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Big Pharma- A racket. A Criminal Racket. Responsible for 200,000 annual deaths

Below is an article from Daily Beast- I did not use the Daily Beast headline "Big Pharma is America's New Mafia" because that title is absurd! That title does not accurately reflect the FACT that the pharmaceutical cartel is intimately tied with the petro- chemical industry and goes back many years. Big Pharma is not a new mafia, it is in fact, an old crime syndicate. We can go back to the Rockefeller's Medicine Men book to understand just how long this crime syndicate has been in place. I will relink that book at the end of this post! If  you have not read it before, read it now. You will understand how big medicine came to be- And you will understand it was via manipulation and indoctrination of the masses. The book shows how the meme of science was used to promote that which was called medicine for the sole reason of making profit!
First up the article from the Daily Beast!

Pharmaceutical companies have more power than ever, and the American people are paying the price—too often with our lives.
What’s not funny is that America is the most medicated nation on earth, with some 70 percent of Americans taking prescription drugs—yet we have worse health outcomes than other industrialized countries. Part of the problem may be the drugs themselves. As Slate’s devastating expose on the fraud in clinical drug trials shows us: We don’t know much about the drugs we prescribe.
I am going to give the Slate article it's own posting
But as physicians, we have very little good information to go on. Even our most prestigious journals publish research based on falsified studies, according to Charles Seife, a journalism professor whose class spent a semester trying to figure out why the data don’t get corrected once research fraud comes to light.  “As a result,” Seife writes, “nobody ever finds out which data is bogus, which experiments are tainted, and which drugs might be on the market under false pretenses.”
If no one knows which data is bogus, we obviously have a big problem in conventional medicine
Many of these physicians “leaders” then get to influence prescribing practices—since researchers and consultants are, well, experts. Consider the 2004 Cholesterol guidelines that resulted in an explosion in the use of statin drugs—eight out of nine of the doctors who wrote those guidelines were in receipt of money from statin manufacturers.- The Harvard psychiatrist credited with hyping the use of stimulant drugs for ADHD—that has resulted in nearly 15 percent of our youth being medicated—received $1.6 million from producers of stimulant drugs.- Prestigious medical journals—the ones that often define medical guidelines—allow physicians consulting for pharmaceutical companies or paid medical writers to extol the virtues of the drugs they are selling.
Considering the above information could any rational person assume that any prescription drug will live up to it's claims? You have bogus data. Doctors being paid to promote drugs. And alleged prestigious medical journals allowing pharmaceutical company doctors to extol the virtues of drugs backed up by money and cooked data? Do those facts induce confidence?
    “They behave in many ways like the mafia does, they corrupt everyone they can corrupt, they have bought every type of person, even including ministers of health in some countries.”
I hate to ruin the fun, but practicing physicians are influenced far more by guidelines, esteemed academic physicians, and opinion pieces in prestigious journals than we are by a deli platter and a smiling drug rep. We look to the world of academic medicine because, well, where else can we turn? Pharmaceutical companies know this and have worked hard to sway the leadership. Now the question comes up if we can trust the data that the leadership relies on. One wonders how deep the deception goes. In fact, the heavy influence of pharmaceutical dollars inspired the former editor-in-chief of the New England Journal of Medicine, Dr. Marcia Angell, to conclude, “It is simply no longer possible to believe much of the clinical research that is published, or to rely on the judgment of trusted physicians or authoritative medical guidelines.”
Read omitted paragraph at link
And by the way, that $1.4 billion is probably a fraction of what is spent on researchers. Obamacare allows a four-year delay in the reporting of research grants for reasons that really don’t make any sense. An explanation from Medscape does little to satisfy: “The thinking is that if there were public transparency, it might stifle companies from getting involved in very early research…. And that’s again to specifically protect that research space.”
A 4 year delay in reporting the where, what, who and why of research grants? A gift that is guaranteed to enable the practice of corruption, manipulation and criminality to continue! So much for Obama- care? Perhaps it should be renamed Obama care for medical cartel profits
Whether or not the research space needs protecting is a matter of debate. Certainly we have so much research that it’s impossible for a working physician to get through it—some 800,000 articles are published annually. In response, the Cochrane Collaboration was formed in the 1990s to perform systematic reviews of the literature. Dr. Peter Gotzsche, the Director of the Nordic Cochrane Center in Copenhagen, has seen enough over the last two decades to sum up his findings in a book whose title says it all: Deadly Medicines and Organised Crime: How Big Pharma has Corrupted Healthcare.
“Much of what the drug industry does fulfills the criteria for organized crime in US law,” Dr. Gotzsche said in a recent interview. “And they behave in many ways like the mafia does, they corrupt everyone they can corrupt, they have bought every type of person, even including ministers of health in some countries…The drug industry buys the professors first, then chiefs of departments, then other chief physicians and so on, they don’t buy junior doctors.”
That my dear readers was laid out well in Rockefellers medicine men- The Big Pharma racket is not a new racket
Gotzsche isn’t the only one accusing pharmaceutical companies of wrongdoing beyond the marketing malfeasance they’re famous for. In Australia, during the Vioxx class action suit brought against Merck, company emails were released revealing that Merck employees planned to “neutralize” and “discredit” doctors who criticized the drug. “We may need to seek them out and destroy them where they live,” a Merck employee wrote, according to The Australian. Apparently, uncooperative physicians were targeted to lose academic appointments and research funding for telling the truth about the negative side effects they observed.
This is troubling—but even more so in light of the fact that it’s now widely accepted that prescription drugs can be dangerous and over the years dozens have been recalled. “Our prescription drugs are the third leading cause of death after heart disease and cancer. Our drugs kill around 200,000 people in America every year, and half of these people die while they do what their doctors told them—so they die because of the side-effects,” said Dr. Gotzsche in his recent interview. “The other half die because of errors—and it’s often the doctors that make the errors because any drug may come with 20, 30 or 40 warnings, contraindications, precautions…and then the patients die.”
This is a hard pill for any of us to swallow. We should be able to trust our doctors, who should in turn be able to trust “the science. As amusing as Oliver’s “epic takedown” of doctors was, the trouble isn’t physicians prescribing a new drug because a drug rep brings us a platter of tacos, the problem is whether the drugs we have to choose from are truly safe and effective in the first place.  
Of course pharmaceutical companies are here to stay—and on the whole that’s a good thing. But to prevent a power dynamic that may deny us fully accurate drug data, physicians, and patients need more transparency—not just about the money, but about the drugs we are putting in our bodies.
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Rockefeller Medicine Men: Medicine & Capitalism in America (Canada & pushed on the entire Globe)

A quick intro via James Corbett- BUT the book is a must read!


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  2. Hi Penny,

    In Germany there is a measles outbreak in Berlin, which started amongst refugees from the Balkans but is now being universally blamed on the parents of unvaccinated children. An 18 month old child has died and the media and politicians are whipping most of the German population into a witch hunt type of frenzy with many calls for mandatory vaccination.

    The timing of all this fits all too neatly into the recent measles hysteria in North America and the calls for mandatory vaccination.

    Germany has a small but very educated minority of vaccine skeptics and there seems to be some political shadow boxing taking place as the media and politicians push the whole fear driven show that the measles mom was doing, but they have to be careful for a backlash as some of the claims are straightforward lies.

    I don't know if you ever saw this interview with Merck scientist Dr Maurice Hilleman where he is interviewed about vaccine development in the 1950's and they laugh and joke about introducing cancer (see the transcript for details).

    I wonder whether my wife was one of the millions murdered by these smug psychopathic bastards?




    1. "The timing of all this fits all too neatly into the recent measles hysteria in North America and the calls for mandatory vaccination."

      Anthony there really seems to be something afoot
      It's coordinated- That much is obvious- It's non stop measles hysteria here
      And in the US- I am duking it out here and elsewhere as much as I can
      but big pharma has lots and lots of money and ties to media
      thanks for the links

    2. the cancer intro came from the simian virus- there are posts here on that

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  4. So big pharma kills as many people each year as the media alleges president Assad has to date ? You'd think there be universal outcry

    1. Hi brian- the fact that big pharma kills a million American in 5 years get's no coverage via the corporate war mongering media do why would there be an outcry?