Monday, January 5, 2015

The Fraud of AGW vs the Real Threat to Humanity- Endocrine Disruptors

I am hoping that some, most or all of my regular readers have taken the time to watch, listen to Jan's interview with Curtis Duncan-  The Chemical Manipulation of Humanity

The Chemical Manipulation of Humanity. Through Endocrine Disrupting toxic pollutants, chemicals.  Is this mainstream? Is there an equivalent of the authoratative (not)  IPCC addressing this issue? The answer to both of those questions is NO. Information on Endocrine Disruptors comes through the media in dribs and drabs- But there is no constant drum beat on this topic. Not like the loud persistent thumping and thrashing of the AGW agenda.

The UN, via the IPCC, is the face of this life controlling, restricting, tax burdensome, carbon trading, carbon taxation, restricting humanity agenda. Yet the UN stays oddly quiet on the massive, global, Endocrine Disruptor problem. One that is affecting us not just present day but  has been poisoning us for some time now. But it isn't just the poisoning, it is the alterations of our DNA. This harm is not just limited to the  human species. These chemicals are affecting every other creature of this planet. These endocrine disruptors cause harm to our future progeny. Our children & grandchildren, our great grandchildren and so forth and so on! Down each of our genetic lines. What will be the result?

When there are mass die offs, immediately the UN and the corporate media beat the AGW drum.
Forgetting, conveniently so, about the radiation from Fukushima , but that's a story for another day. But never, ever does the media or politicians or NGO's or the UN really shine a light on the huge issue/ problem/calamity of Endocrine Disrupting chemicals in the environment.

Over the week end I took a bit of time to find some additional information regarding Endocrine disrupting chemicals and their effects on us and every thing else on our planet.

Lo and behold it seems the UN has done some studies on this subject!  
A 38 page PDF from 2012, makes very clear that this group is quite, quite aware of this global malady and have been since 2002. So, why the silence? 
Why aren't the petro chemical companies being reigned in? Where are the NGO's
Where are the elite sanctioned protests? Elite approved 'climate change' protests vs all other non-elite approved protests Where are the celebrity talking heads, coming out to shine a light on the problem? Leonardo DiCaprio et al? 
Where is Al Gore- Carbon Billionaire- He cares so deeply for the environment.. He wants to save the planet- Or so far too many gullible people believe?
Instead all is quiet- for obvious reasons. Endocrine Disruptors are intimately connected to the petro chemical industry and since not a one of the elites have any REAL/TRUE interest in reigning this industry in- dead silence.
Therefore it is up to us all- The people. To get this issue to the forefront- We are going to start by becoming better informed- And what better place to start then with this 38 page pdf 
Read it!

Also- quoting from here

Taking the animal and human evidence together, the report demonstrates a strong likelihood that exposure to EDCs during fetal life and/or puberty plays a role in the proliferation of male and female reproductive problems, endocrine-related cancers, infections, asthma, obesity, diabetes, and behavioral and learning disorders, including attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). The incidences of these conditions have increased significantly not only in the United States but across the globe. Because genes do not change fast enough to explain this increase, environmental causes must be involved. The environmental contribution to disease is estimated to be 24–33% of the global disease burden

Endocrine Disruptors are contributing to as much as ONE THIRD of the global disease burden! 
We need our environment cleaned up and we need it done now!
I have said humanity is endangered on many an occasion. I was not kidding!
Get past the bogus AGW agenda. It's just a way for the elites, banksters and other psychos to enrich themselves while  further crushing/controlling domesticating humanity. The Endocrine Disrupting chemicals are something we can address- and bring about change to- by demanding cleaner products, by boycotting these toxic products as much as possible. Please share this information, thanks :)



  1. Thanks for the earlier comments- I'll be back later to respond to them :)
    Just get to get some work out of the way right now

  2. Good catch Penny. Poisoning ourselves and our enviroment continues unabated, as we rush towards deregulation on all fronts. The end game, is to allow Mega-Buisness to make massive profits at the Public's expense. Deregulation=fewer people watching.
    Profits uber alles ya' know.

    1. thanks anonymous

      I intend to hammer away at this issue through out the year. This is something we can make change on- This is something we can talk to retailers about, talk to manufacturers about- stop buying- boycott
      make our own stuff- after hearing that interview- though I already had some inkling about these I had no idea at the scope of damage being done
      so I am saying F U to these bastards- good bye as much plastic as I can
      Cutting back on toxic beauty products and coconut oil will be my moisturizer-
      While I may be getting older I have enough years left ahead of me to that it is worthwhile to keep this shit out of my system and if I do this and all the rest of us do this it will make a difference-

      And it's worth it for future generations of humans too!

  3. Hi Penny:

    In this video

    advisor to Russian President Putin, Sergey Glaziev, talks about how the coming war will be about who controls nanotechnology....this is the way by which out DNA is infected with disease and foreign substances. Watching this video was a moment of truth for me.


    1. thanks gc, I am eating lunch and shall view it
      Merci mon ami!

  4. Pen - I meant to comment on your post where you gave the link to the radio talk on endocrine disruptors, among many other things...great link, great radio show with a very knowledgable guest. Thanks so much for that, I was presented with a variety of new information.

    Had heard a similar claim a long time ago, but never found it again years later - I suspect it was disappeared. That had been a blog and write-up from an old dude in the US, who was a past inventor orsomething, and who was an expert on microwave technology, as well as having some medical background. He had stated that microwaves changed many molecules into ones mimicking estrogen, thus doing many of the things this other gentleman alluded to.

    We can see the results by using our powers of observation and experience and logical deduction. It all fits, and makes sense certainly.

    1. Slozo: "We can see the results by using our powers of observation and experience and logical deduction. It all fits, and makes sense certainly."

      Good Morning and Exactly!

      We can see the results, they are all around us. Some of us are living with these results. Obesity. Asthma. Autism. Diabetes. Infertility. Cancer. Deformed animals. You know Polar Bears were specifically cited in some of the literature I read on endocrine disruptors- but oh my bad that's AGW.! Whatever! It's all there right in front of our eyes. We can see for ourselves. We are living the effects of this pollution. We are being destroyed right now by these chemicals.

      This is why I contrasted AGW with the endocrine disruptors because AGW which is a political banking agenda is pushed constantly and endocrine disruptors though responsible for as much as 30 percent of global disease barely garner a mention as a problem for humanity?

      What's the difference? Simple

      AGW makes money for the elites one way- carbon taxes, carbon trading and big carbon bubble to steal more money- if there is any left
      but no reigning in of big oil- oh sure they lie about it!
      For money making exploitation in AGW they need you to believe..
      hence the spinning

      Endocrine disruptors makes money for the elites another way- health care, human experimentation- health insurance, plunder due to sickness. population reduction, eventually- which serves the elites just fine, still plenty of people to plunder on the planet.. There is after all an entire 'third world' getting more affluent and ripe for the pickin'

      For money making in this aspect the elites need your ignorance because the money making is off of your lack of knowledge. The money making comes from you NOT being aware of your poisoning.

      That's why there is no talk of it, because endocrine disruptors are easily measurable in the environment- unlike the AGW nonsense- Yah, I have been feeling the warming for the past few years now- longer colder winters- harsh
      heating bills up- you consumed this much more gas because the weather was this much colder- for years now..

      Both agenda's screw the masses and the animals, but, the elites have enough money- they can minimize their risks

      Recall Mark Zuckerberg- total insider- he raises his own animals, he eats organic- this is the advantage the elites have over the masses and they know it- they can afford the best, cleanest food, living, purified water etc

      "Zuckerberg may be part of a broader movement to step back from America's pervasive commercialism and return to more natural ways.

      This goes beyond simple things like eating organic food, as Zuckerberg demonstrated"

      The elites sure don't live like the masses. It's interesting to really notice that they live how we used to. They may not do the work our grandparents did- but they have the clean food and vegetables and all the health benefits included-

      That should tell us all something but it won't- Too many prefer to bury their heads in the sand- I realize it is their conditioning, but, come on
      If you don't have your best interests at heart, who else will?!

      I don't know about the microwave technology aspect of this whole sordid and disgusting crime against humanity- and yes, that is what it is!
      And am so glad you enjoyed the show :)

      I mailed the link out to a few family members, non sheeple and discussed it at length with my brother- He was wowed by the info and was also letting others know- So three cheers for baby bro!

      And for you too slozo. Thanks again for stopping by :)