Saturday, February 28, 2015

Lab Test Confirm: Child gets measles from vaccine!

The measles hype over the past month or so has just been over the moon. Unbelievable. Of course the medical mafia has had their minions out in full force to hype up the fear. One story that caught my eye was a case of measles in Elliot Lake, Ontario, Canada. A child who had received one dose of  the vaccine but came down with measles. Medical mafia media was spinning the news along the lines of ‘caught the measles because he had not received 2nd dose”
I was participatory on a medical mafia media site and pointed out the very likely, very real possibility that this child got measles from the vaccine.
And man oh man, did I hit that nail squarely on the head!

Background: February 23/15 Case of Measles reported in Elliot Lake, Ontario, Canada 
The media started hyping the fear right out of the gates
‘Officials with the Algoma Public Health Unit say people who went to the emergency room in Elliot Lake earlier this month may have been exposed to the measles.

A child in that community has tested positive and was taken to the emergency room on more than one occasion.”
Present day:
Pay particular attention to the way this incident is being spun

“It said test results confirm that the measles virus isolated from the child are from the vaccine strain of the virus.

It adds the child had been immunized against measles, but was not contagious to others”
But hip hip hurray there is no evidence of wild measles circulating
  On Friday, Feb 27, the health unit received the test results to confirm “there is no evidence of wild-type measles virus circulating in Elliot Lake.”
 But there is evidence of the vaccine strain of measles circulating! 

Recapping! The sick child tested positive for the vaccine strain of the virus. The child exhibits measles symptoms. And here is why I am suggesting this child contracted vaccine strain measles most likely  from another recent vaccine recipient
“The (symptomatic)  child was immunized in the fall, making the chances very low that test would show the vaccine virus still present.”
But, the child did test positive for the vaccine strain though that should not have happened.
And the child exhibited symptoms of measles !

The infected child did attend daycare "and also attends a local daycare". So it is quite probable this sick child was exposed to the vaccine version of this virus at the daycare. Which implies that the vaccine version of the measles virus is circulating and making others sick-

We have witnessed this exact scenario, vaccine version of measles virus circulating, in the case involving Angry mom &her manipulative screed.- The only person who could have exposed the child she used as a prop in her rant, was a fully vaccinated male, who most probably, most sensibly got measles from the vaccine!

Two posts covering that topic
  • Angry Mom from GTA" get's it wrong. Really wrong! ID the logical fallacies

      York Region confirms one adult has tested positive for measles- ONE vaccinated individual.

  • Jennifer Hibben-White "Angry Mom"- Conflict of Interests & Promoting a For Profit Agenda
     Another of several issues with her "angry mom" post was the FACT that the lone individual, the person cited by her, as the one who exposed her child, was FULLY VACCINATED!  How could she rail against those she calls "anti-vaxxers" in that circumstance?
    A vaccinated individual can excrete the measles virus up to 28 days after receiving the vaccine. The medical mafia and their assorted partners in crime do not want the general population to be aware of this fact- Nonetheless that is the fact in the matter


    "Excretion of small amounts of the live attenuated rubella virus from the nose or throat has occurred in the majority of susceptible individiuals 7 to 28 days after vaccination"


  1. Thanks Penny.

    Not only has the measles hype been unbelievable, but so has the mind numbing gullibility of the majority of the public. It reminds me of the witch finding scene in Monty Python and the Holy Grail. People who have been brow beaten by political correctness are so full of unreleased anger and frustration that they are ready to lynch those who have the gall to disbelieve the gods of government, medicine, media and science. How dare these people claim to know it better?

    I'm reminded of the George W Bush quote "You can fool some of the people all the time, and those are the ones you want to concentrate on."

    Talk of mandatory vaccination of children and adults from the United States to Germany, sabre rattling NATO leaders and politicians looking to pick a fight with a Russian opponent who would wipe the floor with them in conventional warfare and is prepared for nuclear conflict. Insanity is so widespread that the minority of sane individuals are considered insane by the insane majority.

    We are governed by psychopaths, but they are reliant upon their proto pyschopaths, enablers and authority junkies to get the numbers to dominate the natural majority of empaths. It seems that this was always the case, but only in recent years has the technology and infrastructure existed to allow the complete global dominance that was required for the establishment of the psychopathic new world order.

    The only problems for the pyschopaths are firstly that they can never truly understand the minds of their mortal enemies, empathic, souled and spiritual human beings and secondly that it seems that if they ever did succeed they would continue to destroy the environment and themselves. The wise parasite would surely never kill it's host.


    1. Hi Anthony- I see the talk of mandatory vaccines- insanity from the insane.
      I don't even take the flu shot and I wasn't sick this year other then the sniffles for a day or two- no fever, no nothing- I do take lots of vitamin D because we persons above a certain latitude are notoriously vitamin d deficient
      You may be in the same boat as me

      so, like 3000 IU's daily- also Yarrow tea, daily
      and I have been fine
      When the summer hits, I will be out everyday soaking it up
      You are right about the psychos needing their proto psychos to push their twisted agendas on the rest of us
      It's despicable

  2. The Original PaulMarch 1, 2015 at 3:36 AM

    Here is a good article on the measles with some good stats and facts with references.

    Thanks for the good effort Penny.

    I sent you an email to this blog address. Something I did not add about the URL in the email is the site is located in the US though it is a Canadian domain.

    1. Hi Original Paul
      I am behind the times and this was in the spam
      and yes I saw your email today thanks- I intend to post that asap
      thanks for the link

  3. I was at a Casey conference last September and Doug Casey commented the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) ought to be reclassified as the Federal Death Agency.

    The above is from here

    Way back when the agency did some good and today it's run by corp. Profit is the bottom line and instead of spending time on research they just release something knowing all that will happen if anything does is a fine and know one goes to jail.

    1. Hi jo

      thanks for the link to check out
      And yes all those agencies are corporate cronies health canada is no different
      they don't look into persons harmed by big pharma- scandal here about antidepressants being given to children- health canada didn't care
      why would they as like as the pharma mafia was makin money
      it was all good

    2. why would they as like as the pharma mafia was makin money
      it was all good

      sorry- should have read as long as the pharmaceutical mafia was makin money health Canada didn't care

  4. I know there are other comments I need to get to and I will tomorrow
    anthony- saw you watched the documentary and I appreciate you writing that response- get back to you tomorrow! :)