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Russian Interview: The roots of ISIS/L run deep in the Pankisi Gorge, Georgia

Pankisi Gorge, Georgia, Western backed Islamists have been covered here at the blog previously. I will relink older posts at then bottom of this post.

RFEurope- US propaganda outfit- makes news of this interview, for the sole purpose of discrediting the geographic/strategic role of Pankisi Gorge, Georgia in creating a very large stable of  NATO backed Islamist fighters. A kind of Islamist french foreign legion. A Gladio B, if you wish? Through numerous western backed proponents of radical Islam hailing  from Saudi Arabia & Turkey, the US/UK and Israel connived together, to create the Mujaheddin. Who fought in Afghanistan. Who formed the KLA. Who became Al Qaeda of wherever/whenever. Who became today, ISIS.
The modus operundi is always the same- Only the brands change/

The last paragraph provides the agenda of the entire article

‘One way that Russia has attempted to deal with the threat posed by IS, or at least with the way that threat is perceived by the public, has been to both to blame the phenomenon of Russian nationals joining Islamic State on outside forces. It is unlikely a coincidence, therefore, that the RG article also comes after a series of statements by Russian officials insisting that Chechen militants fighting with the IS group are not Russian citizens but "U.S. trained" Kists from Pankisi.”

So, you understand that according to the US propaganda mouthpiece. Russia, rather then dealing with the homegrown threat posed by ISIS suggest the IS groups are persons trained by the US and company through any number of agencies, schools, organizations in Pankisi Gorge and are not necessarily Russian citizens- Based on my knowledge of this subject- The Russian stance is far closer to the truth, then that which is presented by the propaganda organ of the US intelligence beast.

Of course we are limited to the available translate:
As "IG"(ISIS)  recruit supporters in Georgia's Pankisi Gorge
Last Friday, Russia's Supreme Court promulgated the materials relating to the recognition of the "Islamic state" on the territory of Russia as a terrorist organization. The documents mention the name of the Armed Forces who came from Georgia's Pankisi gorge. Tarhan Batirashvili, one of the leaders of the "IG", which threatened to unleash a war against Russia on a video released on the Internet.

It is no secret that the ranks of the "IG" there fighting force Georgians, mostly natives of Pankisi Gorge, where ethnic Chechens - Kistinians.

For information on how to confront radical extremists, we talked with Timur Gaurgaevym, chairman of the Interregional Association of Public Associations "Caucasian Peace Forum", Chechen-Kistinians nationality.

Everyone knows that the Pankisi Gorge in the 2000s, is the focus of the activity of various terrorist groups. How is emerging situation with countering extremism in this region of Georgia?

Timur Gaurgaev: In the early 2000s, the Pankisi Gorge has become notorious. Then, on the territory of Georgia through the Chechen section of the Russian-Georgian border has passed several thousand refugees from Chechnya, among whom there were also militants, who had a weapon. The situation reached the point that in fact the Georgian law enforcement agencies for a certain period of time lost control over the Pankisi Gorge. There have been such negative facts as kidnapping, theft of motor vehicles. There was a time, during the reign of Shevardnadze, when the law enforcement agencies of Georgia refrain from visiting the Pankisi Gorge, where the actual situation was controlled by a few hundred fighters. This situation changed in 2003, that just coincided with the beginning of the reign of Saakashvili's regime. Then the Georgian side announced a counter-terrorist operation, prior to which the militants relocated, probably in agreement with the Georgian authorities. On the territory of the gorge was carried out cleaning, and for a while even have been exposed to military posts. However, with the same period there have been actively disseminated ideas of radical Islam.


Timur Gaurgaev: Nuts & Bolts. (??)It so happened that the older generation is substantially supported and did not support the idea of radical Islam. In the late 1990s - early 2000s, when militants crossed into the territory of the Pankisi Gorge, there were a lot of representatives of radical Islam from the Chechen Republic. Later, however, there were foreigners, including Arabs and Turks. Active preaching work was carried out since the beginning of the 2000s, arriving emissaries of various international Islamic organizations. Under their influence, many young people from the Pankisi Gorge began to leave for training in theological education in Saudi Arabia, the Middle East. Many of them returned with radical beliefs. A large outflow of young people took place in 2012-13 in Syria. This is of concern not only in the immediate family, but also the elders. In fact, they would like to see representatives of the Kist ethnic group took part in the conflicts on the territory of third countries. To a certain extent, probably, these problems are related to the fact that in the villages there are no jobs, the difficult financial situation does not allow to get a decent education. Against the background of Islamization Kist youth widespread radical movements.

What happened at the exit? Today, the so-called organization "Islamic State" are involved, according to official data, 100 citizens of Georgia. Of these, the vast majority - are residents of the Pankisi Gorge and 10-15 people, probably - the inhabitants of the Autonomous Republic of Adjara.

Officially, since the participation of the citizens of Georgia in the fighting in Syria and Iraq, killing ten people. This is according to the Georgian side.

Their relatives know about it? They returned  the body?

Timur Gaurgaev: According to Islamic tradition, burial rites performed in Muslim cemeteries in the area where the person died. All of these ten people who were killed in Syria and Iraq, were buried in the same place and died. But this quickly learned, as well as among Kists highly developed communication. Because it is a very small diaspora. Everybody knows each other. Now, in the age of modern technology, constant communication.

Who join the ranks of fighters "IG" from among the residents of the gorge and what positions they were doing?

Timur Gaurgaev: All those who want to fight, had already left. And here's the paradox: there they advanced to the forefront and take an active part in the fighting factions. Many individuals led her division and cell. How Come? For many it remains a mystery. There is much talk about Tarkhan Batirashvili (General "red beard", a former Georgian soldier, which is characterized by extreme cruelty) He villager Birkiani. But he went there as a simple inhabitant. But became the leader. And is if I'm not mistaken, the commander of the northern front of the organization. Enters the inner circle of the leader of the "Islamic State" Al-Baghdadi. At present, there is a very strong backbone of ten people who are warlords first link. The most famous - it Batirashvili. There is another warlord - Murad Margoshvili having authority.

We know that he was still in the Chechen campaign.

The involvement of citizens in Georgia "Islamic state" is of concern among the Georgian society and the Georgian authorities. Just the other day it became known that the Georgian Parliament will consider the issue of criminal responsibility for participation in illegal armed groups abroad and promoting terrorist activities.

How to counter the radicalization of young people?

Timur Gaurgaev: Representatives of our organization, our supporters see a way not in any radical action. Just need more professional approach to the issues of theological education. Unfortunately, the radical group has no worthy opponents that could based on the Quran and Sunnah prove his innocence. Threats against Georgian Orthodox Church and unacceptable, and discredit the Muslim population in this country. All this destabilizes interfaith peace and harmony. Today, more than ever, Muslims not only Georgia, but the world must ensure that Islam is identified with terrorism and extremism. To the canonical foundations of Islam is not distorted for political purposes and interests. To do this, at least, must be competent in matters of theological education.

It turns out that now in the gorge there are no representatives of traditional Islam, who could act, as you say, as opponents?

Timur Gaurgaev: Mostly representatives of traditional Islam are the people of the older generation, who had in the Soviet period, the possibility to receive theological education.

What is the essence of all the problems? We - one people, Chechens, were separated by the Caucasus Mountains. We have problems of transportation, communications, therefore historically so happened that we Kistinians become a little detached from the native Chechen culture, the opportunity to receive education in their native language, study it, to take up the age-old national culture.

We are talking about those Kistinians who stayed in Georgia?

Timur Gaurgaev: Yes. Accordingly, there is a certain influence of Georgian culture. I have nothing bad in it do not see it very positive, but at the same time, we must not forget their ancestral traditions, customs and culture. If you call a spade a spade, so it turned out that his home among strangers - a stranger among his.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union to move freely between the two countries, it is necessary to obtain a visa. Our organization operates as a legal entity in March 2010. From 2013 - is inter-regional organization in the Russian Federation due to the fact that we have opened representative offices, except the Chechen Republic, Stavropol Territory, in the Republic of Dagestan and Ingushetia.

The band of like-minded, the core of which is the organization began its joint social activities in 2009. In the same year, by a group of like-minded people in Grozny, the Chechen-gathering was Kists to discuss issues connected with Kist Diaspora of the Czech Republic, which emerged in the aftermath of the Georgian-Ossetian war in 2008. They were due to the fact that the representatives of Kists having citizenship of Georgia, began to arise some problems, difficulties, including the crossing of the state border, in the legal regime stay in Chechnya and other issues that we discussed during this gathering.

According to the results, we decided to descent sent an official letter to the head of the Chechen Republic Ramzan Kadyrov. Our appeal was considered, he decided to publish the results of treatment in the national print media, we were given a platform on national television "Grozny-Inform", held a "round table" where we discuss all the pressing problems that need to be addressed. Some of these problems were solved, global issues are currently in the process of resolution. Positive developments as a result of the beginning of our organization, we are already feeling.

How many now-Kists Chechens living in Georgia?

Timur Gaurgaev: Official data are not available. According to our organization, more than 10 thousand people. In the Pankisi Gorge Chechens Kistinians densely populated in eight villages. Small nationalities during the reign of President Zviad Gamsakhurdia in the early 1990s began to leave these places. But Kistinians, even if moving somewhere in big cities or abroad, trying to retain the land plots, land, because there are the graves of their ancestors, for a Muslim to a Chechen play more important role.

We know that after the departure of Saakashvili in Georgia has changed the internal political life can be compared situatsiya.Kak Kists under Saakashvili and after his departure, whether the Georgian leadership promotes problem-solving, or vice versa, there are stumbling blocks that can not be overcome?

Timur Gaurgaev: Unfortunately, until now the Pankisi Gorge is not gasified. A few months ago there came the Prime Minister of Georgia Irakli Garibashvili and the gathering of citizens promised that the issues are resolved at the workplace. And, in particular, will address the issue with the gasification of the gorge, because the XXI century, and people are forced to heat the house with wood.

Electricity is?

Timur Gaurgaev: Yes, from the beginning of the 2000s, running smoothly. And before that, too, had big problems.

All citizens Georgian passports?

Timur Gaurgaev: Yes, the vast majority of citizens - citizens of Georgia. Although there are many persons with Russian citizenship, which remained in the valley since the early 2000s.

As Chechens Kistinians refer to the process of normalization of relations between Russia and Georgia?

Timur Gaurgaev: Among ordinary people in Georgia there are a great desire and will to develop good neighborly relations not only with the Chechen Republic, but with all the republics of the North Caucasus. Ordinary people realize that they better have a good relationship with a neighbor who is near, especially in the Caucasus for many centuries settled understanding that in the most difficult moments comes in it from a neighbor.

It seems Russia is working with the Chechens to counter the western radicalization process- That will be big job- The US and company have many years of destructive teachings to undo. Hopefully it can be done


  1. Hi Penny: I guess you could say that US/Israel/Saudis established nests of NGO-funded and trained radicals festering in Georgia. Putin came to power and was instrumental in cleaning out the Chechen nests. There are still some remnants and they must always be periodically cleaned. I learned back in the day that any name ending with "vili" was jewish in heritage...

    1. Yup, you could say that Greencrow
      didn't know that about the 'vili' ? But now I do and thanks to you :)

  2. This is good read on ngos and who runs them in the Ukraine. It came from Ives Smith site today.

    The only losers are the citizens of the Ukraine. Sad

    1. thanks jo

      as you know, I despise NGO's- haven't found a one I like yet.
      Maybe one day
      True about the people of Ukriane- I think they are already losing and it is sad

  3. I personally fear these saudi apes are recruiting as many "muslims" around the world as they can, and the zionists are recruiting people around the world as well, isn't it funny how what the zionists do the terrorists do the same?.


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    2. Hi Chevi

      by funny, you mean odd, right? I know you do :)
      yes, the zionists & the terrorists are as thick as thieves..
      thick as thieves!

      Saw the news out of Syria this am- despicable
      Just despicable- Haven't had a chance to get over to Ziad's to read the latest

      Also regarding your comment concerning the illusory choice in Canada
      the new terror bill will be ok'd by the Liberals as well as the Conservatives here- no choice at all in this country

      All parties serve the war/terror/ medical /terror industrial /terror state

    3. Of course the government will do all it can to let all the zionist laws through, now these people (government officials) forget one thing, we are more in numbers than them, but the zionists have worked it all out, the control the government who controls the armies who then ( if they won't die like good little goyims kicking and screaming) will "control the masses".

      Penny, it IS the intention of the WZ (world zionists) to create a world war and kill as many as possible to reduce the opposition (none if possible), then they can build the new world where we the goyims will be their servants.

      I only find there is one problem again, we the masses need (and i hate to say this) hang every politician connected/allied with the zionist funders/supporters, this is the only quick path to peace as the new peaceful people replacing them can then call back all their armies, there is no other solution, otherwise we will all go to war and complete the zionist's plan by killing most of us then they can start their new world of slavery.