Thursday, February 26, 2015

Toxic Hot Seat- Documentary: Flame Retardant EDC's & the Chemical Manipulation of Humanity

It's about 1.5 hours. Consider this a background for some upcoming posts concerning the topic of the chemical manipulation of humanity and flame retardants that will include the gamut of the petro chemical producers including the role of the chemical tobacco industry
Equation:  big oil + petro chemical producers + toxic tobacco + big pharma +  big agriculture + bankers =  poison for the planet and all life on it.

Please, watch it all and leave some feed back- Thank You!


  1. Hi Penny,

    The Vineyard of the Saker blog has moved and is now called The Saker. The old site will stop being updated.


    The following article describes how police in Kiev beat up peaceful demonstrators who were protesting the devaluation of the local currency against the dollar. Interesting is apparently that the video has been widely circulated in the Ukraine and is perhaps being used as a way to mobilize opinion against Poroshenko.

    But will the next leadership be on the upward or downward spiral?

  2. Hi Anthony- I will update my blogroll- thanks for letting me know, I haven't stopped over there all this week-

  3. I watched the entire video, which was very much necessary because it was a roller coaster story and I really didn't expect the positive outcome at the end.

    This was a battle won perhaps because it was so clear that everyone loses. The elite play the divide and rule game very well, which means that various subgroups will (mainly) unwittingly offer their support to initiatives that are evil and destructive.

    In this video it is noticeable that gays, lesbians, jews, politicians, journalists, scientists and everyone else are all going to be hit by chemicals that are simply unavoidable.

    The same logic would apply to a number of different areas, with chemtrails being the first that springs to mind.

    One of the highlights of this video, and there are several, is seeing the literal squirming of a chemical industry lawyer starting at 1.22 55 when the senator asks for a yes or no answer to the question as to whether the United States should insist on unbiased and independent studies prior to release of new chemical sustances that prove the safety of these substances for infants, children, pregnant women, etc.

    The man who refuses to answer yes or no looks as if he is about to lose control and start shapeshifting.


    1. Anthony- sigh
      I will get back to you, I promise
      I have such a backlog of material and to much other work to do

    2. Hi Anthony- hope all is well with you?
      The positive outcome, yes, because citizens have been able to lobby their state governments- I suspect that is about to change

      Did you notice how the petro chemical industry had created an NGO of sorts- to infiltrate the actual grassroots movement and subvert it

      I liked the fact that this was shown- People who are really trying to bring about change have to be mindful of this corporate money use
      and be on guard for it- If not the groups looking for change will be undermined- never lose sight of the goal- don't alter the goal
      If one wants these chemicals out of the system- one has to stick to that goal- no compromise

      Also people have to realize that many of these groups, they believe, are legit, or caring, are not! I haven't got back to the follow up post to this addressing two NGO, that are clearly on the dole of the petro chemical companies but they area masquerading as 'caring, environmental groups.

      Yes, that squirming lawyer was notable! I like your description of him
      It's very suitable

      Myself, I enjoyed the doc and recall much of those early days of flame retardants including on kids pj's

      Even recalling my youngest sibling getting a pair of those pajamas from a well meaning grandparent-

      When I look back on that? I shudder when I think about that.
      How people get so sucked in thinking something is good and it turns out to be toxic

      Perhaps there is a tyranny in good intentions?