Sunday, March 29, 2015


Another AGW fabrication bites the dust. Hey, hey, hey!

Recall last year and the year before and the year before that one, the cultish adherents of AGW started spinning that warming = cooling.  Which made zero sense! 
So imagine my absolute non surprise this chilly, below normal temperature, first week of spring gone and done morning, to read this news?

Global Warming/AGW DOES NOT CAUSE extreme winters

Cold snaps like the ones that hit the eastern United States in the past winters are not a consequence of  (global warming AGW) climate change. Scientists at ETH Zurich and the California Institute of Technology have shown that global warming actually tends to reduce temperature variability
 Repeated cold snaps led to temperatures far below freezing across the eastern (central) United States (and Canada & parts of Europe etc...) in the past two winters. Parts of the Niagara Falls froze, and ice floes formed on Lake Michigan. Pictures of icy, snow-covered cities made their way around the world, raising the question of whether (Global warming/AGW) climate change could be responsible for these extreme events.

Temperature range will decrease

Scientists at ETH Zurich and at the California Institute of Technology, led by Tapio Schneider, professor of climate dynamics at ETH Zurich, have come to a different conclusion. They used climate simulations and theoretical arguments to show that in most places, the range of temperature fluctuations will decrease as the climate warms. So not only will cold snaps become rarer simply because the climate is warming. Additionally, their frequency will be reduced because fluctuations about the warming mean temperature also  become smaller, the scientists wrote in the latest issue of the Journal of Climate.
Temperature fluctuations or extremes should lessen. And cold snaps will become more rare because of global temperature equalization according to AGW/Global warming theory. That is not what is happening, at all!

One of this past winter’s northeastern snowstorms swirls off the coast of New England in the satellite image

Study: Global warming not to blame for fierce winter

As you will read the IPCC is completely on board and aware of this information!

Using a highly simplified climate model, they examined various climate scenarios to verify their theory. It showed that the temperature variability in mid-latitudes decreases as the temperature difference between the poles and the equator diminishes.
Climate model simulations by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) showed similar results: as the climate warms, temperature differences in mid-latitudes decrease, and so does temperature variability, especially in winter.
 And yet, the past few years have been getting colder and colder with the last two winters being particularly brutal here in Canada and the US and further south still.  Right now our temps are still well below normal!

Global warming doesn’t cause extreme winters, study says
 Global warming doesn’t cause extreme winters, a study has found—instead it tends to re­duce tem­per­a­ture vari­abil­ity.

That a warming trend doesn’t cause cold snaps might seem obvious, but it had been a question. Tem­per­a­tures plunged far be­low freez­ing across the east­ern Un­ited States in the past two win­ters. Parts of the Ni­ag­a­ra Falls froze, and ice floes formed on Lake Mich­i­gan. Some theories pointed to global warming as a culprit.

 Us­ing a highly sim­pli­fied cli­mate mod­el, they said, they ex­am­ined var­i­ous cli­mate sce­nar­i­os to ver­i­fy their the­o­ry. Cli­mate mod­el sim­ula­t­ions by the Intergo­vernmental Pan­el on Cli­mate Change showed si­m­i­lar re­sults, they said: as the cli­mate warms, tem­per­a­ture dif­fer­ences in mid-latitudes de­crease. So does tem­per­a­ture vari­abil­ity, es­pe­cially in win­ter.

 In conclusion AGW or Global Warming should make the winters warmer! That is absolutely not happening- I can attest to this fact because millions of us have to live through these longer colder without respite winters. Crops are affected. Water mains bursting, water leaking, road damage, birds dying- shore erosion, sink holes etc- The reality doesn't fit the fiction.

Today an Air Canada jet made a hard landing, in the snow- At the end of March/2015

The Halifax region was under a snowfall warning, with an Environment Canada alert saying, "Visibility may be suddenly reduced at times in heavy snow.
The aircraft skidded for a long time before coming to a stop, said Hall, who is retired and lives in Mount Uniake, N.S.
“We were sliding along on our belly,” he said.
Hall said the aircraft hit so hard, the landing gear and at least one of the engines was ripped from the plane.
“I was looking out and I saw the landing gear go and I saw an engine go,” said Hall.
 Hall said passengers left the plane immediately but they were left standing on the tarmac for more than an hour as they were lashed by wind-whipped snow.

It appears in poor visibility conditions, thanks to heavy snow which should not be happening if the planet was warming per AGW - the plane hit a power line, did a hard landing and slid for a good while, falling to pieces in the process


  1. It's another record day in my part of Calif. 86f is expected yesterday was 85f and no rain in sight.

    1. Hi jo- I suspect you and I are caught up in something that has nothing to do with AGW.
      For instance in these parts we have had two consecutive years of record setting cold- this after winters prior getting progressively cooler and longer
      The Great Lakes have had two consecutive years of record ice cover
      The Welland Canal is still closed. It is having one of the latest openings on record- not till April 3rd or something like that?
      I'm going to do a post on it- And I'm not sure if it will open then?
      The ice breakers are working to get the great lakes ice broken up, but, we are still in well below average temperatures- I was out at the Lake last week- Lake Erie- Ice as far as the eyes could see.
      Yesterday morning, March 28 we awoke to temps of 20 F or nearly - 7 celsius
      This is not normal

      Hubby had his birthday last week- his mom told him when she had him 53 years ago- it was summer
      beautiful weather people in shorts
      We will soon be celebrating our daughters bday- when I had here...29 years ago- it was summer too- in fact I spent the last month of my pregnancy which was march being too warm- going to hospital in light jacket in the middle of the night- now I'm still wearing a winter coat and my crocus flowers are no where to be seen.

      The Lake shores are supposed to be eroding in some spots due to the ice- cold water expands
      My home heating bill (printed on the bill) informed me, as if I didn't know, that Jan and Feb of this year were 17 percent colder then Jan and Feb of last year
      And last year was terribly cold and most certainly colder then the year before that

      And wine country has suffered yet more losses- will see how the tenderfruit growers do? Over all it's not inspiring here either :(

  2. O/T but a Russian scientist has figured out Cold Fusion. If you back a few days at this site it's a very interesting story. There are now other scientist work duping the project but everyone seems to think this for real. I came by this from my friend 99 blog stop.

    They still have a long way to go but the have broken through the hard part.

    Oh, I think the Syrian army is holding their own at this time. In a few days we'll find out if Ziad right and I hope he is. It's has gotten crazy there, paid trolls?

    1. Yah, I saw that at Ziad's place- outrageous. And I'm not certain about the situation in idlib, really- everything pours out on social media but that doesn't make it true. Recall the sarin gas attacks? That sure didn't happen as told all over social media

      Thanks for the info on cold fusion, I will look at it :)

    2. idlib: Looks like the Turks are pushing the offensive to open up the land routes as the US and UK forces openly descend to train. The Turkish drone shoot down last week and Turkish shelling look like a coordinated move with the town taken out by the Jordan border. Idlib was oone of the picket zones carved out by Turkey in the UN safe zone proposal. Looks like a carbon copy of the last major rebel offensive when the Turks shot down a Syrian plane? US escalating wepons deliveries to Lebanon as the US adviser says coalition troops on the ground in Syria now.

      Meanwhile as the US ratchets up the Tikrit engagement a drone strike just took out some Iranians.

      MSM out in force again on the Saudi and Russian schism - rinse wash repeat. Yemen's Saleh son just "removed" reportedly - Saudi analog Abdullah son running the national guard
      MSM pushing the clash of civ meme hard into Iran hedged deal