Friday, February 6, 2015

EDC's and Breast Cancer- Yup, the Chemical Manipulation of Humanity

 Just 5 minutes- This 5 minute video was done in 2009- I am putting it here because it demonstrates how the EDC's infiltrate themselves into the body- It's focused on Bisphenol A- which has been removed from many products and replaced with Bisphenol S-
A just as bad EDC. However, I wonder if Britain did remove Bisphenol A? Does anyone know?

I had to address women's concerns too- Because I'm a woman and many of my readers are women too!

 We touched on men's issues here: Testicular Cancer and Male Infertility- Endocrine Disruptors & the Chemical Manipulation of Humanity

Previous post from today: EDC's- The Wildlife/Human Connection- Chemically Induced Alterations in Sexual & Functional Development- from 1991-yes 24 years have passed since

And from the other day : Vaccines, EDC's and the Chemical Manipulation of Humanity

Bisphenol S equally as bad as Bisphenol A : Chemical Manipulation of Humanity: Fetal Brain Damage via Bisphenol S- The “safe” Alternative

Don't despair I do have some positive type news on this subject too. Tips to avoid these chemicals


  1. Thanks Penny, you're one of the few commenting on the dangers of EDCs...ben

    1. Hi ben

      well I thank you for reading it :)
      I believe the EDC's intoxication is extremely dangerous to all life on this planet- And I mean all life, human,other animals, plants everything
      And it is getting almost non-existent coverage
      I fully intend to keep this going as long as I have the blog
      take care ben

    2. Full spectrum dominance
      supremacy superiority ascendancy preeminence predominance domination dominion mastery power authority rule command control sway puissance.
      I fear Penny, the shadow government has many more tools of "stealth death" to deal with us little people.

    3. I am afraid they do Peter, I am afraid they do :(

  2. Echoing Ben's thanks - the replacement of Bisphenol A with Bisphenol S was something I was not previously aware of, much appreciated.

    Keep up the fantastic work, have no idea where you find the time, must be a full time, unpaid labour of love . . .

    1. Hey slozo- I will keep this series up, for sure-
      It is an unpaid labour of love- I love to learn and share info and I positively love the idea that others are learning alongside me

      It's like a one 'room' blog schoolhouse- It's not full time- but I don't watch any tv nor check a cellphone obsessively- and I have always loved reading
      so that's not difficult- and I have gotten much better at separating wheat from chaff and spotting disinfo writing- having the blog has taught me much!
      And my hubby helps with spotting info too- when he is at home, so that helps quite a bit