Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Ukraine Separatists very close to taking control of Debaltseve

The latest-

Russian-backed separatists in Ukraine’s breakaway east claimed to have taken control of most of the strategic town of Debaltseve on Tuesday, leaving a fragile ceasefire agreed last week hanging by a thread.

“About 80 per cent of the city is under our control,” said Vladimir Kononov, defence minister of the rebel authorities based in the regional capital of Donetsk, as battles over the city raged throughout the afternoon.

He predicted that Debaltseve would be under full separatist control “in coming days, maybe even today”.

Officials in Kiev admitted Ukrainian forces had lost part of the town, an important railway hub, but insisted a defence operation was still underway.
Several thousand Ukranian troops are encircled in Debeltseve, which is home to a railway junction key to delivering coal supplies, as separatist forces seek to lock in territorial gains made around the area in recent weeks. Five Ukranian soldiers have been killed and fourteen injured in clashes with rebels, and an unconfirmed number taken prisoner.
An offer by rebels to allow Ukranian personnel to surrender their positions - on condition of laying down arms - was rejected outright by Kiev this week.

Kiev would rather see their troops dead then accept a more human offer for the troops to lay down their arms to surrender- 

“The militants with Russia’s support want to encircle Debaltseve and this way destroy all possibilities for further implementation of [the Minsk] agreements,” Valery Chaly, deputy head of Ukraine’s presidential administration, said on Tuesday.
Collapse of the ceasefire could renew pressure for further economic sanctions on Russia, which Kiev’s pro-western leadership accuses of supporting the separatists, a charge that Moscow denies, as well as fuel calls in the US to provide Ukraine with defensive weapons.
The collapse of the ceasefire will guarantee yet another round of sanctions on Russia

Western leaders engaged in a new round of telephone diplomacy on Tuesday in attempts to rescue the Minsk deal. In a phone call with Russian president Vladimir Putin and Germany’s chancellor Angela Merkel, Ukraine’s president Petro Poroshenko called for a complete ceasefire across the restive region.
But Kiev said that by adhering to the ceasfire, its forces were stuck in defensive positions in Debeltseve and at a disadvantage to separatists.
“Under the cover of artillery and armoured vehicles, militant assault units are storming the city,” Ukraine’s defence ministry said in a statement on Tuesday afternoon. “A part of the residential area has been seized by the bandits,” it added.
Monitors from the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe were unable to gain access to Debaltseve for a third day, despite an agreement between Mr Putin, Mr Poroshenko and Ms Merkel on “concrete steps” for the deployment of independent observers around the town.
Steffen Seibert, Ms Merkel’s spokesman, confirmed that the three leaders had agreed for observers from the OSCE to enter the disputed area, in line with the ceasefire pact agreed last week in Minsk.
Perhaps Germany should be sanctioned as well as Russia? Oh never mind. Germany is already suffering, foolishly and needlessly without sanctions. As for the Ukraine, it's being destroyed thanks to the corrupt leadership put in place by NATO
Alexander Zakharchenko, leader of separatists based in the breakaway region’s largest city Donetsk, was injured during Tuesday’s Debaltseve battles, according to Russia’s LifeNews.
From earlier today:   

Kurds commit ISIS like atrocities- Beheadings & Selfies with Corpses
Birds of a feather....


  1. "Kiev would rather see their troops dead then accept a more human offer for the troops to lay down their arms to surrender-"

    Very true and Kiev's puppet masters could care less how many Ukrainians die for their cause of trying to break Russia. The plan isn't working out very well but Amerikas neo-cons could care less.

    1. I don't think the neo cons care on whit for the Ukrainian people
      the don't even care about Americans

  2. Hi Penny,

    The Ukrainians in the Debaltseve pot are seemingly on the verge of a full scale rout. Not only have the militia made advances into the town of Debaltseve itself, but today the Ukrainians pulled out of several settlements in the south and west of the pot which means more and more Ukrainian soldiers concentrated in a smaller and smaller area which means disaster, especially with supplies of ammunition and fuel running low.

    It could be that those units which can still move will head north to try to break out, but there were attempted breakouts and breakins today that seem to get wiped out pretty much every time they try, yet still the Ukrainians insist on sending armoured columns and supply columns in from the north on literal suicide missions.

    The following video gives an idea of the hopeless nature of the terrain used by the Ukrainians to break into the pot. The high ground to each side is controlled by the militia and although the Ukrainians have also tried using smaller roads and tracks they seem to get smashed every time. As you see at the end of the video, the Ukrainians still have the advantage of lots of long range artillery.



    1. Hi Anthony:

      I watched the video- Is there any way I can get a link to one with an english transcript- not that I don't appreciate your assistance- but, sigh.....

      yes, I got the impression at the end of the video there was much gunfire going on

    2. UAF squad surrenders at Debaltsevo 17/02/15

    3. Hi Penny,

      Sorry, no English subtitles on the video I posted. I posted it to get an idea of the terrain, not for the content.

      The Kazzura channel video posted by Anonymous above has subtitled videos. The following shows civilians in Debaltsevo freed by the militia a few days ago. It is clear that these people have been liberated after months of being used as human shields by the Ukrainians and living in fear.

      There have been reports of civilians, men, women and children, being executed by Ukrainians as they pulled back from their positions. Hundreds of thousands of civilians are living in fear of their lives in Ukrainian occupied territory.

      It was noticeable (and sickening) how the western media cried crocodile tears for the civilians in Debaltsevo when the militia began it's advances into the town. Western hypocrisy has reached incredible depths.

      The old woman in the video with the commander of the Ghost brigade refers to the Ukrainian army as followers of Satan. There was a video a couple of days ago showing the Azov paramilitaries shelling the coastal town of Shirokino where one of the fighters said that God was on their side, to be corrected by another who said that it was Lucifer he should be thanking.



    4. Thanks Anthony- to get an idea of the terrain and the shelling the video made the point- I just love to know everything that is being said

      I shall look at your newest

      And Anonymous? 1:10 am, Thanks to you too. Subtitled? so that is very good- for me and the other one language persons hanging about :)

  3. Beware the Ides of March and the False Flags of February. One large explosion that would wipe out a large number of Kiev troops would be an idea situation for the gangster Nuland and company.

    1. I am actually of the mind that we aren't going to be looking at a big war- but for sure anything can be used to up the ante in this situation
      Thanks Greg

  4. The south of the Debaltsvo pot is deflating like a balloon as the Ukrainian army quits its positions in a desperate attempt to head north and break out of the pot.

    This is good news for the militia because the Ukrainians had months to prepare their defences and the withdrawal means that costly street fighting will be avoided in a number of settlements.

    There are reports of at least 1000 Ukrainian soldiers laying down their arms and being taken prisoner. Regular army / conscripts will be returned to their families while I assume that the militia will handle paramilitaries, mercenaries and national guard troops differently. It is likely that these units will continue to fight or try to flee.

    Military Maps was showing fresh attacks from the north and attempted breakouts from the south, but the militia lines seem to be holding firm and keeping the lid of the pot closed.

    Poroshenko apparently still refuses to acknowledge the existence of the pot and claims that the Ukrainian army is conducting a strategic withdrawal. How much longer the Ukrainian leadership can fool the Ukrainian people is a big question.

    Note on Military Maps that the Ukrainians have built and continue to build a defensive line south of the lakes at Svetlodarsk. Given how realtively easy it would be for the militia to seal off these positions north of the lakes, the identity of the next pot would seem to be clear.

    The Debaltseve pot clearing operation was apparently the first time that the Donetsk and Lugansk militias really worked closely together. When the pot is cleared they will both enjoy the benefits of considerably shortening the front lines.



    1. Thanks Anthony for all you do in keeping me in the loop and leaving info for others, it's great!