli air force,” he added.

Israel is Al-Qaeda's airforce- Love it!!!

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Hezbollah retaliates for Israeli first strike- Missile hits IDF convoy


  1. What would the IDF do if they had to fight a real opponent ?

    1. I haven't a clue? Truly? Hezbollah has given Israel a run for it's money previously- so...sigh.. I just don't know.