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Prince Andrew, Jeffrey Epstein, Alan Dershowitz & those underage sex slaves...

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Anyone notice that Prince Andrew's  predilection for pedophilia is back in the news?

 Scummy Royals! And all their sick friends. Jimmy Saville  doesn't stand out in this crowd of evil psychopaths. Those we revere and allow to lead us? Like the so called 'royals'? What in the hell is royal or regal about them? Nothing. It's just your indoctrination... clouding your mind.

Today: BBC- Prince Andrew- Royal Scumbag

Preys on children

  • -A woman claims that between 1999 and 2002 she was forced by Epstein to have sex with the duke when she was a minor.
  • -Buckingham Palace denies "any suggestion of impropriety with underage minors" by Prince Andrew.
  • -The duke stepped down as the UK's Special Representative for Trade and Investment in July -2011 following controversy over his friendship with Epstein, who was convicted of sex offences in 2008.
  • -The pair (Epstein and the Prince) were photographed meeting in December 2010, after Epstein had served part of an 18-month prison sentence for soliciting a minor for prostitution.
  • -Prince Andrew had also visited Epstein at his Florida home over the years.
  • -Buckingham Palace said at the time: "The role as special representative will no longer exist as the Duke of York has decided to relinquish it after 10 years."

July 25/2010 The billionaire hedge fund pedophile mogul got away with a slap on the wrist

March 8/2011 Randy Andy & Jeffrey Epstein: The Prince and the Pedophile

 From the 2010 post-
"Remember this name Jeffrey Epstein. It is the name of a man,that will go down in infamy as pedophile scum bag, who gets away with it because he has money and all the right political friends"
convicted pedophile
From one of the articles linked in that post-
Hedge fund mogul and sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, who went free this week, lived in a depraved world of thrice-daily massages, pornographic artwork, and hush money.

• Victims alleged that Epstein molested underage girls from South America, Europe, and the former Soviet republics, including three 12-year-old girls brought over from France as a birthday gift.

• The victims also alleged trips out of state and abroad on Epstein’s private jets, which would be evidence of sex trafficking
 • Epstein’s attorneys investigated members of the Palm Beach Police Department, while others ordered private investigators to follow and intimidate the victims’ families; one even posed as a police officer
• Then-Attorney General Alberto Gonzales told The Daily Beast that he “would have instructed the Justice Department to pursue justice without making a political mess.”
Is that justice? No political mess?
  •  On Wednesday, hedge fund manager Jeffrey Epstein completes his one-year house arrest in Palm Beach.

Wonder at all who else flew on board the special Epstein molesting young girls airlines???
I will get to that, oh yes, I will! The names that were mentioned in the 2010 post were as follows....

"Former President Bill Clinton; Prince Andrew; former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak; New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson; and former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers were just a few of the prominent passengers on his private jets"

When language is used here, by myself, such as- The psycho elites... Those that prey on us... Those that we allow to lead us... Those that abuse us... Those people that don't deserve the reverence, that is part of the illusion presented to us as reality. Those are the people that we need to kick to the curb! And I call them exactly what they are. Those are not labels. It is not name calling, oh no, it is not. 
It is identification of the predators of humanity

Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew, Ehud Barak, Larry Summers and many others are the people we allow to lead us. They are presented to us as respectable people.They are not. The lot of them are depraved, predatory, sick and evil. It's long past time to accept that reality and do what needs to be done

Just look at the roster of lawyers who came to the defense of this pedophile? Wonder if these persons felt they had something to lose, should justice actually be served

Was he able, with his limitless assets and heavy-hitting lawyers—Alan Dershowitz, Gerald Lefcourt, Roy Black, Kenneth Starr, Guy Lewis, and Martin Weinberger among them—to escape equal justice?
UPDATE!- Speaking of Alan Dershowitz? The dirt tricks heavy hittin' lawyer. How compromised was he? Hmmm....

Dershowitz denies claims in Epstein lawsuit 

 Mr. Dershowitz, a professor emeritus at Harvard Law School and one of the most recognizable names in American law, helped negotiate an agreement with the federal government, which had been investigating Mr. Epstein. By agreeing to plead guilty to the state charge, Mr. Epstein avoided federal prosecution.

 “It’s a completely, totally fabricated, made-up story,” Mr. Dershowitz told Law Blog in an interview Friday. “I have never had sex with an underage woman. They made up this story out of whole cloth. I’m an innocent victim of an extortion conspiracy.”

Dershowitz went to great lengths in his defence of Epstein to harass and bully victims and the police chief and detective- Why Mr Deshowitz? And now you have been named along with Prince Andrew?
Perfect- Hopefully, as hubby says, the house of cards is tumblin' down!

From the Daily Beast report
  Dershowitz began sending the detective Facebook and MySpace posts to demonstrate that some of these girls were no angels. Reiter’s deposition also states that he heard from local private investigators that Dershowitz had launched background checks on both the police chief and Det. Recarey. Dershowitz denies all of that

Justice was not served!
 The case against Epstein was minimized by the State Attorney’s Office, then bargained down by the U.S. Department of Justice, all in an atmosphere of hardball legal tactics and social pressures so intense that Reiter became estranged from several colleagues
As mentioned here in 2010-
 Keep in mind this Jeffrey Epstein is a well known "philanthropist"
Epstein has been a serious and respected player in the highest reaches of politics and philanthropy. He has made substantial contributions to political candidates, served on the Council on Foreign Relations, and donated $30 million to Harvard University.

Prince Andrew and that 15 year old girl

The prince and the child masseuse

The woman was just 15 years old, a child, when she first became "employed" by the pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.
Of her experiences as a 15-year-old with Epstein, The Mail reports Ms Roberts "flushed with shame".
"She was 'given' to men ranging in age from their 40s to their 60s," the paper reported.

Ms Roberts said there were other girls linked to Epstein.
"They would lounge around ... nude or topless," she said.
"But I was one of the very few he trusted as 'special' and chosen to 'entertain' his friends."

All the external links look to be working in the 2010 and 2011 posts- read all about it
And then please stop worshiping the 'royals', politicians, banksters and all the rich folk.
They simply aren't worth your adoration. And certainly not worth the energy you give them from that worship state of mind.

Way more important information is contained in the previous post from today- 

Get informed Get empowered! Get Healthy! Take back your humanity!

The Chemical Manipulation of Humanity


  1. Well, what else does the 'Duke of York" have to do with his time? Bred to do nothing and proud of it. Can you imagine what such an existence does to the mind?


    1. you mean inbred, the royals are a bunch of inbreds

  2. Let us prey / pray. Pray and prey both originate from Old French. In the language of the birds there is plenty of room for double meanings here.

    pray (v.) early 13c., "ask earnestly, beg," also (c.1300) "pray to a god or saint," from Old French preier "to pray"

    prey (v.) c.1300, "to plunder, pillage, ravage," from prey (n.) and in part from Old French preer

    prey (n.) mid-13c., "animal hunted for food," also "that which is taken in war," from Old French preie "booty, animal taken in the chase"

    Does the praying mantis give away the meaning of prayer? The Greek word mantis means prophet, seer, soothsayer.

    The name mantodea is formed from the Ancient Greek words μάντις (mantis) meaning "prophet", and εἶδος (eidos) meaning "form" or "type""

    Noun[edit] μάντις • (mántis) (genitive μάντεως) m, third declension
    seer, prophet, soothsayer

    The following nature video is pretty gruesome, but so is organized religion:


    1. Wow, thank Anthony! I love etymology
      It's interesting and tells us much about language


    Check down for more on this and comment by Ives Smith.

  4. Happy New Year Penny,

    Long time no see (me). There were "blessed" reasons. However I was always lurking around. How then could I have missed such a juicy piece of information?
    Please check this site: It's all about sex with children in the Talmudic world, to which the (B'Nai) Brit Royals belong:

    "It is noteworthy to mention that, following the tradition of the Royal House of England that requires circumcision of all male children; it was the Jewish Mohel of London rather than the Royal Physician who was called to circumcise the son of Princess Elizabeth. The following news- item, from a British newspaper, may be of interest:
    Crown Prince Charles Circumcised by London Mohel
    London (JTA) - Crown Prince Charles, son of Princess Elizabeth and
    heir to the British throne, was circumcised in Buckingham Palace by
    Rev. Jacob Snowman, official Mohel of the London Jewish community, the
    Mizrachi News Bureau reported. Rev. Snowman, who is a noted Jewish
    scholar specializing in the poetry of Bialik, has been ritual
    circumciser in London for many years. He has published several volumes
    on leading Hebrew writers.
    A Jewish friend of mine confirmed this one day when he said that his own younger brother was also circumcised by Dr Snowman". (@
    Well, it is said that circumcision enhance the recipient stamina. It (the act!) can last hours!

    See how much headaches and hand wringing this problem gave the most recent "heirs" of the throne of King David:

    "It is one of the oddities of the Royal Family -- shared by the majority of the English upper classes -- that for many generations they have circumcised their male sons, invariably using a Mohel, the Jewish word for a circumcision practitioner. It was rarely done on medical grounds, nor on religious ones, but was a matter of class.
    This has prompted some speculation as to whether the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will chose to follow suit. Understandably, Clarence House will not comment on such a private and delicate matter... The connection between circumcision and the royal family was started by George I, who brought the practice over from Hanover. And it has continued through Queen Victoria’s children to Edward VII, and then through the Duke of Windsor to the Prince of Wales, Princes Andrew and Edward". (@
    Who dared to say that the "Royals" are "crypto - Jews, when they are downright Jews? Fake Christians?

    1. Hi WizOz- Happy New year and blessed events can only mean... grandchildren? I hope to have some one day- even just one?

      I was going to call them all "chosen" whether they are followers of judaism or not? They all believe in their 'choseness' and right to abuse humanity
      Whether it be the royals and their pedophilia- The tribe members and their pedophilia see ehud barak and Dershowitz
      Their general abuse of human kind- See Israel and the Palestinians
      See all the lies for war
      The chosenites all seem to think they are entitled to abuse humanity as they wish- Sadly some human are happy to allow it based on a perverted appeal to authority- thinking of a disgraceful comment left at Saker's blaming the victim in this sex slavery case-

      Kat Kan said...

      please can you a little less tabloid about this?

      appeal to ridicule

      1: there is no such thing as collective guilt
      (sure there is? It's hammered into us daily via holocaust reinforcement)
      2: pedophilia ia sexual attraction to pre-pubescent children
      3: laws in various countries set out the age at which that country considers someone old enough to consent to sex;having sex wit someone younger is,with some conditions, called 'statutory rape" ie rape by law even if the person consented
      4: having sex with someone say 17 where the law says 18 is NOT pedophilia
      5: I wonder how "forced" someone is flying all over the world for months in private jets and staying in mansions and 5 star hotels? all that time she couldn't get away? puhleese..

      I left a comment at Saker's in response to this bag of hot air- but blaming the victim given the circumstances of what was going on
      this guy is in the balkans buying young girls
      buys 3 x 12 year olds in France and puhleese....
      It never once crossed KatKans mind these children were likely drugged and or psychologically victimized
      It turns my stomache to read that kind of comment
      I have a child myself, a girl and if anyone would have done something like this to her...
      The justice that would have been meted out by myself- would be quick and sharp!
      Instead as is obvious- justice was not served for political expedience to sweep this under the rug to save face for the elites.

      Saker has not let my response to "KatKan" through but that's what I said and KatKan should be ashamed of his or herself for downplaying the abuse and trafficking of children

  5. More

    1. thanks jo, good info there
      Clinton was always sick, so no surprise he was involved with this Epstein sex slavery ring-

    2. but, I should say Clinton was not alone in his liking of youngsters-- thinking of Poppy Bush and that other scandal?

  6. For years, the story of South Florida billionaire money manager Jeffrey Epstein — involving allegations of human trafficking, an international underage sex ring, a Palm Beach mansion, a private island in the Caribbean and an FBI investigation — has been tabloid fodder in the United States and the United Kingdom.

    Now, Fort Lauderdale lawyer Brad Edwards is helping to write a new chapter in this murky and sordid tale. Representing two alleged victims identified only as Jane Doe No. 3 and Jane Doe No. 4, Edwards on Tuesday filed a motion in U.S. District Court in West Palm Beach that alleges well-known criminal defense lawyer Alan Dershowitz and Prince Andrew, the Duke of York, were involved in Epstein's international sex ring.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. editted to remove some commentary..

      "There's absolutely no kernel of truth to this story," said Dershowitz, who represented Epstein. "I don't know this woman. I've never been in the same place with her. She's made up the whole story completely from whole cloth."

      Edwards' motion requests that his new clients join the case of two other alleged victims — identified as Jane Doe No. 1 and Jane Doe No. 2 in court records — who are attempting to use the Crime Victims' Rights Act to force the U.S. Department of Justice to prosecute Epstein for sex trafficking of children by fraud and use of interstate commerce to entice a minor to commit prostitution, among other offenses.

      A wealthy Wall Street money manager who had once attempted to purchase New York magazine, Epstein traveled the world in circles that included President Bill Clinton and businessman Donald Trump. Despite his vast fortune and mansion in Palm Beach, Epstein kept a low profile and wasn't a regular in the wealthy island's social scene.

      The low profile vanished in 2005, when a woman (mother) contacted the Palm Beach police fearing that Epstein had molested her 14-year-old daughter. The girl told detectives she'd been invited to Epstein's mansion, where she was paid $300 after stripping to her underwear and massaging Epstein as he masturbated. Police then located a community college student who gave a sworn statement that she had taken six girls, all between the ages of 14 and 16, to Epstein.

  8. Police referred the case to the FBI. In September 2007, Dershowitz helped Epstein negotiate a then-secret non-prosecution agreement with the U.S. Attorney's Office, which deferred to the Palm Beach County State Attorney's Office for criminal charges, court records show.

    In 2008, Epstein pleaded guilty to a state charge of soliciting prostitution with a minor and served 13 months of an 18-month sentence.

    After his conviction, Epstein's story grew even more bizarre, with anonymous women accusing him in federal court of conspiring with Ghislaine Maxwell, daughter of the late British media baron Robert Maxwell, to operate an international underage sex ring.

  9. Edwards, the Fort Lauderdale lawyer, and Paul Cassell, a former federal judge who now teaches law at the University of Utah, filed a Jane Doe lawsuit against the U.S. government in July 2008, alleging that that Epstein had committed crimes against their clients, including sex trafficking of children by fraud.

    The case has been pending for more than six years before U.S. District Judge Kenneth A. Marra.

    Jane Doe No. 3 alleges in the court filing that Maxwell and Epstein kept her as a "sex slave" from 1999 through 2002, when she escaped to an unspecified foreign country.

    Epstein forced Jane Doe No. 3, who was then a minor, to have sex with politically connected and wealthy people, the court filing alleges.

    "Epstein's purpose in 'lending' Jane Doe [along with other young girls] to such powerful people [was] to ingratiate himself with them for business, personal, political and financial gain, as well as to obtain blackmail information," the filing alleges.

  10. 4 above comments are taken from this sun sentinel article