Sunday, February 8, 2015

Ban Ki "Insists" Yemeni Quitter President be Reinstated or Civil War Looms

VOA- Ban-Ki always a toady boy! But, I digress.....
“There must be a restoration of the legitimacy of President Hadi's. We have to address this through all the Security Council and [Gulf Cooperation Council] Initiatives,” he said.
Let's talk about restoration and the legitimacy of Hadi's Presidency:
Hadi was installed after one of those so called Arab Springs- aka engineered colour revolution aka western backed installation of puppet regime. So his legitimacy is questionable and suspect.
Let's recall together that this man actually quit. He stepped down. His cabinet quit and he quit!
There was no overthrow. No coup. Nothing like that. He QUIT!

Yemen's President resigns AFTER Cabinet & Prime Minster all step down

 Sanaa, Yemen (CNN)Yemen's President resigned Thursday night shortly after his Prime Minister and the Cabinet stepped down -- seismic changes in the country's political scene that come just one day after the government and Houthi rebels struck a tentative peace deal meant to end days of turmoil
So, it’s difficult to understand Ban Ki saying he should be ‘reinstated’(“restore ,someone or something, to their former position or condition”) Why should he be ‘reinstated’ when he stepped down! As did his entire cabinet! Why should the Yemenis reinstate a leader and cabinet that quit!
If they didn't want the job, why force them back into it? Doesn't make sense? Clearly more is afoot!

And so it begins- Ban Ki is insisting a government that quit be reinstated. Suggestive to me that others want this government in place......
U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon met with Saudi King Salman and his top advisers in Riyadh Sunday to discuss the recent power-grab in neighboring Yemen by Houthi rebels.
 Doesn't it seem more realistic, in light of President Hadi and his cabinet quitting, that someone else should lead- Clearly Hadi didn’t want the job, or something like that? So the Houthis stepped in to fill the void that the quitters left and now- the quitters have to be reinstated or ‘a civil war looms’ 
Yes, that's correct- A civil war looms!
"Civil war" Where and when has the mass media spoon fed it's audience  this meme previously? Libya? Syria.? Two nations that popped instantly to mind.

With full Houthi takeover of Yemen, civil war looms

On Friday the Zaidi Shiite rebels dissolved parliament and announced the creation of a presidential council that will act as an interim government for two years. Yemen has lacked a functioning government since January 22, when President Abd-Rabbu Mansour and his cabinet resigned

 The quitter President and his quitter cabinet left the country with a power vacuum for  over two weeks and the Houthis stepped in. They created a presidential council that would function as an interim government for two years.

 The Shiite militia’s chief Abdel Malek Al-Houthi tried to reassure the nation in a televised address on Saturday. “This historic and responsible initiative is in the interest of the country… because it fills a political vacuum,” he told supporters gathered in a northern Sanaa stadium.
Indeed, it fills a vacuum left by a government that stepped down! As soon as that happened the GCC led by Saudi Arabia (bad cop), on the leash of the US (good cop) and Israel, declared this was a coup!

 The Saudi-led Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) swiftly rejected the Houthi declaration as a coup.  The US, which continues counterterrorism operations in Yemen despite the political upheaval, was more subdued in its criticism, saying that the Houthi take over did “not meet the standards of a consensus-based solution to Yemen’s political crisis.
 If they are alone, there is a strong possibility that this could fall very easily,” says Hakim Almasmari, editor in chief of the Yemen Post. He also says it's possible that the Houthis have private "side deals" with other Yemeni political factions that could buy them more time in power.

The Houthis surprisingly appointed a long-time opponent, General Mahmud Al-Subaihi, as acting defense minister and Jalal al-Rowaishan as acting interior minister, posts they abandoned last month. Some speculate they were pressured into the positions.
Pressured into the postions? Maybe. But, maybe not.

Here come's Al Qaeda!  
Just when the US and Israel need them. That always seems to happen....

Bigger war?

The takeover has raised concerns of open conflict between Houthi supporters and opponents. Yemen experts warn that Al Qaeda will likely play the sectarian card to fan opposition to the Houthis and recruit disaffected Sunni Arabs
 How often does that scenario repeat?


  1. Yemen remains an optimal locale for Iran and Saudi to find common ground. You know the Saudi situation is getting bad when the establishment ft is writing articles about the peg being threatened (or are they trying to do fuse the vol? ). With the US pushing a recycled Russian nuke deal from a few years ago and Breedlove warning last week that a move by he us in Ukraine will be met fiercely by Russia, is there any question left that the Saudi stories are about as on point as the alleged Bandar leaks? Then come the NYT leaks but implicating Saudi royals in 911 and more calls for declassify. Still think the selection of nayef was the US choice.? Does it even matter. The Saudi moves against social media over the past few years says more than all the Brookings insights. Incidentally the chechen. Leader who recently offered to quit to go fight in Ukraine just said that ISIS is a US op. Insignificant but for the joins nasrallah, Saleh and litany of Iranian officials (whose fighting in Iraq is the proximate cause allegedly driving the uae defection.) Long before this incident in Jordan several months actually a us general warned to expect defections. Why?

    While everyone is focused on Ukraine the Balkan are getting hot. Last week a Macedonian coup. The Russians warned he Bosnian a few weeks ago to stay out of the Ukraine weapons game ( in a throwback to he Syrian op coming out of Croatia (which brings up he latest until court ruling declaring no cleaning on either side (?) And he newest leader of Croatia, former nato. She has already hied Serbia to get on board the Russian sanctions. Meanwhile running protests in kosovo. Add in the Albania Serbia soccer incident to bookend the tensions. KLA is allegedly fighting for Kiev while serb until are front lines in the east.

    Expect turbulence in Brazil and increasingly mexico which incidentally just had another case of radio active material stolen accidentally. Recollection 3rd such incident. Nieto has been spending a lot of time in Russia and china.

    1. You mentioned Brazil, but, what do you think of Argentina?
      I see the 'usual suspects' the chosenites are stirring up trouble
      Now they have a judge on their side...
      And that's all about Iran

      and radioactive material in mexico?
      you know there is post here about one of the previous times this happened?
      Did they try to blame that on Iran?
      (is there a theme running through that?)

      didn't know about macedonia? though if i may digress had a bottle of macedonian wine this weekend- made from their native grape-vranec

      Saw the news about the Kosovo protests, was not up to speed on Croatia however, so thanks-

      Thanks for bringing me up to speed on all that :)
      Yemen is somewhere that Iran and SA should cooperate- but, no signs of that yet
      trying to keep an eye on Yemen, because it is strategically important (chokehold)

    2. Look at photos of us weapons dump to lebanon. Armed up humvees. And artillery. France just said it would deliver by april. 3 billion backed by saudi. Another place where cooperation seems to at least be crawling. But Lebanon is being set up. And that leak last week about the assassination part of he unfild. But why.

      Head of Turkish Intel as reported last night just resigned to run and reports say Erdogan not happy. Wsj. Did a hit piece on him in the halo of those Pakistan nuke strike teams a few years ago. As Erdogan just yanked gulen passport and the kurdish are allegedly "clearing" kobane chanting obama....the us senators pushing arming Ukraine likely behind the Turkish pressure over pipelines scratch that media clampdown.

      Iran was out this weekend saying that the US is practically begging for a deal.

      May June looking very interesting. Fed set to raise rates per consensus. Iran deadline for talks Kerry say no extension. By that time the ecb. Bond buying will be seasoned almost assuredly with no tangible results. It is also the front side of pressure announcement season for earing which have been horrendous so far globally. Merely check the China trade data showing internal demand collapse. That makes the well timed leaks coming from the boj. About an appointment of another dove - irrelevant obviously at this stage but a referendum in on the failing abenomics which explains "japan" leaking stories about India being the rightful owner to disputed land with China and the lurid claims this weekend. Meanwhile he us announced this weekend it will help India build a carrier after what can only be chartered as a failed Obama trip to india.

      It's on.

    3. As for Argentina: on Friday BBG reported that the spy in question has disappeared?

      Where ill he show up?

    4. thanks anonymous- some of the news you mention I was aware of , some of it- I wasn't- thanks for expanding my horizons :)

    5. anonymous 6:25- no idea on where the spy chief went
      I know the one guy ran back to Israel- but this guy? No clue
      should you find anything regarding his where abouts, let me know ;)

  2. Hi Penny,

    After a couple of weeks of relative stalemate in the Donbass, the militia have apparently managed not only to close the pot just north of Debalcevo, but have also taken several small settlements south of Ugelgorsk which would have the effect of splitting the remaining Ukrainian troops into smaller isolated pockets.

    There are several rumours flying around. One, that the militia (Russians) launched up to 4 Su 25s on the Ukrainians north of Debalcevo. This would seem to be another Ukrainian attempt to "prove" Russian involvement. Secondly, there are reports that several hundred Ukrainian soldiers, including mercenaries, have fled the pocket, at least some of whom were posing as civilians.

    Yesterday it was reported that Motorola and his Sparta battalion had joined the battle for the pocket. I think there other of the militia's most battle hardened shock troops involved. Judging by today's advances that would seem to be the case.

    The Debalcevo pot is now closed, for the moment at least. The settlement of Logovino on the M03 is reportedly under militia control. The Ukrainians have reportedly sent tanks to dislodge them, but the militia control the heights on each side of the road and the Ukrainian record of successful attacks has been pretty much zero of late.

    It looks as though several thousands Ukranian grunts in the Debalcevo pocket have been sold down the river by their pyschopathic Zionazi chiefs. Recently the Ukrainian army has reportedly increased powers to shoot deserters, although most Ukrainian soldiers seem to stoically bear their misfortunes until the death.


  3. Correction to the above. Logovino should read Logvinova on the M03 north of Debalcevo.

    The militia appear to have held off the Ukrainian counter attack from the north along the M03 / E40. Apparently there is a thaw in process which means that off road movement will get very tricky in the mud and quality roads become even more important.

    In the south of the Debalcevo pot the Ukrainian army will be even more isolated if the fields turn to mud and there are reports that some units are running low on essentials. As the pot gets smaller, so do the Ukrainian targets get fewer and denser. The militia are hammering the Ukrainians with Grad rockets, tanks and artillery. Very few Ukrainians seem to be surrendering despite generous terms and treatment by the militia. Some of the more notorious Ukranian units might not be so fortunate.

    Apparently the most recent advances saw the destruction / possibly capture of some of the artillery units that have been shelling Gorlovka and Yenakieva. Gorlovka is still exposed from the north and west, but at least some guns will be silenced. The indiscriminate shelling of Donetsk and the murder of its civilians continues.

    In the south it is rumoured that the Ukrainian army will launch an offensive to the east of Mariupol, possibly to split the militia forces and distract them from the Debalcevo pot, but the militia have a good record of dealing with such telegraphed punches.


    1. Thanks so much Anthony- I have been trying to stay on top of the Ukraine situation as much as possible, though not blogging on it
      Hubby keeps me informed too-

      It appeared to me that Germany and France went running to Russia only because the rebel advances are huge- and they were hoping to stall the rebels, but, I don't think it is going to happen

      I believe the rebels will make a land bridge straight to Transnistria-
      Transnistia is already using the ruble- already autonomous and ready to join in with the Novorussians-

      This is exactly what the US fears which is why they pushed merkel and hollande into action-

      The Ukrainian army won't succeed, however the Aidar and Azov battalions filled with crazies and mercs will make it difficult
      I am still of the mind that Poroshenko will be overthrown