Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Yemeni President still in power despite Houthi Rebel Presence?

Or, Is the Yemeni President in power and still alive because of the presence of Houthi rebels?

Note the facts of what is ongoing in Yemen, please? From CNN today?

Yemeni President still in power

Yemeni President Abdu Rabu Mansour Hadi still considers himself to be in power, a Yemeni official briefed on the political situation told CNN on Wednesday.

Despite the presence of rebel militiamen outside his home, the President doesn't consider himself a captive, the Yemeni official told CNN.

He explained that the Houthis were assisting Hadi's security detail in their protection mission because part of the detail had "run away yesterday because of the fighting."

A senior leader of the Houthi resistance movement, Abdullah Shabaan, gave a similar account. He told CNN that the "President's personal security left him, which forced us to gather hundreds of fighters from our security to ensure he is safe."

Recall in yesterday's post...  Yemen: Coup or Something Else? Smart Money says- Something Else

Smart money said it was something else and it sure looked as if smart money was the way to go!
As I postulated yesterday:
What is actually on going in Yemen at this time? Did the Houthi rebels actually foil some sort of staged operation? Perhaps something the US and company were cooking up?  Were US backed participants, raiding and looting weapons to frame Houthi rebels? It's possible! Were US backed participants working to create a coup to blame Houthi rebels. Are we talking false flag here?
The events in Yemen were highly suspicious. And continue to be highly suspicious!


  1. Nothing suspicious, the situation in Yemen is no different then Donbass, erring on the side of caution by Iran similar to RF. The Houthis have the upper hand, have the support of majority of the citizens, but ZNATO have other ideas, if the Houthis takeover, SA will never agree, the Shia's of east SA will revolt and rise up. This is why Iran is playing it cool.

    1. Everything is suspicious because it cannot be taken at face value, ever.
      So, one has to really go through this stuff with a fine tooth comb.
      As I read yesterday's news accounts it became clear, in my mind that the US/Israel/NATO terror team was cooking up a coup- not the Houthis

      btw: I saw today the usual- boohoo for the jews in Yemen--- so typical

      To hell with everyone else, let's have a pity party for the local jews
      It's the same kind of script every time

  2. Hi Penny

    excellent interview Gilad Atzmon meets Robert Faurrisson (in english french subtitles). It's long but top quality.

    1. thanks gallier2 I will check it out- Gilad is always interesting, because he presents unique perspectives
      btw: How's things your way- has the Hebdo hysteria calmed down yet?

    2. gallier

      I am really enjoying this interview- quite powerful and thought provoking
      Can you provide me with some background on this professor?
      I would appreciate that so much!


    good backgrounder on the Saleh Houthis nexus

    AA pushing the Saleh nexus
    Saleh and the Houthis' power grab in Yemen

    Now an agreement
    Yemen’s Hadi, Houthis reach deal to end crisis

    1. What a agreement, that is democratic and power sharing- The US and co will have none of that- Yemen isn't going away any time soon. No way!

      Kerry said:
      He stressed the powerful rebel militia had declared that Hadi was still president

      Sanaa government was accepting many demands put forward by the Houthis in the deal to end a deadly political crisis.

      "Gulf Cooperation Council slammed the acts of Houthi rebels as “terrorist”

      Of course they did!

      So a democratic settlement? Which should be good for all? The US and Israel and NATO are not going to let this stand