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The Murder of Boris Nemtsov. A 'Spring' in the Air? Cui Bono?- UPDATED!

Cui Bono? Who benefits from this killing?- Hat tip to my hubby, all my personal biases aside, I think he is correct.- Updated list of likely reasons..

Likely reasons for the killing at this time

*This killing took place to create the conditions needed to promote the dissent necessary, for the usual  suspects -NATO nations and their plot to create yet another destabilization project

*This killing took place to sow the seeds of a western backed Russian spring! Cue the protests. Cue the ‘human rights’ NGO’s making the western media rounds.Hell, even cue the pussy riot skanks!

*A spring or colour revolution always needs a ‘mascot’ and this looks to me like mascot creation! We should be seeing signs printed with the face of this man on them very soon, being carried, of course by western bought & paid for protestors! The signs will include some English wording enabling the western media to promote the agenda and draw in the western media audience.

*This man was always a tool of bankers &war mongers. His death, at this time, benefits Western or Atlantacists interests.

*Boris Nemstov was to old to be the front person for a colour/spring revolution. This type of revolution is ALWAYS presented as beginning with disenfranchised youth- Alexei Navalny is clearly better suited to this role

  "Prior to Alexey Navalny's emergence, he was one of the West's favourite personalities in the Russian political life, not only while in opposition but also in power"
WSJ-The Murder of Boris Nemtsov- Another Putin opponent is killed by unknown assailants.

I'm italicizing and highlighting the manipulative language and other interesting bits
In the gangster state that is Vladimir Putin ’s Russia, we may never learn who shot dead Boris Nemtsov in Moscow late Friday night, much less why. The longtime opposition leader had once been Russia’s deputy prime minister under Boris Yeltsin, and he might have steered Russia toward a decent future had he been given a chance. Instead, he was fated to become a courageous voice for democracy and human rights (MASCOT!) who risked his life to alert an indifferent West to the dangers of doing business with the man in the Kremlin.
A file picture dated 08 April 2012 shows Leader of People's Freedom party Boris Nemtsov (C) taking part in a protest against president-elect Vladimir Putinon at the Red square in Moscow, Moscow.
The "People's Freedom Party'? As if ? That should appeal to the gullible western audience! Freedom always means fascism
"Some of those warnings appeared in these pages. In March 2012, he and fellow opposition leader Garry Kasparov warned against President Obama’s “reset” with Russia, urging that the Administration replace the Cold War-era Jackson-Vanik amendment with the Magnitsky Act, which imposes sanctions on Russian officials guilty of human-rights violations.
Nemtsov was also not afraid of criticizing Mr. Putin by name, noting in that same op-ed that he “is not the legitimate leader of Russia” given the ballot stuffing that went into his 2012 election. For his honesty he was repeatedly arrested and jailed by the Russian government. He was also the rare Russian willing to speak up for Ukraine’s democracy movement. “By supporting Ukraine,” he said in December 2013, “we also support ourselves.”
How often have we all read this same type of language being used, words that bring new life to old memes, promoted by the war mongering media- you can interchange Putin with any western targeted leader. It is exactly the same Modus Operandi
With his murder, Nemtsov’s name now joins that of other opponents of Mr. Putin who have met violent deaths or otherwise been brutalized by his regime: journalist Anna Politkovskaya, human-rights researcher Natalya Estemirova, opposition leader Alexei Navalny. One day their names will be celebrated in Russia, long after Mr. Putin is gone."
Flashback to 1997-
This article was originally published in March of 1997. Mr. Nemtsov was shot dead in Moscow on Friday.
In the most significant shuffle in years, President Boris Yeltsin has recruited one of Russia's top young reformers for his revamped cabinet, signalling a greater pro-Western and pro-market direction for the Russian government.

Boris Nemstov and the Western stooge drunkard Yeltsin
Boris Nemtsov, 37, the governor of Nizhny Novgorod region east of Moscow, who became the darling of Western bankers for his aggressive privatization program, was appointed yesterday to Mr. Yeltsin's cabinet as a first deputy prime minister.
The "Darling of Western Bankers"
Mr. Nemtsov and another reformer, Anatoly Chubais, 41, will be the highest-ranking lieutenants to Russian Prime Minister Viktor Chernomyrdin in the overhauled cabinet. They will have a clear mandate to push ahead with the much-promised market reforms that have bogged down in a swamp of bureaucratic resistance and corruption in recent years.
Mr. Nemtsov has been assigned the daunting task of restructuring Russia's powerful monopolies and reforming the housing and social sectors to make them targeted to the neediest people.
Restructuring powerful monopolies? To the benefit of certain ( Jewish) Oligarchs and their banker backers - Flashback to December 2010: Mikhail Khodorkovsky & Platon Lebedev found guilty of embezzlement
"In 2003, when Khodorkovsky was arrested, he signed over all his shares in Yukos, to one Jacob Rothschild, of the Rothschild banker and Oil family.
 If all the top Yukos managers were unable to carry out the role, Lord Rothschild would take over, the company official told Kommersant on condition of anonymity"
 But  of course.... "Boris Nemtsov, 52, is one of Russia's veteran liberal politicians. He was born in Sochi on the Black Sea, to Jewish parents, and studied radiophysics in the industrial city of Nizhny Novgorod" Explains the 'darling of western bankers' description- 
 In 2004 he supported Ukraine's Orange Revolution and became an economic adviser for Viktor Yushchenko,.....
This puts Boris Nemstov firmly in bed with Boris Berezovsky

The boyish-looking English-speaking governor, who impressed Western financiers by pioneering the privatization of farmland and shops in his region, told reporters that Mr. Yeltsin has promised him "complete carte blanche" to push ahead with reforms.
That was confirmed by Mr. Yeltsin himself. "Two young men -- you and Anatoly Chubais -- create a fresh young team in the government, from scratch," the President told Mr. Nemtsov in a meeting shown on Russian television yesterday. "No one [else] has been appointed yet. All candidates to the government will be agreed with the two first deputy premiers. I will not accept anything without you."
Mr Nemstov & Chubais were clearly running the show and Yeltsin absolutely knew that! Hence the no one appointed without the approval of Nemstov and Chubais and no decisions with out their approval, either!
Later in the day, Mr. Yeltsin unveiled a slimmer new cabinet, with several other reformers promoted and old-guard bureaucrats demoted. A close ally of Mr. Chubais, the privatization chief Alfred Kokh, was named one of the six deputy prime ministers.
At least five of the eight highest-ranking members of the new cabinet are reformers. Only one, interior minister Anatoly Kulikov, is considered a conservative.
Mr. Nemtsov promised the new cabinet would introduce sweeping reforms. "Dramatic changes are needed," he told reporters yesterday.
Indeed, the Yeltsin government could be "doomed" if it fails to produce significant improvements in the next few months, Mr. Nemtsov warned.
The darling of Western bankers warns that the Yeltsin government is "doomed" if it failed to produce significant improvements...- Who was in charge?
He endorsed the Kremlin's decision to streamline the government and reduce the number of ministries. The ministry of industry, in particular, should be eliminated because it "damages the economy" by lobbying for the interests of "certain financial and industrial groups," he said.
The new cabinet, unlike previous ones, is expected to mesh together in a clearly reformist direction. Mr. Chubais and Mr. Nemtsov have worked closely together in the past, and their joint ascendancy in the new cabinet should reduce the costly internal feuding that has weakened the government.
In a further strengthening of the young reformers, Mr. Chubais has been given the job of finance minister, in addition to his duties as the supervisor of economic reform.
Another new deputy premier is Oleg Sysuyev, the reformist mayor of the city of Samara. The Kremlin's decision to recruit Mr. Nemtsov and Mr. Sysuyev for the new cabinet is a signal of the growing power of the Russian regions, which have successfully pushed for the devolution of Moscow's authority in recent years.
Mr. Yeltsin praised the regional roots of his newest lieutenant yesterday. "You are not from Moscow, not from a soiled pack of cards," he told Mr. Nemtsov.
As a condition of accepting the cabinet job, Mr. Nemtsov obtained a guarantee that he can remain as the governor of Nizhny Novgorod region for another two years. He will commute between Moscow and his home region, splitting his time between the two jobs.
Mr. Nemtsov has built his career on his sense of pragmatism and populism. Despite the painful cost of market reforms, he has maintained a high ranking in the opinion polls in his home region. Yesterday, he demonstrated his well-tuned political antennae by making a populist pledge to get rid of the cabinet's foreign limousines.
"It is high time to stop riding in Mercedes and Rolls Royces," he told Russian television. "All officials should switch to home-produced cars. This will be one of our first decisions."
Perhaps not by coincidence, a factory in Mr. Nemtsov's home region is a leading producer of Russian limousines, and it would probably benefit from any decision to switch to domestic cars.
Mr. Nemtsov portrayed the planned reforms as an essential step to "restore order" in Russia. He vowed to remain honest, despite the pressures of Moscow politics. "I will not tell lies, I will not take bribes, and I will not steal," he said.
Three years ago, Mr. Yeltsin predicted Mr. Nemtsov would become the Russian president some day. The Russian media have described him as a "born politician." But his new cabinet post could be "suicidal" for his career, Mr. Nemtsov said yesterday. "I've written off my political future," he said.
Yeltsin- the drunken western puppet, didn't choose the man that man he pronounced would be the Russian President- Clearly Nemstov was foisted on Yeltsin!
The crucial question for the new cabinet is whether it can resist the pressure of the industrial lobbies. The previous finance minister, Alexander Livshits, was often defeated by those lobbies when he tried to reduce subsidies and tax exemptions. "He didn't have enough power to oppose sectoral interests," said Andrei Kortunov, a political analyst in Moscow. "He was an outsider and he lacked the stature and the financial connections."
Mr. Nemtsov, for his part, has been overrated by his Western fans, but he could still produce some improvement in the government, Mr. Kortunov said. "I'm cautiously optimistic. There are new people, fresh blood, and they could give another push to reform. It's substantial -- it's more important than other changes in previous years."
The cabinet shuffle is the latest sign of Mr. Yeltsin's new energy and vigour. In another token of his feisty mood yesterday, he lashed out at the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, accusing it of trying to establish a "cordon" around Russia's borders.
"I'm not worried that NATO will attack, Russia would simply hit back," he said yesterday, just three days before a summit meeting with U.S. President Bill Clinton in Helsinki. "What I am afraid of is that blockade, a blockade of Russia by the West, which we cannot allow."
Mr. Yeltsin also complained NATO is preparing for military exercises in the Black Sea, near Crimea, a region which was traditionally within Moscow's sphere of influence.
But on a conciliatory note, Mr. Yeltsin suggested Russia could reduce its nuclear arsenal in a new START-3 disarmament treaty, as long as the United States makes the same cuts.
 The media is pushing this story as if it was Putin himself, that pulled the trigger. But the fact is, from all my reading, there is zero proof of Putin being connected, having knowledge of or benefiting from the death of this man.

Nemstov shot on bridge
 There is no doubt that this crime was carefully planned. The location and timing of the killing indicated that as well. The investigation found out that Boris Nemtsov was going with his female friend to his apartment, which is located close to the murder scene. The organizers and the executers apparently knew his route,” Vladimir Markin, spokesman for the Investigative Committee, told journalists.
Be Aware! - The media is attempting to link this to alleged threats from Islamists. Relating to the Charlie Hebdo incident-
"Nemtsov had received threats in connection with his position on the Charlie Hebdo shootings in Paris last month"

RT is reporting 
'Later in the day, the car allegedly used in the attack was discovered not far from the scene of the crime. Russian media reported that it had Ingushetian license plates"

Ingushetia-  This should tie into the radical Islam theme quite well


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  2. Interestingly, Yeltsin hand-picked Putin as his successor. Even Putin was surprised when on December 31st of the year he resigned....Yeltsin called in Putin and told him he was resigning and that Putin would be taking over as acting leader of Russia. Yeltsin emotionally, told Putin to "Take care of Russia.".

    So BOTH Putin and Nemtsov were Yeltsin protegees.

    IMO, this was a highly predictable False Flag to keep the huge newly hired army of Internet trolls busy over the weekend. I'm hoping that Putin, unlike all the so-called investigations of all the North American political assassinations, will actually crack the case. Wouldn't it be a breath of fresh air if the real perps were to be uncovered and brought to justice?

    1. Hi Greencrow!
      Not sure of the circumstances surrounding Yeltsins selection of Putin, I would have to refresh myself- However. I don't see Nemstov as someone Yeltsin actually selected, of his own accord- He appears to have been foisted on Yeltsin- looking at the '97 report

      " the President told Mr. Nemtsov in a meeting shown on Russian television yesterday. "No one [else] has been appointed yet. All candidates to the government will be agreed with the two first deputy premiers. I will not accept anything without you."

      It's clear Yeltsin is not in charge and he is acknowledging it
      No appointments without Nemstov (western banker darling) & Chubais approval.

      This dynamic can be seen present day in Yatsenyuk and Poroshenko

  3. a ruthless bunch: Nemtsov more use dead than alive....i bet even he was surprised.
    Was the Ukr woman a honey trap?
    he was short in the back in a drive by shooting in a very pictuesque location

    cy80s @cy80s 6m6 minutes ago
    even location of ‪#‎Nemtsov‬ murder not casual. chosen for maximum media impact &visually imprint"Russia Kremlin murder"

    1. hey brian; it sure looks to be the case- Nemstov is still useful, he's just more useful dead- A honeytrap? The fact that she wasn't killed seems to suggest she was involved. Or why not take her out too?
      I agree about the location being chosen for maximum media impact.

  4. Us threatened bank sanctions yesterday which comes after Russia announcing it has created a swift alternative. India said yesterday looking for a FTA. With eeu following Egypt and Israel. Russia also said yesterday it will push full sco. Membership for India and presumably Iran after the missile system announcement this week.

    Lavin said yesterday Russia will respond with aggressive measures to any new us sanctions. Between the coup talk and the nato accusations on Russian weapons, what timing.

    The Russian Cyprus basing agreement and the warning by lave yesterday that Russia is worried about the "coalition" striking areas in Syria outside isis fold for telling the us "Mosul" strategy.

    On Saudi the nyt article on Saudi royal weed and his station being shut down for airing opposition interview considering his holdings in citibank and twitter says some hung about the venture. Hat Egypt sisi leak is also timely considering he Russian deals and moves in libya. Little noticed was the Russian commitment this week to join in a naval blockade of libya or an anti terror coalition.

    Yemen as a flanking manuever? Goes back to hose coordinated embassy break in around Sept 11 in sudan, Egypt and yemen. Head of us security at the yemen embassy picked off by a sniper on a motorcycle a month later.

    As an aside put in said last year in an interview that yes tin and his advisors were all western intelligence agents. He us then denied it. Put in also said last year in a. Cryptic message that Russia was now safe from internal threats. Late last year the head of he Russian equivalent to Facebook fled the country to poland.

    He swift warnings and the Russian warnings that more sanctions will be met with aggressive response portend a shift in the look the other way and pivot strategy? It is also notable hat the BIS. Just issued a paper talking about he gross financialization. Of oil. He head of rose ft was recently quoted as saying the current price of oil is no reflection of the market. Perhaps the widening Brent wti. Spread is telling you something about artificiality. Even so Greenspan said his week that the world resembles the late stages of he great depression. The fed has driven itself into a cul-de-sac with its no late stock price and equate it to growth strategy. Now they have boxed hems elves knot hiking rates as he economy continues to soften. A dolt could look at the collapsing commodity complex and make the same assessment. The supply glut, like he savings glut, is losing its shred of believability.

    With abenomics. A failed experiment other Han to push through the change to the defense forces status and European qe sure to be a failed measure as Greece and Ireland and Spain and Italy illustrate in spite of record tight spreads. A bund at 33 bps like the sinking bond yields globally is a referendum on. No growth.

    Another aside. March 15. Equinox. Solar eclipse. Cern restart. Mosul offensive. Iran deal template. Ukraine ceasefire unwind?

    1. If u.s. imposes new sanctions on russia, moscow reserves right to use painful countermeasures - deputy fm ryabkov  interfax

    2. Discontent with Ukraine’s government grows amid coming economic collapse — media Tass

    3. And yesterday it was reported after China, who just cut rates again, backed the Russian sphere position publicly in Ukraine - no surprise as the US lobbed accusations against China build out reefs in south China sea - the us is said to have flown a posiedon recon plane over the south China sea with Philippine soldiers on board. In case you missed it the coup rumors in Phillipines are flying all over. All this as the Russians agree to head up the brics. Bank pending india candidate.

      Meanwhile in Brazil the campaign against dilma. Is moving into overdrove. The Petrobras downgrades , q russia, means the inevitable sovereign downgrade to crush the currency as the country suffers from drought are being stroked to take her down. Countdown to downgrade is on.

    4. The china rate cut will almost certainly fail to inspire more lending and speculation meaning the yuan already at low end of expanded band is set to inspire more capital outflows. The fed is in desperate straits and needs a buffer. Good time to revisit the saker article on Russian central bank.

      It would appear the strategy in China which has been apparent for quite a while is economic. The scare mongering over China sub fleet exceeding ours is reminiscent of the missile gap hysteria. The sub revelation comes after the leak about a 2nd carrier and he hypersonic tests. Meanwhile he japan's government. Is being replaced via scandal. He agreed minister just shown he door as Abe tried to ram through the TPP. Related. Bribery scandals...taiwan, brazil, argentina, erdogan, Iran's former president, olmert...

  5. The location is ideal for a Maidan arising out of the inevitable CIA stooge memorial march.

    1. Tried when he other opposition leader slash yale man as arrested. He is under house arrest at the moment but expect a return.

      From Feb 17. Rferl.
      Aleksei Navalny has promised to lead 100,000 people in a March 1 protest against Kremlin policies that he says are leading the country deeper into economic crisis.

    2. The decision was adopted to cancel the March 1 march and appoint a mourning march in downtown Moscow," Kasyanov said

  6. The most telling picture about the false flag?

    1. can you clue me in on what or who I should be looking for
      yes, I see the man with the gun
      and the other guy with the thing in his ear
      but, is there more to this?

    2. That is he ambassador to he us and former Ukraine swordsman plus georgia.

  7. good catch Penny. Get out the popcorn, should be quite a show!..ben

  8. Can't post at moment. But has an article indicating someone deftly turned a potential seed for a maidan into a rally for russia . The nemtsov funeral had a sea if Russian flags

  9. Listen folks, Boris made a lot of enemies, Putin didn't need this sht, what about those that are fighting in the Ukraine? he went off at Putin for getting involved, what's to say that a family member of one of the Russians fighting in the Ukriane got really peed of at his comments which was insulting to the dead's family members? then went and killed him.


    1. Hi Chevi! No doubt Mr Nemstov had a ton of enemies- He seemed both corruptible and contemptible - Most likely we will never know who did this, but, I can't see how Putin would benefit from this at all