Monday, February 9, 2015

Aerial war on Syria is expanding- UAE is back & the US (Israel) is pleased.

I wondered at the comments  from Syrian leadership?
From: Syria- No, to Foreign Troops on Syrian Soil- Syrian/Belarus cooperation

Syria's foreign minister has criticized neighboring Jordan, which recently stepped up air strikes
 "We will not allow anyone to infringe upon our national sovereignty and we don't need (foreign) ground troops to fight the IS"

Jordan stepping up airstrike and troops on the ground? What was going on behind the scenes?
I knew Jordan had been training terrorists for some time now- I searched through my blog and found at least three posts mentioning this subject, so, I figure readers are aware of this. If not, check here
Or search through the blog, I just don't have time to link previous post up, sorry
Let's get right to the latest news concerning Jordan and the UAE flying out of Jordan to strike "ISIS/L"

First up: US welcomes UAE decision to base fighter jets in Jordan
“The United States (no doubt Israel) welcomes a decision by the United Arab Emirates to base its F-16 fighter jets in Jordan for operations against Islamic State militants in Iraq and Syria, a US State Department spokeswoman said on Monday.

The UAE had suspended flights as part of the U.S.-led coalition conducting air strikes against Islamic State in view of concerns about search and rescue capabilities after a Jordanian pilot was downed and captured. UAE fighters would now join raids from inside Jordan, a Jordanian army source said on Saturday
Do I get a centralization theme happening here? UAE joining Jordanians raiders. Jordan training terrorists to invade- Does this explain the comments from Syria's foreign minister?

 I need more then just Israeli media reports..UAE F-16s back in the game fighting ISIS

UPDATED 8 FEBRUARY 2015, 22:35 UTC | The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is back in the game of fighting the so-called Islamic State forces (ISIS / ISIL) in Syria and Iraq. UAE’s state news agency WAM reported on Sunday 8 February that the UAE Air Force is sending a squadron of F-16s to Jordan. Later that day, the first F-16s arrived in Jordan already. Pics of the ferry flight are found here, several pics of their arrival are here.
One link takes us to the UAE airforce site and these are a couple of images from there!

The Emirates suspended their direct involvement in the US coordinated Operation Inherent Resolve a month ago, after a Royal Jordanian Air Force (RJAF) F-16 jock was captured by ISIS.

Sorry, I just don't believe the capture, allegedly of the Jordanian pilot was the reason UAE stopped their involvement with Operation Inherent Resolve- Perhaps they just needed time to make the move to flying out of Jordan ?


Interesting bit on the UAE F-16s is that the UAE national flag on the tail of some aircraft appears to have been removed. According to Jordanian officials the UAE jets will participate again in direct combat. However, neither the UAE or Jordanian government have officially acknowledged which role the UAE Air Force Desert Falcons will play.

Now, why would the UAE remove their national flag from the tail of some of their own aircraft??
Is ISIS/L suddenly going to get some aircraft of their own?  Hmmm......

Busy, busy past just over 24 hours:


  1. Hi, talking about ISIS and foreign troops, look what I have found on an African news site.
    Cameroon army captured 8 French soldiers working for Boko Haram. Of course chosenite offense minister Laurent Fabius wanted them to be freed, but was refused by the Cameroonians. Of course not a peep of it has been published in Europe.

    1. can't wait to put this one through translate- french soldiers working for Boko Haram- you can imagine I am not surprised, not in the least
      but, want to read it anyway