Friday, February 20, 2015

Jennifer Hibben-White "Angry Mom"- Conflict of Interests & Promoting a For Profit Agenda

With much thanks to anonymous commenter, who so very kindly left links to two videos clearly demonstrating the conflicts of interest so called "angry mom' clearly had when she posted her disgraceful rant against those she so derogatorily labelled as "anti-vaxxers"
I knew there was more to this then met the eye. The rant was very manipulative. Written by someone who KNOWS how to use media to push buttons in order to  elicit a specific response

Regarding the Canadian measles mum brouhaha -

Pro Vaccine Campaign Exposed!
I am going to embed one of the videos below

"Angry mom" is Jennifer Hibben- White. She posted a long, ridicule filled, bordering on hateful rant targeting people who do not share her beliefs. Or the agenda of her family business. I am being kind in my description of her rant and this entire situation. Which would be better characterized in more frank terms but I will refrain from doing so

Below are the links included with the video

Relinking my post from last week on the many, many shortcomings of this profit promoting screed.

"Angry Mom from GTA" get's it wrong. Really wrong! ID the logical fallacies

 In that post, a number of problems with her rant were identified.

One being the mass coverage. And the fact that this felt like just another PR promotion!
 "In fact the wall to wall mass media coverage reminded me of other PR stunts we have witnessed through these many years. PR stunts generated via social media. Phony Kony. I am Ukraine. Just to name two off the top of my head..."
Once we view the video, above and understand the connections to the pharmaceutical industry & Jennifer's marketing business that enabled, wait, enabled is not quite right, that guaranteed the wall to wall mass coverage of her rather ignorant rant. The PR scam is even more obvious.

Another of several issues with her "angry mom" post was the FACT that the lone individual, the person cited by her, as the one who exposed her child, was FULLY VACCINATED!  How could she rail against those she calls "anti-vaxxers" in that circumstance? Yet, she could justify that level of venom against persons choosing their medical care because they cut into her ability to make money?
To extract profits.

At the end I included a poster for readers to identify the numerous logical fallacies so called Angry Mom used in her SCREED.

Right below!

If we don't, collectively, learn how it is we are manipulated, we collectively cannot stop being manipulated.
 Angry Mom aka Jennifer Hibben-White used her child, like a pawn in a game, to influence the masses for the sake of  her profit.  This is how low, people of her ilk, will go to enrich themselves at the expense of other's rights and well being.

And, Finally!

Let's see if the main stream media issues a retraction or an acknowledgement of the conflicts of interest inherent in the motivation of Jennifer Hibben-White. It would of course aid in their credibility. But then the main stream media and credibility are two extremely divergent matters.


  1. Back to the death of the Spanish UNIFIL officer by IDF artillery:

    A rather muddled piece where the journalist unfortunately conflates a punishment attack with the 'Hannibal Protocol', but interesting all the same and a good explanation of the Hannibal Protocol -

    Exclusive: UNIFIL suspects Israel deliberately killed peacekeeper

    " “We can’t say they made a mistake ... the rounds were getting nearer and nearer and eventually they hit it,” a UNIFIL officer said, adding that the U.N. position had been bracketed by artillery rounds before it was struck."

    Clearly (IMO) this was a punishment attack on UNIFIL for not doing their job (but not related to the Hannibal Protocol). I laid it out in more detail in my earlier comment-

    Here's a comment from JPost:
    "Tip for the UN: Do your job and there won't any fatalities."

    Pretty blatant.

    1. Hi Gimlet Eye
      I recall your previous comment. we pretty much agreed that Israel had killed the UN peacekeeper intentionally- as they have done before

      ""Tip for the UN: Do your job and there won't any fatalities."
      Pretty blatant, indeed!

  2. Hello,
    here three Links in case you did not read it before.


    1. thanks- I had not seen all of these previously!
      the disgusting mcdonalds one, I had- yuk!

  3. When babies are involved logic literally flies out the window no matter how "educated" the pro vaxxers are.

    I have friends I still miss who misinterpreted well meant intentions by yours truly to share information with their daughters. The emotional responses were beyond the pale and led to things said that I could not ever get past, unfortunately. Two very dear old friends got so terribly vicious (because they knew my weak points) that I had to end the relationships. Some times there really is no going back.

    Personally, I believe medical tyanny has been part of the game for easily a century in the making and that we in Canada are more in deep integration with the American medical system than the hoi polloi even can imagine.

    One of our few weapons is material like that presented here, busting this ploy by such people. Problem is that, as with most effective propaganda, the crap is spewed the devoured by the gullible and then, after it is debunked, the damage is done and no one really sees the corrections.

    This last note is for Anonymous 2:05 who posted on healthy eating as a mental disorder:

    The “Codex Committee on Nutrition and Foods for Special Dietary Uses” (CCNFSDU), is chaired by Dr. Rolf Grossklaus, a physician who believes that nutrition has no role in health. This is the “top-guy” for Codex nutritional policy, and he has stated: “nutrition is not relevant to health”.

    1. Hi Noor

      I get the irrationality, it's been all over the media
      One of my sibs works at a doctors office and the irrationality is very apparent and annoying- as she informs me
      btw: I did actually see an article calling healthy eating a mental illness
      kind of makes you realize that the psycho elites like us sick and weak and scared- big pharma has had their trolls out in full force on the msm sites this past week- amazing and they don't even hide it!

  4. Thanks for this Pen.
    And thanks so much to you, Noor al Haqiqa, and your fundamental and brave stance against social tyranny and bullying. To me, the real front lines for all of us begin at home and in our own personal communities - these are the front lines of battle and information sharing. This is where we as individuals can perhaps move some to reconsider past learned rubbish, perhaps look into things, question at least. It's difficult, and goodness knows I've failed many times to win someone over . . . but with a soft voice, I can give this advice:

    Go for the long approach. Speak softly, give you opinion, don't get into heated debates, and leave always with the advice that if they truly believe their government is attempting to help them . . . to at least look into the people who started the mass vaccine movement. Present the logical fallacies inherent. Give a couple of things for them to google and look up.

    The long play works best, and at least, even with the most hard-headed, works toward a dialogue and information sharing. It's had some success for me, but there have been people who are literally unmoved and unwilling to look into things. C'est la vie, let the sheep wander into their own prison willingly.

    Noor, you made the ultimate sacrifice, and I am sure it cost you dearly in friendship and lost comraderie. To you, I raise my glass.

    May we all be as brave.

    1. Hi Slozo, agreed Noor was brave- it's to bad her friends didn't appreciate her raising legit concerns

      We are going to have to all be braver and braver still or we won't survive-