Tuesday, January 13, 2015

"Shocking" new footage of Charlie Hebdo attackers and their get away?

I will share my thoughts later. Don't want to be influencing anyone else's free thinking and/ or judgement on what is being shown in this video.

This "shocking", "daring", new  footage is being touted at a number of media outlets over the last few hours Yahoo & Guardian & Daily Mail

My thoughts (January 14th) 

The balaclava wearing men were in no hurry to leave the scene of the crime- Spending time looking at weapons? And shouting loudly in the streets? Why and why?
Then the Police? Bottom line, they let the unidentifiable masked men, get away. The police let them escape! Why?

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  1. Is it odd that the 4 killed he he grocery store were buried in israel?

    1. Yes, it was in the news here. The same as with the Toulouse shooting victims. In both cases it is against the common French crime law which mandates a delay for examinations. But we know that the common law doesn't apply to the "avant-garde" (dixit prime minister Valls) of the Republic.

    2. ...and we get the answer...

      The burial in Jerusalem of four French Jews murdered in last week’s terror attacks in Paris turned into an embarrassment when the victims’ families and the French Jewish community were asked to pay tens of thousands of shekels for the graves while the burial site itself was changed three times. Because the victims weren’t Israeli citizens, the burial wasn’t paid for...


  2. All the time in the world in the the centre of Paris which I assume is a busy place with lots of police. Then the French police live up to the cliché of cheese eating surrender monkeys (fine cheese of course).

    Not only does the police car reverse away from the "terrorists" they don't even try to block the exit to the street by parking across it and taking positions where they could shoot the terrorists.


    1. Exactly Anthony

      The Police let the two masked men escape- Wearing full face balaclavas.

      And the two men, who ever they are, don't appear to be in any real hurry to get away after allegedly causing such a heinous crime- no they stand in the street and shout- and then the cop lets them leave

    2. Hi Penny,

      The other thing that struck me was how quiet everything was. Why didn't the police get their sirens going? Why no sirens from other units rushing to the scene? France has seen previous terror attacks. Charlie Hebdo was under police protection. Why such a slow and feeble reponse?

      I have a feeling the suicide of the police chief fits in here somehow.


  3. Hi Penny,

    Dieudonné was arrested this morning.

    That's the new freedom of expres(S)ion.

    He is accused of making the apology of terrorism because he said in a facebook message and in a tweet, after the sunday march, that he felt like Charlie Coulibaly. The dumbasses in gouvernement (Cazeneuve) and media (nearly every rag) fell on him immediately. These drooling idiots, of course, in their hatefilled brain fog, didn't catch the subtlety of his proclamation. In fact his message was that he was wondering why he was purchased like the state ennemi #1 Amedy Coulibaly (the Kosher Deli shooter) when the only thing he does is working for the freedom of expression like Charlie Hebdo.
    From a legal point of view, the case will fizzle away, because before he even made that tweet, Dieudo had sent a letter to Cazeneuve explaining in detail what his message means

    1. Bonjour Gallier

      I just saw the news and does that not make clear the lie of the 'free speech' meme? It certainly should

      I also saw the sheeple lining up for copies of their latest trash injection
      I get annoyed when I see stupidity

    2. That's why I think that Dieudo made that tweet on purpose exactly for that reason.
      I get annoyed when I see stupidity
      What gets me even more than simply the contemplation of stupidity, is the display of people who would have the intellectual capacity to see through all the bullshit, but because of their lack of empathy and humility, won't even contemplate the possibility that they might not know everything.

  4. It must of been good, because at 0320 CST, the video has already been expunged by Youtube.

    1. I found another version, so watch away Greg!
      It's embedded above- for how long is anyone's guess?

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  6. Gallier- How would I say, en francais?
    Paris, where is free speech?
    Something like that for a new post about the arrest of Dieudonné

  7. Charlie Hebdo has a reputation for being open to free speech and blasphemy in some directions and not in others.

    "Siné affair (2008)
    On 2 July 2008, a column by the cartoonist Siné (Maurice Sinet) appeared in Charlie Hebdo citing a news item that Jean Sarkozy, son of Nicolas Sarkozy, had announced his intention to convert to Judaism before marrying his fiancée, a Jewish heiress. Siné added, "he'll go far, this lad!"[16] After this led to complaints of anti-Semitism in some quarters, Siné was fired by Philippe Val, the chief editor, on 15 July. Siné subsequently sued successfully for unfair dismissal and won damages of €40,000. Charlie Hebdo appealed and lost; the damages awarded were increased to €90,000"


    ps. The origins of the Charlie Hebdo are interesting. The forerunner to the magazine was closed by the French government when they mocked the death of General de Gaulle. They also used the deaths of 146 young people in a discotheque fire as part of their "joke".

    Sick, biased, hypocritical liars: I am not Charlie.

    1. "Charlie Hebdo" was the renaming of "Hara Kiri Hebdo" after its banning, indeed. But be careful to not mix the Hara Kiri/Charlie Hebdo of the sixties and seventies with the thing it became after 1992. The founder Professor Choron (Georget Bernier) was booted out and the rag had been transformed to the epitome of political correctness, Pussy Riot style.

      There's a good interview of (Siné) George Sinet after his eviction in which he explains how the redaction had changed after Philippe Val's takeover.

      The original crew attacked indeed the Church, but it was one of the targets. Their mocking was mainly against the powerful. The after-Val CH was tame against the powerful.
      It was quite interesting to see how the media tried to show that they mocked all 3 religions of the book. As there is nearly no attacking against the chosenites, they had to show very old front pages or the pastiches from Joe Le Corbeau (friend of Dieudo) who was sued for these frontpages.

      See at 1'15" in the Rubin report video.

    2. so, they don't mock equally, however, we are supposed to believe they mock equally? I noticed that with the cartoons I saw
      Mostly concerning Islam. I saw two christian ones
      I did not see any targeted to judaism.

    3. Jews and Israel were off limits. The old Hara Kiri and Charlie Hebdo would sometimes do some. The new one never. The one you see in that video, is not a genuine CH front page. It is a mockery from Joe Le Corbeau to denounce this blind spot.
      Here on that site, you can see several of these frontpages
      You will notice that they are all very old.
      I will quickly translate the messages
      1st Stop everything, God doesn't exit.
      2nd Jewish ass. Does racism help to sell. We'll tell you next week.
      3rd Israel wants to attack Iran. "We didn't like that" showing the cover of "Fatwa hebdo" Moses, faggot. (that one is from Charb of the new CH, but it is more an attack on Muslims imo using Israeli decorum)
      4th You have to put the veil on CH (also a new generation CH, here it is only a token (oecumenic) rabbi. It was probably added because there were a lot of accusations at that time of their blind spot. It was around the time of the Sine affair).
      5th CH kicks out the jews from its staff. "Piss off, kike". "Without us the level will drop".
      6th Is it prudent to build nuclear power stations near synagogues?
      7th 30th anniversary of the Rafle du Vel d'Hiv.
      8th At last, we can say it now. Hitler super cool. "Hey, kikes" "What's up?" (word play with "ça gaze" means "how y'er doing'" put uses the same verb as to gas. This drawing was from Wolinski who was Jewish).
      9th it's the 1st
      10th A raghead lick a kike's ass. "Do we make peace" "Continue, we'll see later").