Friday, January 16, 2015

The Great Invasion- Endocrine Disruptors and the Chemical Manipulation of Humanity

I stumbled across this little documentary while searching for info on this topic. It's less then 1 hour in length. Released in 2010. So nearly 5 years old now. After watching it, I simply have to conclude that even more information/evidence has been gathered on this subject.  And yet, that information continues to fly right under the radar. While other big money making agendas are pushed to the point of absurdity!!!

Oh, yes it's rant time!

It is, or should be, abundantly clear that to reign in this intoxication (Poisoning by a drug or toxic substance) of all life on the planet  it is absolutely necessary to reign in  big oil, big agriculture & big pharma. And there is zero will on the part of the elites and their sycophants in government to do what needs to be done

Not wanting to sound like a broken record, saying what has been said her before, the harm to us all is obvious. All we have to do is open our eyes. Our species is overweight. Sickly. Diseased. Asthmatic. Cancerous. None of this is connected to AGW, the cash cow, pushed by big oil, banks and the psycho elites with their marches of fake concern. Keep in mind that GMO foods are the supposed to be a  saviour in the AGW nonsense! . Oh yes, we need these poisons to feed the planet

  Genetically modified (GMO) crops, pesticides, and herbicides could potentially offer more bio-diversity to our food
But, GMO is already destroying us and lots of other plant and animal life!
Glyphosate Herbicides & Transgenic Food Partners are both Toxic & Endocrine Disrupting in humans

As stated in my previous post- reminding readers
"Where are the elite sanctioned protests? Elite approved 'climate change' protests vs all other non-elite approved protests Where are the celebrity talking heads, coming out to shine a light on the problem? Leonardo DiCaprio et al? 
Where is Al Gore- Carbon Billionaire- He cares so deeply for the environment.. He wants to save the planet- Or so far too many gullible people believe?
Instead all is quiet- for obvious reasons. Endocrine Disruptors are intimately connected to the petro chemical industry and since not a one of the elites have any REAL/TRUE interest in reigning this industry in- dead silence."
 That's right readers, dead silence on the issue of endocrine disruptors. I can't hear a thing. Except for the few people talking like Curtis Duncan and Jan Irvin, who really set my feet afire with this topic. And the sounds I make when I search and search, and clickety click on my own key board trying to shine some light on this topic.

Endocrine disruptors are destroying the planet and every living thing on it. For generations to come! 

Sorry to rail so much, but, I am passionate about this topic. It's so important, purposely ignored. And it is up to us to make a concerted effort to change this.

An aside: I still receive emails from Greenpeace and in all the years I have been receiving them, I have yet to receive anything regarding this subject- Where is Greenpeace on this topic? Where is Greenpeace on the anti-war agenda? I checked there site and let's just say the poisoning of every bit of this planet via big oils endocrine disruptors does not figure large at all.
What a big non surprise! Greenpeace drones on and on about Chinese pollution- How very NATO of them!- 
At one time I gave that No Good Organization money/donations- but that day has long passed! 

I have done a number of posts on this topic already, if you have missed any they are directly below


  1. ‘Aldous Huxley 1961:
    *There will be, in the next generation or so, a pharmacological method of making people love their servitude, and producing dictatorship without tears, so to speak, producing a kind of painless concentration camp for entire societies, so that people will in fact have their liberties taken away from them, but will rather enjoy it, because they will be distracted from any desire to rebel by propaganda or brainwashing, or brainwashing enhanced by pharmacological methods. And this seems to be the final revolution*

    1. aldous huxley is not a man that should be revered- at all
      He was very clearly connected and fully participant in the psycho elite class.
      I am familiar with this evil person- Mr subjugate the masses, control their ability to procreate, control their very lives "better living through drugs"
      better living for who? The elites. The drugged up, dumbed down masses are all the easier to control

  2. There is another part to this, which is less talked about. Mono Culture. Where huge tracts of land are sown with one crop and all the attendant chemical cocktail that is needed to ensure a profitable crop. What happens to all the wildlife in the area? well only animals. insects, flora and fauna that are comparable with that crop are present, and those are subjected to the chemical cocktail which poisons them slowly. These animals ,insects, flora and fauna help maintain the ecological balance within the crop area, that is until there are too few to manage the task and this is one reason why the crop yield reduces overtime as well ans the land gets poisoned by the chemical cocktail. I could go on. I'm sure you get the picture now.

    Farmers have been genetically modifying crops by splicing two different strains together for umpteen hundred/ thousands of years to get them better suited to their environment.
    This type of "modification is and has always been seen as a workable solution locally where it matters. Using NA to make crops "roundup ready" is not acceptable. needs to be exposed for what it is and Penny I salute you for all your efforts to make it so.

    Kind Regards

    1. Hey Gordon

      Mono Culture is a huge part of the problem, I agree. This is where are endocrine disruptors comes massively into play.

      re: your reference to farmers modifying plants- I prefer the term hybridizing for what early farmers did, though i agree whole heartedly it was genetic modification

      However, it was not modification on the level we are witnessing today where pesticide genes are placed directly into plants so they can survive the onslaught of toxins

      The next generation of GMO crops and pesticides is going to kick it up a notch- Agent Orange will be spliced into the plants so the fields can be doused with you guessed it agent orange

      And agent orange is, you guessed it another endocrine disruptor

      "The crops are Dow AgroSciences' Enlist corn and soybeans, engineered to be resistant to its Duo herbicide, which contains 2,4-D, a component of the notorious Agent Orange. 2,4-D has been linked to Parkinson's, birth defects, reproductive problems, and endocrine disruption. Dow states that the new system will address the problem of weeds that have become resistant to glyphosate, the active ingredient in Monsanto's widely-used Roundup"

      Inevitably these plants will be resistant to the toxin and then what?!?

      You are correct that we, as a species, had at our access seeds for every season, every climate, everything and where have they gone?
      The elites stole them from us and locked them away. And we in our collective apathy have allowed it all to happen

      I understand gardening very well- because I do it. And for that reason I pay attention to the environment that affects my garden. I also save seeds. And forage. I compost. And use no pesticides.

      In most ways I am vastly closer to our earth then the vast majority of the people I interact with daily

  3. Hey Penny!! Loving these... I have bitched about this REAL pollution for eons... most people just give you a blank stare.

    Have you seen this one? VERY good with Frederick Vom Saal:


    1. Hey Buffy
      Got to listen to this today, unfortunately didn't view. But, from what I heard, great stuff!

      I noticed he pointed out how it was the petro chemical companies are creating the science to fit the agenda?
      Interesting. And oh so familiar. This is where I am always left scratching my head when I get comments like "you must get money from petro chems' because you don't believe the AGW theory.
      Well why would I? Why would I believe in a theory that benefits big oil, petrochemical, pharma, bankster scum?

      What also leaves me scratchin' my head is why when it is plainly obvious that despite the fact we are being massively affected by these poisons- government has done nothing to reign in big oil/pharma/banksters, yet people actually believe that gov is 'stickin' it to big oil' via the AGW theory.
      This makes no sense?
      Did you see the news that 2014 was 'the hottest year on record"
      2014 was the coldest year, here in my temperate area of Canada- we on, I believe, two or three days got into the 80 F in the summer.
      When we usually spend most of the summer in the low 80's
      There were some summer days where the HIGH was in the upper 50' F
      Then the winter was, OMG- The great lakes what 98 percent frozen. The canal didn't open. The icebreakers going gangbusters for shipping
      How is it possible this was the hottest year ever?
      Even if it was above normal elsewhere
      the extreme cold here would have cancelled out the extreme warm and we would have ended up with some average temperature
      you know happy medium- because 30 degrees up vs 30 degrees down
      averages to not the hottest year on the planet in any way shape or form

      Hang on I got more buffy, check for part 2

    2. Speaking of the frigid summer- Our peppers did poorly as did our eggplant because it was too cool for them this summer.
      Tomatoes did well, but, we have an heirloom from the area- as you know, cause I have told you we save the seeds year to year

      We were talking with a market farmer- below the Escarpment (Grimsby/Vineland way) so closer to Lake Ontario... His tomatoes did terrible because of the cool weather- slow to ripen. All the local farmers had trouble with the tomatoes

      Plus the fact that he was sitting below the escarpment
      So he is affected by the phenomena of cool air sinking down.
      Sandwiched between the Escarpment and Lake Ontario- that area felt the chill big time
      Wine country sustained major damage, lots of vines were lost

      Ontario wine grower's crop devastated by bitter cold
      Merlot, Sauvignon Blanc and Syrah crops most vulnerable in the cold, viticulturalist say

      And since we visit the wineries, we had chances to talk with the different growers and some wineries took big hits- depending on location, age of vines etc

      Fruits ripened slower- all were behind in 2014, but, there was enough rain so crops were good

      Tragic too- so many lake ducks died this past year thanks to the extreme cold!

      Ducks and other waterfowl from Wisconsin to New York have been starving at a very high rate, due to the harsh winter of 2013-14 that caused a large percentage of the Great Lakes to be covered in ice.

      And suddenly were are inundated with snowy owls- the bird from the Arctic circle! I see they are your way too, but, they have been here for years now- I saw one a month back.

      I can only conclude the snowy owls, are here because the Arctic has become positively inhospitable for them- they follow food and clearly they are not able to get food in the Arctic, which if it was warmer- they would have an abundance of rodent life, etc
      But they have come well below the Arctic circle. I am further south then many of America's northern residents

      None of these facts jibe with the bullshit of hottest year on record
      2014 the hottest year? On what planet?- not here!