Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Bill Gates- Extols the benefits of a Global Tyranny

(ANTIMEDIA) In a recent interview with the German publication “Süddeutsche Zeitung“, Bill Gates made some disturbing comments in favor of world government.
Go away Bill, the world does not need another "philanthropist"

Not only did Gates advocate global government, but he also spoke favorably of the UN and NATO, completely overlooking that they are a major force of oppression in the world. NATO can’t even hold a meeting without thousands of people gathering in the streets to protest their actions. Someone as heavily involved in world affairs as Bill Gates should know all about this.

During the interview last month, Gates said, “Take the UN, it has been created especially for the security in the world. We are ready for war, because we have taken every precaution. We have NATO, we have divisions, jeeps, trained people. But what is with epidemics? How many doctors do we have as much planes, tents, what scientists? If there were such a thing as a world government, we would be better prepared. “

Not long ago this subject was considered a total conspiracy theory, but now one of the richest people in the world is openly suggesting that this is a good idea. Governments are generally a pretty bad idea, even when they are small they can still do a tremendous amount of damage. So when a government rules the entire planet, there is no telling what type of atrocities it will be capable of.

The UN was created for 'world security'? World security for who, exactly? The psychopathic elites?
The plundering multinationals? Certainly not for the regular folk.
Flashback!  UN: Child trafficking on the Rise and UN intervention is at the heart of the problem!

NATO. Yah, we have NATO the global military apparatchik of the UN.
NATO destroying nations, killing children aiding in drug and human trafficking

World government would be nothing more then a global gulag- Period!

German article via translate


  1. Made men are so cute. Imagine becoming the worlds wealthiest and in your spare time saving the world. It is the simple goodness in Americans that is the real selling point in their global leadership. To bad W. Buffett couldn't have pitched in an "atta boy Bill", after all his goodness is rated in the mid tens of billions and he did pitch for the same team.

  2. did you mean made men?
    or did you mean MAD men? because, wrt Buffett or Gates
    MAD could apply too

  3. Mean Mister MustardMarch 3, 2015 at 12:47 PM

    I guess rubbell means 'made men' in the Mafia sense; they have moved from the profane to the elect.

    When I was working at IBM, many moons ago, there was much consternation at how or why Gates was gifted DOS, the operating system for the IBM-PC. He was a 'made man' from then on.

  4. Mean Mister MustardMarch 3, 2015 at 1:51 PM

    I'm sure everyone here has seen the famous Bill Gates TED-Talk 'Innovating to Zero' where he skillfully blends the warming hoax, allopathic medicine hoax, vaccines and eugenics.

    If you haven't seen it-

    He gets to the nitty gritty around 4:00 where he demonstrates his pseudo-science prowess by creating a few factors and multiplying them - genius.

    4:23 "(trying to hide his smirk)..lets look at each one of these (factors) and see how we can get this down to zero..probably one of these numbers is going to have to get pretty near to zero.."
    4:30 audience titters as some get the joke - the idea is to reduce CO2 & 'global warming' by reducing population towards zero.
    4:40 "..now if we do a really great job on new vaccines, healthcare, reproductive health services, we could lower that by perhaps 10 to 15 percent.."
    4:54 "the second factor is the services we use; this encompasses everything, the food we eat, clothing.."

    The remainder of the talk is less blatant but mostly is centered around pushing for a (global) regulatory framework for reducing CO2 at any price. There is a big effort going on to replace efficient, reliable centralised power generation with 'modern', 'sustainable', unreliable power. The old systems will be regulated out, or allowed to decay and become unreliable to create the push for the 'modern' localised micro-generation replacement; for example the bonkers 'Pavement Power'-

    Of course this global regulation is leading towards global governance of global citizens-

    1. thanks mmm- I have heard/read of the Gates TEDtalk,,but, never took it in
      so, the link will be handy for me
      The man is detestable, PM Harper was sitting next to him pushing the vaccine agenda big time- you know it's up to us cancer ridden folk to set and example for the third world- what an idiot
      Harper and Gates
      Like blights on the planet, both of them

  5. http://www.bloomberg.com/bw/stories/2004-10-24/the-man-who-could-have-been-bill-gates

    The story on dos and how bill and ibm screwed over the writer of the software. Then without Paul Allen money little billy wouldn't rich and screwing over the poor of the world.

    I kind a like Paul Allen he builds his own stadiums and arenas for his sport teams. Then he also sued every slime ball who thought they own Jimi Hendrix rights and gave them to the Hendrix Family.

    1. thanks jo- now I have interesting reading and viewing :)