Monday, February 23, 2015

Kurds/Turks evacuate Suleyman Shah tomb- Yet more KURD/ISIS symbiosis

Having done multiple postings citing what appears to be a fluidity between the Kurds and ISIS, I am going to point out that symbiosis yet again.
Where does Kurd begin and ISIS end? Where does ISIS began and Kurd end? It's all very blurry.
I will relink previous posts on this topic, but, first let's read this news article:
 Kurds cooperate with Turkish army to move Suleyman Shah tomb

I will of course highlight the interesting bits!
The Turkish army evacuation of the Suleyman Shah tomb, and transfer of its contents to a different location in Kobani, was coordinated four days in advance with the Kurdish Peoples Protection Units (YPG).

In an official statement, the YPG said the operation was carried out with their knowledge, and was requested by the Turkish government and the international coalition against the Islamic state.

“Evaluating the demand of the Turkish state and the request of coalition forces, our Command saw no harm in approving the operation in which [the] human dimension was [at] the forefront”, the statement said.
The YPG says the operation was planned after a four-day debate between Turkish officials and the Kurds.
The Turks crossed through Kurdish held territory- Why are media outlets and some bloggers claiming this is ISIS territory?

“In this context, armoured vehicles and a certain number of soldiers affiliated to the Turkish army crossed into Kobanê Canton through Mürşitpınar border crossing at 21.00 yesterday evening,” the YPG said.

“Advancing in company with vehicles of YPG forces, the Turkish military reached the Suleyman Shah tomb following a route which had been previously determined. Our forces have precisely fulfilled their duty after undertaking responsibility for the deployment and reinforcement of Turkish soldiers in the areas controlled by our forces”, YPG said.

After the operation, it was reported that the President of the local administration in Kobani, Anwar Muslim, traveled to Ankara to meet officials in Turkey.
The cooperation could be a breakthrough in relations between Turkey and the Kurds in both Syria and Turkey. Previously, the YPG accused Turkey of supporting the Islamic state, and opposing Kurdish autonomy in Syria.

However, the Turkish government has rejected reports of any coordination between Kurdish forces and Turkish army during the Suleyman Shah operation on Sunday.

Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu said the government communicated with groups inside Syria, including the Free Syrian Army, in order to avoid civilian casualties during the operation but did not cite the YPG, which controls the area from which the Turkish army crossed over the border to evacuate troops protecting the tomb.
The YPG controls the area form which the Turkish army crossed- Not ISIS
“All parties were fully aware that any intervention or blockage of this operation would have received the harshest response,” Davutoğlu said.

There are reports that important declaration by the PKK will be made during the Kurdish New Year celebrations of Newroz, on 21st March, following negotiations with Turkish authorities

Here is my question? Why do the Sunni Muslim Kurds fly ISIS flags in territory they hold? Other then to keep a false story going?

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  1. Hi Penny, I thought you may be interested in this article. It goes along with your post on Libya last week.

    cheers... and stay warm :)

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  3. Kurds working with Turks alone is interesting . Maybe Kurds can ask Turks in payment for some land for their Kurdish state

  4. It's all a ruse Penny, "though shall do war by deception" is the name of the game, they are all baffling us with their bullshit, but we know the end story, destroy Syria and claim all the lands by the interested parties.