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Libya: Calls for International Strikes- Furthering the Balkanization Agenda

 The New Yorker article calls what is going on in Libya "unraveling". Libya is indeed unraveling, thanks to the removal/murder, by NATO, of Gaddafi. And a plan to balkanize Libya
Flashback- NYT's
So Libya could devolve into two or even three pieces. The Cyrenaica National Council in eastern Libya declared autonomy in June. Southern Fezzan also has separate tribal and geographic identities. More Sahelian than North African in culture, tribes and identity, it could split off too.
There are some posts here at the blog addressing this MIHOP, on the part of the West.
By creating all the right conditions for Libya to fall to pieces, NATO guaranteed Libya would be torn apart by vultures (capitalists) like a piece of carcass on the road
Mass killing, theft of resources, impoverishment of the people, many, many people fleeing the present day horrific living conditions, brought to them by NATO's bombing. Tearing the country apart. Everything thing NATO planned for and NATO enacted was the catalyst for Libya's destruction. Plunder by multinational corporations and banksters abetted by warlords, oligarchs, corrupt contemptible persons.

Libya present day

Libya's internationally recognized prime minister called for the West to launch air strikes to defeat Islamist militants who control Tripoli and have driven his government out of the capital.
"I ask world powers stand by Libya and launch military strikes against these groups," he said. "This threat will move to European countries, especially Italy."

As readers may or may not know ISIS allegedly beheaded Christians in Egypt which caused....Egypt to partner with Libya and bomb targets in Libya.

Two issues with this narrative thus far:

The beheadings:

Was this a real incident?  Did it actually take place in Egypt, if it was a real occurrence?  Did anyone check or verify this actually took place as presented? Or is reality & truth as inconvenient as always when a larger agenda is at play?

Now about those beheadings? It was reported the other day, not widely reported, but here in Canada there was news that the Kurdish fighters committed some "ISIS like" crimes.  Kurds commit ISIS like atrocities- Beheadings & Selfies with Corpses Canada is supposed to address this crime. Canada addressing it, only means cover it up. The US media ignored the news completely.
Were the beheadings, done by the Kurds,  attributed to ISIS in the case of Egypt?
It wouldn't be a first for this type of false reporting.

The internationally recognized Prime Minister:

 Not Libya’s elected PM or they would have used that word- elected. But,“elected” was not used? The PM is merely “internationally recognized". So, which internationalists recognize this PM?

Thinni, the internationally recognized premier, has been based in the east of the country since an armed group called Libya Dawn seized the capital in August

 Prime Minister Abdullah al-Thinni attends a meeting with ministers as well as leaders of the Libyan army in Benghazi, February 1, 2015.

The North African country is in chaos as two rival governments and parliaments allied to separate armed factions fight for territory

Two rival governments? Two parliaments? Long time readers may recall the NATO plan to divide Libya into smaller nations? Mentioned at the beginning of this post. The usual balkanization of a large stable nation into smaller, unstable, always at odds, feudal states.

"Dialogue is the only way to save Libya," Thinni said in an interview at his government headquarters in Bayda, a town some 1,200 km to the east of Tripoli.
He insisted that talks need to be based on the assumption that one of two rival parliaments, the House of Representatives elected in June and also based in the east, is the legitimate assembly.

The U.N. has sought to widen its dialogue by including the previous parliament, known as General National Congress (GNC), which was reinstated in Tripoli by Libya Dawn.

"The redline, what we cannot give up, is the legitimacy of the elected House of Representatives," Thinni said.
So the UN is already speaking with two governments. One in Tripoli and one "internationally recognized" so called leader

“The turmoil has driven the oil exports on which Libya depends to feed its population to less than 200,000 barrels a day, a fifth of levels seen in 2013 and an even smaller fraction of that seen under Gaddafi. The state ran a deficit of $19 billion last year.
Thinni, whose control of state revenue and spending is in doubt, said Libya would post a budget deficit again in 2015 due to sharply shrinking oil production, but said Libya could get foreign loans or ask countries like the United Arab Emirates, his main backer, for help.
Neither of the two rival parliaments has approved a budget for 2015 but Thinni said his government would present a draft by mid-March. The central bank, located in the west in territory outside Thinni's control, has sought to stay out of the conflict by limiting spending to public salaries and essential imports.

Thinni said his government had moved the headquarters of state oil firm NOC to the east and planned to set up a new central bank unit there”
Such moves could be sensitive for foreign oil buyers confused over how to pay for Libya's oil. They have been paying for oil sales through the NOC and central bank accounts which are out of Thinni's control.
"We've moved National Oil Corp completely to Brega," Thinni said, referring to an eastern oil town. "This is the sole legitimate body."

Libyan oil out of the market is, in my opinion, perfectly acceptable to the “internationalists” recognizing this PM. There is plenty of oil in the market, right now. Notice that another Central Bank is being set up? According to the internationally recognized PM? Definitely a ‘nation building’ move.

 Where is Libya’s gold?- Stolen from the people by the banksters with the assitance of their military- NATO. Where is Libya’s sovereign wealth fund? - Also stolen by banksters with the help of their NATO military

Thinni warns...

He warned that a military confrontation was still on option for his government. The air force of autonomous general Khalifa Haftar allied to Thinni has bombed targets in western Libya.

"We hope the dialogue is the way out... but if the dialogue fails, God forbid, then there is another opinion, the use of military force," he said.

The use of military force- This will virtually guarantee the dissolution of Libya. Just what balkanizers have wanted. We should see this as the next step in the nation destruction agenda

What do you say about sticking around and reading about Khalifa Haftar- Ally of the internationally recognized Prime Minister- From my reading, Khalife Haftar is a very interesting individual. I think you will agree once you have read some segments of this New Yorker article It’s lengthy & I'm including that which informs us most succinctly about Khalifa Haftar . It's from that New Yorker article I mentioned earlier :The Unravelling: In a failing state, an anti-Islamist general mounts a divisive campaign.  Balkanization- Hiding in plain sight- Right in the New Yorker headline.

 Of course, Haftar is an "anti-Islamist" general. How else would one BRAND a person who is supposed to be fighting those BRANDED as Islamists? Whether you like it or not, this is also a war for your mind- So, perception management requires control of a narrative, right?

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