Monday, March 30, 2015

Alexander Dugin: The Fourth Political Theory & Western Liberalism

For some reason this gentleman's name caught my eye? Where had I seen it before? Possibly Saker's place? I'm not sure? No matter! Where ever it was, I saw the name, recalled it and thought what the heck, give it a listen. So glad I did! This fellow is quite interesting... really!
 Thanks to Henrik at Red Ice, for conducting this brilliant interview for us all to enjoy.
It really provided me with much food for thought. And if anyone else can provide me with some insights or direct me towards additional interviews with him I would just love to listen to more!

"Aleksandr Dugin is one of the best-known writers and political commentators in post-Soviet Russia. In addition to the many books he has authored on political, philosophical and spiritual topics, he currently serves on the staff of Moscow State University, and is the intellectual leader of the Eurasia Movement. For more than a decade, he has also been an advisor to Vladimir Putin and others in the Kremlin on geopolitical matters, being a vocal advocate of a return of Russian power to the global stage, to act as a counterweight to American domination. Dugin joins us to speak about the subject of his book, The Fourth Political Theory. He begins with an overview of this political vision, one that is a fundamental criticism of liberalism in all forms, but does not fall into communism, nationalism or fascism. Dugin explains the need for critically thinking people in the world to imagine an alternative to liberalism, and how this very confusing and destructive ideology is truly a totalitarian way of thinking. We consider the key liberalist issues as being tests to see how far people are willing to go to completely give up traditional values, and we look at the globalist capital system that is exacerbating the identity crisis of the west. In the second half, Dugin details the fine points of Eurasianism, a vision of world history based on geopolitics and the virility of diverse civilizations. We look at Russia’s place amongst the global elite, her unwavering sovereignty that will ultimately resist globalization, and a deeply rooted cultural dimension that cannot be divided from Europe. Dugin speaks of the US’s constant meddling and manufacturing of conflicts between Russia and Europe, and we discuss the importance of creating a strong European cooperative to balance the liberalist power monopoly. In conclusion, Dugin notes his contributions to Putin’s current ideology and the rising influence of the Forth Political Theory in liberating Russia from the globalist grip"

From earlier today
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  1. Not Fair, I'll come back tomorrow to read in whole.

    1. Sorry jo- but it's here for you :)

  2. Penny,

    You are refreshingly young, I can see.
    The Dugin gentleman and scholar is around and making big splashes since at least 1988, growing in stature ever since. He was credited at times of being the secret counselor of Putin, no less. He acknowledges as one of his most influential "gurus" the French-Romanian writer (and noted Eurasiatist) Jean Parvulesco (Pârvulescu), whose funerals he attended in Paris in 2010. A very interesting character this Parvulesco (see See also

    1. Hey wizoz- not refreshingly young, but, possibly younger then you
      So, you know this man? Interesting. And I will read the link you left.
      He made many good points that I could agree with
      The danger humanity is in - check
      Of their own foolishness- check
      Though they aren't aware of it -check
      I am actually going to listen yet again- that makes three times to get a better grasp on his concepts-
      He does seem a thoughtful person- and that is right up my alley