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Panamza- Investigative Journalist in France digs the dirt on the Hebdo perps

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Hi Penny,

Panamza, the only investigative journalist left in France (he's not mainstream that's for sure) checking things in the Charlie Hebdo affair has dug interesting stuff on the owners of the bakery in front of which the "terrists" left their car.
This bakery is one of the only 7 official supplier for the representation of the IDF in France. The owners are known for their zionism (there's a link to The Christian Science Monitor in the article).
I will only translate one sentence of the article
Résumons : des djihadistes-terroristes-antisémites présumés (dont l'un des "trois" s'est évaporé durant la fuite) se dirigent vers un quartier où vit la plus importante communauté juive de France et décident alors d'y changer de véhicule "volé" devant un commerce cacher tenu par un couple ultra-sioniste collaborant avec le ministère israélien de la Défense.

Let's sum it up: the alledged antisemitic-djihadist-terrorists (of which one of the "three" evaporated during their flight) go in the direction of the area where the biggest jewish community of France live and decide to change "stolen" vehicle there, just in front of a kosher business held by a couple of ultra-zionists with close ties with the ministry of defense of Israel.

I can only go mmmmh, after that.

I put Gallier's link through translate- This is an extensive article, and yes we are stuck with the limitations of Translate, however.... the translation provided by Gallier was enough for me to want to read the rest.  I hope you take away some interesting reading?

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Terrorist Charlie Hebdo changed vehicle to a local used by the Israeli army

INFO PANAMZA. During their escape, the perpetrators of the attack on 7 January allegedly stole a car to trade-related Israeli Ministry of Defense. Revelations.
On 31/01/2015 at 9:27 p.m.
This is one of the most mysterious sequences of the day January 7: what has exactly happened around noon, the streets of Meaux?
Wrote as follows -the day even- François Molins, public prosecutor of Paris and speaker of the hexagonal Zionist movement:

 The respondents -in three, according to the testimony of a person with whom they were having a accident- continued their journey north of Paris and violently crashed into a vehicle Volkswagen Touran, instead of Colonel Fabien in the XIXth district injuring the driver.

 Then they tried to continue their journey but had finally rushed out of their cars in the street of Meaux and then rob the driver of a vehicle brand Clio. They seized the vehicle and took flight ... with it.

 Many images of the car and found the area cordoned off by the police were broadcast by the national press.

In the photograph above, one can discern the face of the car, a shop with a terrace and a partially lowered metal curtain. This is a restaurant-bakery called hide and Patistory located at 45, rue de Meaux. The particularity of the place? Patistory is one of seven "point of sale "-in all France- to a gala annual dedicated to the Israeli army and organized by the French association Migdal . In 2008, members of the France-Palestine Solidarity had also booed the stewards of the gala: the Jewish Defence League .
See video below

Action antisioniste paris bataclan by chrisdenhond

Declared - January 16, 2001 - at the prefecture, Migdal was founded in 1984 by its president David Bittan.
The double singularity of this extremist organization but recognized by the French government: its ultra-Zionism with his anti-Arab racism -a corollary as illustrated their latest video, posted last summer.

 No surprise that officials Patistory -with Migdal- to participate in organizing a gala to support an army of occupation guilty of war crimes . In August, the couple at the head of the restaurant - Bismuth Bellaïche Martine and Patrick Bellaïche - were casually asked by an American journalist. The theme of his paper published by The Christian Science Monitor : the attitude of the French Jewish community to the latest Israeli bombing of Gaza.
CSM- The bakery owners attend a pro Israel rally
At Patistory, a kosher bakery in the 19th arrondissement, owners Patrick and Martine Belaiche say that they attended a pro-Israeli assembly held in Paris in July – to counter pro-Palestinian marches – to “show that we are here,” says Mr. Belaiche.
The Belaiches hope to retire to Israel, too. Mr. Arfi says that Jews have always left for Israel, for spiritual and ideological reasons, but today there are also negative motivators.
Back to the article from the French journalist:

After claiming their participation in the pro-Israel demonstrations, Bellaïche thus confessed their "hope" to go live soon "in Israel."
Seven years earlier, the camera of the chain NRJ12 -by hasard- had captured the couple in the workplace: the host Arthur had come to offer tickets for his show.

So, the bakery owners and Midgal- ultra zionists team up to organize a gala for the IDF- an occupying, war crime committing, military and  participate in pro Israel marches all the while hoping to retire to Israel- and this is precisely where the alleged perps go to get a second get away car?

To sum ​​up: alleged jihadist-terrorist-Semitic (one of the "three" has evaporated during the flight) head to a neighborhood inhabited by the largest Jewish community in France and they decide to change to the vehicle " stole " before a trade hide held by an ultra-Zionist torque collaborating with the Israeli Ministry of Defense.
To this incongruous situation adds opacity political-media narrative on the course of events, rue de Meaux.
Besides the expeditious release of Attorney (cited above), we have six-rather confused or approximatifs- testimony to try to cross it happened.
* The first one is the only one to be identified by name. Site 20 Minutes collected about Cedric The Bléchec, realtor supposed to be "out of an appointment at 45 rue de Meaux." Happy coincidence: * The first one is the only one to be identified by name. Site 20 Minutes collected about Cedric The Bléchec, realtor supposed to be "out of an appointment at 45 rue de Meaux." Happy coincidence: the address refers to a six-story building next to the Patistory and whose front door faces the home base of the terrorists. That tells Cedric?
"A black car was stopped in the middle of the street. Two big black guys dressed militarily came out, one with a rocket launcher. They have released a man who was behind the car. And they went up saying "you say to the media that it is al-Qaeda in Yemen"
Of "blacks"? This witness, that Panamza tried to join -in victors, is the only mention this piece of information. Accuracy: it can not be confused with that skin color combinations since other witnesses relate that the fugitives were not wearing a hood.
Gallier? Should you stop back by, could you clarify the highlighted section above for me, please?
Do we have discrepancies on ID'ing the men?  Also- a third man got out of the car in a heavily Jewish area, in front of an ultra zionist/supporter of IDF bakery
2 * Agence France-Presse aired the testimony of an outbound anonymous capita coffee bar Le Dauphin, located about ten meters. "What struck me is the army boots. The guys took out an old car and drove off towards Porte de Pantin. "

3 * 4 * A Parisian Site cameraman got the story of two young men blurred, "Then the car came down the street Sadi-Lecointe They released with kalachnikoks and shouted 'Allah is with us" They.. took the other vehicle and drove off towards Porte de Pantin, apparently. " Second Witness: "They Second Witness: "They took out the person who was behind the car, they said 'Go from the car and told reporters they say" Al Qaeda in'Allah ".

So, who was else was in the car, that these two stopped and let out in this predominately Jewish area?
 5 * A "living" unidentified and interviewed by TF1 recounted what his brother -who would have preferred not to testify "openly for fear of reprisals" - claims to have seen. Extracts: "He saw just two people who robbed an old man who was just behind ... They had more balaclava that time."
  Charlie Hebdo: Terrorists "politely" if they could take his car on
* 6 The last witness is most important: it is the man whose car was stolen by terrorists. His interview was obtained and disseminated by Europe 1 two days later. "The driver goes armed with a machine pistol. They were not masked ... They look like people you saw (the pictures broadcast, ed) .. Except that this time, they were paramilitary outfit with their weapons in hand "On leaving, they told me, 'If ever you address ... well, if the media ask you, you say, 'This is Al-Qaeda in Yemen ".

Polite, paramilitary terrorist car thieves?
 Radio founded by Franco- Israeli Jean Frydman fails to report an intriguing detail. The man who was left behind accidentally terrorists saw every morning two of their victims: cartoonists Cabu and Wolinksi with whom he practiced his profession seller of newspapers. Better still, it was their "friend" if one believes its maintenance -also released two days after the attentat- with the weekly Paris-Match .
Another curious element: it suggests that there sexagenarian his altercation would have taken place "at the corner of Simon Bolivar Street and Avenue Mathurin Moreau." Confusion geographical witness or poor hearing journalist? The place does not match the area of 45, rue de Meaux where the car was found terrorists.
 Rare advantage of this Parisian sector: the total absence -in spite of strong population-density of any video surveillance camera.

To conclude this article, try to summarize this singular imbroglio: suspected terrorists-Semitic-jihadists fled towards the area inhabited by the largest Jewish community in France, abandon their vehicle to a shop run by a hide-Zionist ultra torque collaborating with the Israeli Ministry of Defense and steal openly -according witnesses anonymes- the car of an unidentified newsagent and linked to two of their victims.

 Seems odd that the two perps, whatever happened with the third person, would drive their car to the IDF/Zionist affilliated bakery in the predominantly Jewish area to politely take another car?
What to make of this?


  1. For brevity's sake I had to leave out other videos etc
    Access them at the links that open this post
    And thanks Gallier- any additional input from you would be most appreciated

  2. The sentence translates to:

    Black guys? This witness, that Panamza tried to join - to no avail - is the only one to give this element of information. To be more precise: he cannot have mixed up the colour of the skin with the one of the overals because other witnesses stated that the fugitives didn't wear hoods.

    1. So, this witness is suggesting the men were not black?
      I also wonder about the third individual and the change of clothes?
      Besides stealing a car, letting a third person out of the car, these persons changed their clothes? In a short span of time, in a small area?

    2. The witness suggests that the guys were black. Which he is the only one that has done that. Hicham (Panamza) is only questionning the reliability of this witness, i.e. his interpretation is that all witnesses in that part of the investigation spew only bullshit. For me, it is also and it is done deliberatly for muddying the water. Anyone bringing up these kind of discrepancies will be labeled as conspiracy nut.

      The third guy never existed. All witness accounts and video reel show that there were only two men. The existance of a third man came directly from the interior minister Cazeneuve (or in my recollection of the event was published by i24 and jssnews the zionist mouthpiece media). It is my interpretation that the patsies had been selected long ago and that that list was "leaked" in time, like it was done on 9 11 with Bin Laden and his 19 pals. If Mourad Hamyd, who is the brother in law of the Kouachi brothers) hadn't had the luck of going to school this morning, he would have been eliminated spectacularly as well.
      I'm even contemplating that the Coulibaly, Kosher supermarket thing was improvised to add the required 3rd terrorist in the story. If it had been only the 2 brothers it could be dismissed as personal vendetta and not "sleeper network of angry terrorist" thing. Furthermore we know how these Kabbalists are fixated on numbers. This reminds me of another wtf moment with numbers and strange coincidences. The "brothers" stopped in Laon to eat some burgers in a Quick (Belgian burger chain imitating McDonalds). That specific Quick restaurant's address is the "6 rue Nicolas Appert". Charlie Hebdo was located in the 10 rue Nicolas Appert in Paris and witnesses remember that they first entered in the number 6 building.

      For the clothes, I don't know, I haven't seen or heard something about that.

    3. When I'm at just with numbers, here another nice one, that fits with the kabbalists. We remember that in the US 911 is the phone number for emergencies, do you what the equivalent of it is in France? You guessed it, it's 17, if we assume the same plotters as 911 then we can understand why january the 7th was chosen.

    4. Hi Gallier

      witness # 6

      'Except that this time, they were paramilitary outfit with their weapons in hand'

      I took this as they had changed clothes

      And the emergence number in France is 17?
      this took place on January- 1
      date- 7 The seven of january

      thanks for that bit of info, I had no idea about that!

    5. No there is no discrepancy in the clothing. This could be misunderstood from the citation in Panmza's article but when you follow the link to Europe1 it's clear. The witness saw the guys without hoods but with the weapon and the paramilitary clothes as were visible in the videos. He claims then that it were the guys that had been shown on TV. When he says they wore different clothes i.e. paramilitery stuff, it was in comparison to the id pictures from the TV.
      Hicham's take and what all the article was really about, is that all the claims of these witnesses are unreliable and even suspect of being disinfo, especially the 6th one. There's a link to a previous story where it is proven that this guy couldn't have seen what he claimed he saw, because what he described was in another street 350 m away.

    6. Yes, 17 is the number for the police, 18 for the fire department.

    7. thanks gallier for all the help
      translate sure doesn't make it easy!

  3. no autopsy for suicided cop ?

    Monday, 2 February 2015

    Have the 'dead' Charlie Hebdo staff moved to Peru?

    Sandra Barr has exposed: the Charlie Hebdo False Flag


    Sandra Barr

  5. Another coincidence.

    This old article of the "Le nouvel observateur" a lefty weekly magazine had an article. Don't need to read it, it's the usual life style fluff subject. The funny part of it is the author Camille Emmanuelle, she is in fact the sister of Luz, the surviving cartoonist of CH. The article is illustrated by a video and a picture about "booty therapy", the teacher of that "discipline" is no other than the sister of the Coulibaly guy.
    Again, mmmmh.

    1. Small error in my message. Camille Emmanuelle is not Luz's sister but wife. Doesn't change the fact: Maimouna Coulibala teaches Luz's wife twerking.

  6. From videoframes one gets impression that there were 2 cars at least. One black and another black with white side mirrors.
    The brothers-patsies just politely walked around with face to see and some other team in balaclavas to do the dirty deed.

  7. Penny, could you not publish the comment I just made, it's under my real name and I wouldn't want it to be published. You can of course keep it for yourself and we may email with my real personna.

  8. Hi, an interesting video surfaced today

    It's a little bit long for its content and the spelling is awful, but it put the view on a big clue for manipulation. I will give a short description so that you can guess the meaning without knowing french.
    At the beginning he shows the pictures take by surveillance cameras in the hyper-casher supermarket. Of course from these pictures 2 were never showed in mainstream media. These 2 pictures show a man (un homme) standing there with a long black coat (manteau noir), a grey shirt (chemise grise) and a cap (casquette). This man doesn't look like a normal hostage (otage) and looks like someone giving orders. The interesting thing happens when the assault is given. The hostages are liberated and send on the left in the film, but this guy, completely alone and unhindered by the swats, goes to the right and disappears in the road on the right of the supermarket. Really odd and imo really good evidence of something going on there.
    Then there's an interview of one of the hostages on Israeli TV. The guy speaks french, the tv guy hebrew. The video insists on one sentence the guy says. A moment just before the assault he says: "Everything was good, we were just laughing, when we heard an explosion and yadda, yadda yadda...". Wait what? They were in the cold chambers in the cellar, in mortal danger and they "laugh"?

    1. Hey Gallier
      the other comment will not be published, however, haven't a clue how to contact you via that link?

      can you just leave an email address here, I will get it, and it too will go unpublished-

    2. Now regarding the video????

      It really looks as if the man who was in the room with the hostages walked out and away from the hostages- Was he in the cold room or storage room that the hostages were supposedly stashed away in?
      Is this the view in the camera?

      Yah, it does seem odd that they would laugh in such a dangerous situation and 'everything was going good'- is a truly odd statement in such a situation

    3. Yes, that's what was said, that the pic was taken in the storage room.

      What I also find odd in the Interview is the attitude of the man. He doesn't look like someone who had a "traumatizing" experience recently. The end of the Interview especially when he speaks about leaving France because it's so dangerous etc. not credible for a second.

  9. Hi, thanks for not publishing the other comment. It's not that if someone (say spooks) wanted to discover my "hidden" Internet persona wouldn't be able to make the link between my gallier2 pseudonyme and my real name, but one does not want to make it too obvious. If I really wanted to be anonymous I would remove my picture, even if old, of my profile.
    So to my emails, you can contact me on the but as it is an old address, it is very busy with all the news letters and email follow-ups of comments, so I might miss a real mail on it. Therefore it's better to send the mail to, which is the address of my current provider.