Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Yemen: Coup or Something Else? Smart Money says- Something Else.

Keep in mind the very important fact that the US has NO plans to evacuate the embassy!
Highly suggestive that operations are being run out of that location
 Senior U.S. military officials say that there was "no specific planning underway" to evacuate the embassy. While another official said that they believe the embassy is in no immediate danger, "the situation remains tenuous."
Gulf of Aden is a 'chokepoint'
We have conflicting narratives coming out of Yemen- 
Consider,  the coup could be real  OR certain 'interests' would like us to believe a coup is actually taking place

Account # 1-
Sana'a - Yemen's powerful Shi'ite Houthi rebels shelled the residence of the country's embattled president on Tuesday and simultaneously swept into the presidential palace in the capital, Sana'a, as a top military commander warned that a full-fledged "coup" was underway.
President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi was inside the residence as it came under "heavy shelling" for half an hour but he was unharmed and protected by guards, officials said. In New York, the UN Security Council held an emergency meeting over the chaos in Sana'a.
The shelling was a dramatic development that put the US-backed Hadi into a precarious position and represented the starkest challenge to his authority since the Houthis swept into Sanaa from their northern stronghold and seized the capital in September.
Information Minister Nadia al-Sakkaf posted on her Twitter account that the shelling started at 15:00 local time "by armed forces positioned over rooftops facing" the president's house.
Information Minister on her Twitter account begins selling coup talk at 15:00 local time- So Nadia begins the narrative.
At the same time, Houthi rebels also raided the president's offices, sweeping into the presidential palace and looting the grounds' arms depots, according to Colonel Saleh al-Jamalani, the commander of the Presidential Protection Force that guards the palace.
"This is a coup. There is no other word to describe what is happening but a coup," al-Jamalani told The Associated Press, adding that the rebels were likely aided by insiders.

Account #2-
In a starkly different narrative, the Houthis' TV network al-Masseria claimed the rebels intercepted and foiled attempts by an unspecified group to loot weapons from the presidential palace.

The escalation shattered a tense ceasefire that had held overnight and throughout the morning, following Monday's heavy clashes that engulfed the city, leaving ordinary Yemenis stunned and fearing for their country.
al- Masseria reports that Houthi rebels intercepted and foiled attempts by an unspecific group to loot weapons stored at the presidential palace. US backed gov claims Houthis are looting weapons

What is actually ongoing in Yemen at this time? Did the Houthi rebels actually foil some sort of staged operation? Perhaps something the US and company were cooking up?  Were US backed participants, raiding and looting weapons to frame Houthi rebels? It's possible! Were US backed participants working to create a coup to blame Houthi rebels. Are we talking false flag here?

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon expressed concern over the "deteriorating situation" in Yemen and urged all sides to cease hostilities.
The latest spasm of violence followed apparently unsuccessful negotiations earlier in the day between Hadi and a representative of the Houthis at his residence

Quoting the twitter feed of our narrative creator and minister of information-  Nadia
The information minister, Nadia Sakkaf, who has been providing a Twitter feed about the mayhem in the capital, said in one post that the presidential residence had come under heavy shelling by militiamen in the midafternoon and that the presidential palace had also been attacked. Houthi guards were later seen outside both compounds.
Government officials have accused the Houthi militiamen, members of an increasingly powerful movement whose leaders are Zaydi Shiites from northern Yemen, of trying to carry out a coup. The Houthis have been pressing Mr. Hadi over troubled negotiations over a draft constitution.
Houthis have some sort of power sharing agreement with Mr Hadi, he has not been living up to his end of the bargain, that much is clear. Government officials who are backed by the US are claiming a coup is on. But, is it really? 
Mr. Hadi is an ally of the United States, but the violence in the capital in recent days has raised doubts about his hold on authority and become an increasing concern to the Obama administration

If I had to guess at what is going on here, I would say, someone staged an attack to frame the Houthis and they got wind of it- trying to prevent it. This is why we are gettting such divergent narratives. I am highly suspicious of the twitter feed narrative from the Minister of Information- Nadia

Reading the NYT's article it appears the Houthis are guarding the Presidential palace and buildings
Ali Al-Qahoom, a Houthi political leader, said there had been clashes on Tuesday afternoon at Mr. Hadi’s residence, but that by early evening, the fighting had been “contained.”
By about 6:30 p.m., the streets leading to the president’s residence were quiet, but heavily guarded and blocked by Houthi gunmen, who turned approaching cars away.

There has BEEN clashes- Past tense. The streets leading to the residence were quite and heavily guarded- no fighting- The president is reported as being in the residence and unharmed.

Shoring up the Charlie Hebdo /AQ in Yemen narrative 

 While everyone is paying attention to Yemen, Israel may pull the rabbit out of it's hat - 


  1. Of you go back to June of last year reports of a tunnel assassination plot on had I presidential palace via a Saleh built mosque. Then in august reports of a tunnel into Saleh compound to kill him. Saleh was out a month ago saying spring was a western op.

    1. Yes, I see that, went off to look and lo and behold....

      Tunnels- I have seen that before- well not personally, but tunnels factor large in Syria- So, that's interesting


      "An aide to former President Ali Abdullah Saleh said Thursday that Mr. Saleh’s security team had uncovered a plot to kill Mr. Saleh with explosives planted in a tunnel running to a mosque inside his residential compound in Sana, the capital. Yemen’s authorities said they were investigating."

      And yes, I think it's mentioned in the post from the other day concerning Yemen that Saleh was ousted in a 'spring'...

      Something I noticed interesting about the reports, first the media was pushing coup via our twittering information minister, but, then the story dropped off the radar- no coup- to what seems to be headlining at this time

      No Coup- Weak government

      Weakness of Yemen's Government Undermines US Terror Fight


      "The violent push Tuesday by Houthi rebels against the American-backed government in Yemen is undermining military and intelligence operations against al-Qaida's Yemen-based affiliate, which made its reach felt in this month's deadly Paris attacks, U.S. officials say"

      Makes me think all the more the US and co, cooked up a false flag- Houthis got wind of it and stopped the impending action
      The media dropped the story until they could get a rewrite/control of the narrative- now coup gone, weak gov a problem

      I am figuring the Houthi angle is for local consumption, if the US could blame the Houthi populace they could get the rest to turn on the Houthis who seem to be well supported

      AQ is for international consumption- It's an interesting dialectic they have concocted

    2. But we have to keep our eye on israel- Nuttyahoo wants to look like a tough guy, he may strike Syria and or Lebanon
      Too many situations to watch over, sigh..

  2. Those mythical female jihadis...
    "Isis using UK female jihadis to incite terror acts back home, say researchers"


    Who ICSR?
    London “terrorism experts” have strong links to Israeli establishment


    how astonishing!