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Testicular Cancer and Male Infertility- Endocrine Disruptors & the Chemical Manipulation of Humanity

Ignore the excuse makers in this article- the effects are known and have been known since at least 2002. And likely well before that. That is minimally, 13 years of knowing these chemicals are extremely harmful to all life. A quick look around at our sickly, obese, asthmatic, stressed out, impotent, infertile, human brethren tells us all we need to know. This is observable. This is measurable. This is real.

“The hormone-mimicking chemicals used routinely in toiletries, cosmetics, medicines, plastics and pesticides cause hundreds of millions of euros of damage to EU citizens every year, according to the first estimate of their economic impact.

The endocrine disruptor compounds (EDCs) are thought to be particularly harmful to male reproductive health and can cause testicular cancer, infertility, deformation of the penis and undescended testicles.

The new report, from the Nordic Council of Ministers, focuses on the costs of these on health and the ability to work but warns that they “only represent a fraction of the endocrine-related diseases” and does not consider damage to wildlife. Another new study, published in a medical journal, showed an EDC found in anti-perspirants reduced male fertility by 30%.

The Nordic Council, representing the governments of governments of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden, is demanding the European Union speeds up its plan to identify, assess and ban harmful EDCs. Sweden is already taking legal action against the EU over its missed deadlines, which it blamed on lobbying by the European chemical industry.
“I am not happy that taxpayers have to pay for the damage caused by EDCs, while industry saves money by not investigating their chemicals properly,” said Danish environment minister Kirsten Brosbøl on publication of the new report.

Michael Warhurst, of campaign group Chem Trust, said: “Companies should focus on developing and producing products that don’t contain hormone disruptors and other problem chemicals. This will give them a competitive advantage as controls on these chemicals become stricter around the world – and as consumers become more aware of this issue.”

The report, called The Cost of Inaction, uses the extensive health records collected by the Nordic countries to determine the incidence of the male reproductive health problems linked to EDCs and then uses Swedish data to estimate costs. These are extrapolated to the population of the EU’s 28 nations.

The report also assesses the proportion of the health problems attributable to EDCs, with a central estimate of 20%, leading to a conclusion that the male reproductive health problems cost the EU €592m (£470m) a year. The report states: “Minimising exposure to endocrine disruptors will not only remove distress and pain for the persons (and the wildlife) affected, it will also save the society from considerable economic costs.”

The EU, which would be the first authority in the world to regulate EDCs, is currently conducting a public consultation on a scientific method to identify the chemicals, which ends on 16 January. In 2011, the UK and German governments lobbied to EU to restrict the definition of EDCs to only the most potent chemicals, a proposal described as a “loophole” by critics.
The UK and Germany looking for loopholes for their biochemical poisoning humanity clientele.
Exactly who do these government represent?

Men- Have Your swimmers all  sunk?
Image from this article- And I am citing this shocking statistic
 "Many young men have a low sperm count and more and more boys are born with malformed sexual organs. A little less than five per cent of all Danish boys are, for example, born with hypospadias, where the opening of the urethra is on the underside of the penis. Substances disturbing the hormonal balance during the foetal development have long been suspected of being one of the causes of such birth defects"
Back to the Guardian-
"Peter Smith, executive director for product stewardship at CEFIC, which represents the European chemical industry, said the Nordic report attribution of health problems to EDCs was “arbitrary”. He said: “The link between exposure to a chemical and an illness has not been shown in many cases. The authors themselves say they have some trouble with causality.”

Smith said the delays to EDC regulation in the EU did not suit the industry. “Nobody is happy with the delays. But we would prefer it to be permanent and right rather than temporary and wrong.” He said case-by-case rigorous assessment was needed and that any precautionary action had to be proportional to the evidence of harm.

However, Professor Andreas Kortenkamp, a human toxicologist at Brunel University London in the UK, said the epidemiological work needed to prove causation is very difficult. For example, he said, analysing links to birth defects would having taken tissue samples from mothers before they gave birth.

“Hard evidence for effects in humans is difficult to demonstrate, though there are some exceptions,” he said. “But there is very good, strong evidence from animal and cell line test systems. The chemical industry only likes to emphasis the first part of that.” He said precaution was the only safe approach and said the Nordic report was good work.

“Industry lobbying has put regulation back by 3-5 years, which was entirely the intention,” said Kortenkamp, who led a 2012 review of EDCs for the EU which found new regulations were needed. “Every year of no regulation means millions of euros to the industry. That is what it is all about.”

In 2012, the World Health Organiation and the UN environment programme published a major report on the state of EDC science, which concluded that communities across the globe were being exposed to EDCs and their associated risks and that urgent research on the health and environmental impacts was needed. Dr Maria Neira, the WHO’s director for public health and environment said at the time: “We all have a responsibility to protect future generations.” Another review in 2012 by the European Environment Agency advised “a precautionary approach to many of these chemicals until their effects are more fully understood.”
I had the 2012 report linked and will relink it again!

Don’t wait for these elites organizations to bring about change. They have had years to do so and have sat on their hands. No money to be made. Profits will decrease for multinationals and oil companies. We can affect change in this instance by informing one another and talking to manufacturers of these products.

Coming next that report from 2002... Likely next week, when the next posts on the Chemicalization of Humanity make their appearances





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    1. KamNam!!!

      Or I guess, Gordon? You HAVE been absent for some time. And I was wondering about you!

      Thanks for the well wishes and right back at you!

      Please do repost these articles- They are so important and well within our collective control to force change-

      I have always wanted people to feel empowered by the info here, so they would take action to make changes, so sorely needed, never mind waiting for some 'leader' to do it. It's never going to happen- Because, bottom line, the elites and their sycophants have an agenda and human well being, of the masses, doesn't figure large in that plan.

      I am going to do postings once a week- it gives me time to find some good solid info- I figure in no time at all there will be an in depth pile of information- solid, sourced

      People can forward the info to family/friends. Members of their government, social groups, get organized, talk to retailers, farmers etc
      Contact manufacturers, who ever, what ever- vote with your dollars, your forks and tell them we don't want this garbage!!!!

      So by all means link to the posts, the more readers, the better!