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Ukraine (antifascist) rebels vow to reinforce troops. US considers fuelling the fire

Staying on the subject of Ukraine and all that entails.......
Ah... the US, not content with the fire they began with their regime change in Kiev- terrorizing an elected leader to the point he flees for his life. All NATO nations sending "aid' and supplying insane hired killers- psychopaths- to harm civilians and destabilize a nation. That terror isn't good enough. The US simply has to do more to fan the flames of war! "Rearm Kiev"

Ukraine rebels vow to reinforce troops as US reportedly mulls rearming Kiev

That's right CSM uses the word "rearm" that tells us the US and company has already been arming Kiev's destabilizers and terrorists. But, hey, we knew that already

As pro-Russian rebels continue their deadly push through eastern Ukraine, US officials are reportedly considering supplying weapons to Kiev’s struggling troops.
The US has supplied all manner of weapons to Kiev already-
Along with foreign mercs, the dregs of society - From Sunday January 25/15 Foreigners in Ukraine- Swedes with Azov battalion & American Mercs. Indeed! How could we forget Israeli snipers?
The New York Times reports that the White House is taking a “fresh look at the question of military aid” after a string of strategic loses by Ukrainian forces. Support for the plan has grown as US officials realize that economic sanctions are seemingly not enough to dissuade Russia from pouring weapons and military personnel into the conflict. The Kremlin has repeatedly denied arming the pro-Russian separatists in Ukraine. 
The claim of Russian support for the anti fascist rebels have never once been substantiated by the US. Oh, sure they keep claiming it. But so what? Re: the sanctions I will relink today's first post at the bottom of this post- Yes, it is realted
Meanwhile, separatist leader Alexander Zakharchenko announced Monday plans to recruit 100,000 men. His declaration came after separatists vowed to take over all of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions.
"Mobilization will start in 11 days' time," Mr. Zakharchenko told Donetsk news agency, according to the BBC. ”It is a reserve force which will definitely be able to resist any attack," he added.
The Times cites a new report released Monday by eight former senior American officials that urges the US to send $3 billion in defensive arms and equipment to Ukraine. The US has so far limited its support to non-lethal aid such as body armor and night-vision goggles for fear of provoking Russian President Vladimir Putin.
The report calls for the US to send equipment such as armored vehicles, anti-armor missiles, and reconnaissance drones. “The West needs to bolster deterrence in Ukraine by raising the risks and costs to Russia of any renewed major offensive,” it says, the Times reports. “That requires providing direct military assistance — in far larger amounts than provided to date and including lethal defensive arms.”
The calls to rearm embattled Kiev come amid a dramatic uptick in violence in eastern Ukraine. ( It's not the violence that bothers the west- it is the territorial advances made by the antifascist forces) 
Ukraine Defense Ministry Spokesman Vladislav Seleznyov told The Associated Press Monday that fighting remains most intense around Debaltseve, a strategic railway hub that is almost entirely encircled by Russia-backed rebels. Officials said five Ukrainian soldiers have been killed and 29 wounded in the past day defending the city.
Fighting also rages on around the rebel stronghold of Donetsk, where 15 civilians were killed in shelling over the weekend, according to a statement released by municipal authorities. About 50 people have been killed in eastern Ukraine in the last two days, Agence France-Presse reports.
The BBC reports that the rebels’ ability to raise large numbers of forces remains unclear. Kiev has alleged  (Kiev alleges much nonsense) that as many as 9,000 Russian troops are fighting alongside them, a claim Moscow has denied.
There is no going back to the parameters of the Minsk agreement- The rebels have gained territory- they are not going to give up- That's clear!

 From DW
"So, in a sense, if the US or NATO intervenes, they have to find some form of saying: it is an international conflict, it is a threat to peace and security; and thirdly, what they should do is get permission from the Security Council, which obviously Russia will not give them," he said.
Dr. Warner continued that his initial reading of the situation was: "legally, they have very little to stand on to intervene in this conflict in any way."
Burden of proof on the West
Moscow has long been accused by the West of supplying rebels in eastern Ukraine with military hardware, something that the Kremlin has consistantly denied.
"If they can make the case that Russia is supplying arms to rebels in the eastern part, then on proportionality, the US or NATO could say we can do the same thing to the government. But they have to make the argument that they have proof that Russia is supplying the arms."
 Talk is cheap and the US/NATO/Israeli global terror juggernaut has not concerned itself one bit with international law. Syria, Libya, Iraq being three prime examples of NATO terror use and disregard for law, of any kind.

From earlier today and directly related to the topic above!

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From Sunday:


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  2. Hi Penny,

    The militia plan to boost their numbers from the current 45,000 to 100,000.

    "2.2.15. Posted by journalists. "The head of DNR Alexander Zakharchenko said that the DNI to fight Ukrainian aggression mobilizes up to 5 teams (30 000) of the personnel. Mobilization 5 teams in the DNI and the same in the LC will increase the total number of militia with the existing 45 to 100 thousands of people. In view of the increased number of volunteers, perhaps compulsory mobilization will not be held. Earlier, the media reported on the mobilization of 100 thousand. man, this information is incorrect,"


    1. Thanks Anthony

      I had seen that news, so they are not looking for 100,000 but looking to increase from 45 to 100 thousand
      and increase of 55 thousand- am i understanding that correctly?

    2. Yes, an increase of 55,000, assuming of course that they can keep all or most of the current volunteers.

      Some factors to consider are that the age range of the militia appears to be pretty extreme. I've seen many bearded old grandfather types so we are not looking here at a traditional western style recruitment of young men and women only. There are many female volunteers for the militia as well and they were there from the beginning, sometimes at the front, but more often providing critical rear guard protection.

      Of course there are many Russian volunteers and nothing recruits better than the kind of successes the militia have won in the past months.

      An interesting possibility is that some of the many Ukranian men fleeing to Russia may take up arms with the militia. Some, perhaps most, will be looking simply to avoid fighting, but there are men from ethnic Russian areas under Ukranian military occupation who have witnessed human rights abuses and are motivated to gain revenge for events in Odessa, Mariupol, Kharkov and elsewhere.

      Here is a recent article about the draft dodgers fleeing to Russia.


  3. Defense contractor providing support services for the Saudi National Guard says it employs Americans shot in Saudi.

    Nayef to crown prince dbty. Abdullah son who wasn't purged running national guard


    1. Interesting- and thanks

      Two Americans who came under fire in Saudi Arabia this weekend are employees of a U.S. defence contractor, the firm said on Sunday, confirming the second attack in recent months against Vinnell Arabia.

      “We can confirm that two Vinnell Arabia employees were involved in an incident on Friday, in which they were shot at by assailants in the al-Ahsa province of Saudi Arabia,” the company said in a statement issued through a public relations firm.

      “Both employees were injured but are in stable condition at a local hospital,” it added.

      Saudi police said earlier that one American had been wounded in a shooting.

      “A car carrying two American nationals... came under fire from an unknown source,” on Friday afternoon in al-Ahsa, in Eastern Province, source of most of the kingdom’s oil wealth, police said.

      I went to look at a map- eastern province- Oman- the Sea and Bahrain?
      any thoughts on the intrigue at work?