Monday, January 19, 2015

UN Witnessed ISRAELI drones over Syria before & immediately after Strike. Israel breaks 1974 ceasefire

 I am going to repeat a bunch of indisputable facts!!!!
Israel breaks Ceasefire.  Israel breaks Ceasefire  Israel breaks Ceasefire 
As witnessed by UN peacekeepers, while supporting, NATO's Islamist Jihadis!
The same Jihadis that have been murdering innocent Syrian civilians for years now.
Israel loves Islamists. Israel supports Islamist terrorists. 
Israel does not fear Islamists.Israel unequivocally supports terrorists and terrorism!
Those are the facts. They are indisputable. They have been clear for a long, long time now!
I have written about these facts, these indisputable facts, for years now!
Have I made those facts clear enough to readers here? I hope so!
Daily Mail Headline as follows....

UN saw drones over Syria before Israel strike in breach of truce

UNITED NATIONS, Jan 19 (Reuters) - U.N. peacekeepers stationed in the Golan Heights along the Syrian-Israeli border observed drones coming from the Israeli side before and after an airstrike that killed top several Hezbollah figures, the United Nations said on Monday.
The flight of the drones in the airspace over the Golan Heights was a violation of the 1974 ceasefire agreement between Syria and Israel, U.N. spokesman Farhan Haq told reporters.
Lebanon's Hezbollah said on Sunday that an Israeli helicopter strike in Syria killed one of its commanders and the son of the group's late military leader Imad Moughniyah. It was a major blow that could lead to reprisal attacks.
Haq was asked if the U.N. observer mission deployed in the so-called area of separation in the Golan Heights, known as UNDOF, had seen anything. He said UNDOF had "observed two unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) flying from the Alpha side and crossing the ceasefire line."
The Alpha side refers to the Israeli-occupied part of the Golan. Haq said UNDOF saw the drones moving towards U.N. position 30, after which the U.N. observers lost track of them.
An hour later, he said, they saw smoke coming from position 30, though they were unable to identify the source of the smoke.
"Subsequently, UNDOF observed UAVs flying from the general area of position 30 and over Jabbata crossing the ceasefire line," Haq said. "This incident is a violation of the 1974 Agreement on Disengagement between Israeli and Syrian forces."
 This is the first time I have read any mainstream media actually reporting the FACT that Israel has committed one act of war, let alone several of them!
Israel is the aggressor state! They have committed several acts of war against Syria.
Will their be repercussions for Israel? Their certainly should be!
Or will it be more of the same?

Oh, yes it's Flashback Time!!!

Stroll down memory lane and revisit as many of my past posts on this topic as I can dig up in a short period of time
I'm quite certain there are more posts here regarding Israeli involvement in the destabilization/destruction of Syria. The murders of innocent Syrian civilians. The war crimes.
But, hopefully you all get the picture?

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  1. Nasrallah gave a widely reviewed speech where he detailed the relationship between hezbollah. And israel. Over the past few weeks here have been statement any various factions alluding to pushing the energy auctions ahead to for close Israel from "stealing gas." It would appear that given the Israeli Russia dust up over the alleged intelligence hub caped in a raid whereby documents found their way to Israel - who can forget the coastal surveillance until assad rounded up around tart us back in 11 or 12 - it would appear that it probably isn't just the UN. That has the intel. Simultaneously the story's are leaking about he turk arms to AQ in Syria - not that the arrest of the .military personnel who enforced border checks and the subsequent hunting rifle assertions weren't a dead giveaway - just as turkey is demanding a no fly zone again. Assad appears to have struck up some local ceasefire in home but he Ian and Turkey are chanting louder about a widespread standstill in aleppo. Wee or so ago daily star reported assad forces had the place surrounded. Little wonder the kurdish have been put in play. Given the reports of some 500 plus IRG killed in Iraq presumably assisting he kurdish one wonder how hat will play back home. Obama by appearance wants an Iran deal to kick the tables over but the house is divided as the the timely McCain drop in illustrates. Former ambassador ford was just out being interviewed calling on all parties to halt weapons shipments into syria? He further noted the Russian talks suggesting the Russians by pushing the meeting must be nervous about something. THe entire thing is worth reading. To punctuate the point the house of Saud is in Flux as is the nato oasis in oman. Obama lands in India this week as it leaks last week the Russians may take over the French fighter contract. Kerry stopped over unannounced in Pakistan last week for security talks. He us then issued a terror warning and leaked it is worried about Obama trip security. Indian Intel leaked a few months ago a rumored plot backed by Western elements to destabilize Bangladesh.

    As an aside the now dead prosecutor who just accused the agent in a president of conspiring on he alleged hezbollah. Plot years ago in the center bombing tend up with a bullet in his head this am. Related? There was just an alleged hezbollah. Arrest in Peru a month ago. The are Tina bombing has some interesting details.

    Hezbollah also just uncovered a major alleged Israeli double a few weeks ago.

    Hezbollah will be forced to escalate in view of who was targeted. Netanyahu is desperate heading into elections.

    1. ."Over the past few weeks here have been statement any various factions alluding to pushing the energy auctions ahead to for close Israel from "stealing gas."

      Interesting- I missed that

      "Wee or so ago daily star reported assad forces had the place surrounded. Little wonder the kurdish have been put in play"

      Yes, Syrian army forces did have Aleppo surrounded and were pushing in, that news is here somewhere
      It appears the Kurds have been brought in to play- I said that at Ziad's
      the kurds may have had deals or not however, there is a bigger agenda at play and the kurds are so tight with Israel- their backstabbing can not be excluded- (this does not mean every single kurd obviously- however the ties are all there)

      "THe entire thing is worth reading'
      got a link handy? would love to read what it was ford said, and anything related to your comment

      you have left lots of info and I thank you for it all! :)
      but throw in some links, I do like parsing everything myself..

  2. Nasrallah made very clear that any solution in Syria had to include assad. The recent nuke plant in he mountain went no where.

    1. very good of Nasrallah, I saw he did talk lately but didn't have the time to get into it
      I am a one person show here :)
      not complaining, just stating a fact

  3. Read this from Voltaire on he Argentina suicide.

    also note Argentina just took another Chinese loan and Russian overtures. I think they just agreed to buy some superjets. Argentina is next up on brics. And wants to join.


  5. Israel made news last year when it called Brazil a diplomatic dwarf in the push to unseat dilma.

  6. Iranian general killed also. Another Iranian general was allegedly killed when the Israelis hit a bunch of engineers last year. Another was killed on the road to Damascus a few years back.

  7. The next round of negotiations on Iran's nuclear programme is set for early February, but the venue has not been decided, China's envoy said on Sunday, as an all-day meeting in Geneva ended with what diplomats said was "limited" progress. - See more at:

    1. Thanks for all the links and comments anonymous-
      judging by your comments you are really in the thick of things- I was thinking about that last night- so do stay safe, please.

  8. HA will wait for them to either cross the blue line again or another ambush on their side as has been done previously.


    1. Hi Chevi789 :)

      thanks for stopping by here. We are definitely going to have to wait and see how this one plays out.