Tuesday, February 3, 2015

John Baird to resign- Good Riddance

Only one thing you need to know about John Baird- He concerned himself with Israeli interests to a vastly greater extent then he did with the concerns of the Canadian electorate.


One John Baird quote say's it all- No Better Friend to Israel, then Canada
“I’m not Jewish, but I have a rabbi – Chaim Mendelsohn [of Ottawa], Baird quipped, adding that the rabbi, who was also present, advises him well.

If you want a real idea about John Baird's loyalties-  John Baird: 'Why Israel holds such a special place in my heart

He certainly doesn't wax poetically about Canada

an update:
He's definitely heading for the private sector or pseudo private sector, possibly some useless NGO, judging by all the commentary- "valuable asset" type stuff
Also by quitting and leaving his riding in a lurch he also gets to collect his big fat taxpayer funded gold plated pension- "Baird also qualifies for his pension, under an old rule, at age 55. Parliament increased the qualifying age to 65 years old but that policy only covers those who are elected or re-elected in 2015"

 By leaving now Baird guarantees his golden pension will start in 10 years- had he run again and won, he would have lost 10 years of pension money- To my understanding this is a good chunk of taxpayer money! Not sure on the exact figures but I would suspect it's a substantial amount in the eyes of most Canadians!

another update
Went to get the figures on the gold plated pension John Baird just guaranteed himself- Do the math!

Many MPs set to receive 'lucrative' pensions topping $100,000 a year for life

 The spending watchdog, invited to do the math by Postmedia News, calculated the pension plan for members of Parliament and senators will pay many longtime MPs more than $100,000 a year for the rest of their lives.

More then $100,000 grand for life- well over the earnings of the vast majority of Canadians and by quitting now John Baird will receive more then one million additional taxpayer dollars.



  1. Rusty Baird = rusty trombone.

  2. Politicians sincerely believe you can pick up a terd by the clean end. Anyone tight with Harper had better be without a conscience. You either learn to like the political cesspool or you sicken and have to leave. No one improves the lot of their nation by becoming a politician. Career politicians are morally bankrupt and masters of covering their ass, with the possible exception of Baird who enjoys baring his ass to friends.

  3. There must be an election in the near future for Harper to be offloading his unelectables this way. Baird will go down in Canadian history as one of the worst ministers of modern times.

    1. Surely you are not implying that Canadian elections are real competitions, and not a rigged game between actors pretending to oppose each other.

  4. Good . . . for Canada.

  5. I thought the most important bits from the CBC article were the praise and love heaped upon Baird by the NDP and Liberal foreign affairs critics.
    Also the report itself had absolutely no negatives, no reports of any criticisms from anyone.
    The report also repeated a huge lie about Canada's role in Libya being strictly diplomatic.
    Still, ignoring all of that and asking people instead to get riled up about his pension is one way to go. Brutal.

  6. Maybe Harper will follow his ass ;-) out the door?

  7. I make myself to be over 15 yrs. older than J. B. but I have to say, I find him to be proof of the complete corporation of Canada. Admitting to having a handler and being so intensely stupid as to not realizing you are handled, is so corporate. I suppose for who he is, we can expect him in a job where he can still hear his master's voice.

  8. Yes my fine Canadian friends, even here in Australia both major parties are run by the zionists, i'll make a prediction which you will find will come true, Julia Bishop (2nd in charge) will become our new prime minister (just keep you eye out on this, i'm pretty good at predicting this stuff).