Thursday, March 12, 2015

Crimeans, overwhelmingly prefer Russia! More then 80% approval!

No matter how much nonsense spewed by Western leadership via the dizzying spin from war mongering, corporate western media- The Crimeans are very happy to be back, at home, with Russia- Not a surprise since they voted to do just that

A telephone poll conducted by a German firm among Crimeans in January found that over 80 percent of respondents were happy to be newly-minted Russians.

*One Year Later, Crimeans Prefer Russia

A far more rigorous survey, conducted on the ground in Crimea by two US professors working with the independent Levada Center in Moscow, arrived at nearly identical results. Despite the transitional troubles of the past year, 84 percent of Crimeans regard the annexation as "the right thing to do."
Over 80 to 84 percent approval. "The right thing to do"
No conundrum- The people have spoken
 Yet the world’s view is that Russia violated Ukraine’s territorial integrity – and therein lies the conundrum. "Russia’s annexation of Crimea was an illegal act under international law [but] it is also an act that enjoys the widespread support of the peninsula’s inhabitants," the survey's authors write.
The world's view is NOT that Russia violated Ukraine's territory. That's just the spin. That's simply what the talking heads want us to believe! The Crimeans wanted to go back to Russia.  The Crimean people voted. The Crimean exercised their right to self determination. Period. End of Sentence

This also happens to be the case with most of the people in Eastern Ukraine. And they too have a right to self determination.

I love this castle in Crimea!

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Operative linked to Canadian Intelligence Service involved in ISIS recruitment


  1. Thanks for this update, Penny. Now if only Canada would recognize the legal referendum of the Crimeans to join Russia. Maybe after next October.

    1. Hi greencrow- Canada is pathetic in towing the lie of annexation
      and did you see my earlier post- Canada recruiting for ISIS
      caught and outed by Turkey- wow!

  2. The picture didn't open for me and how sad the crazy people would pick the evil empire of Russia over Amerika and the controlled message all people should be free but living under control of a Amerikas managers.

    Time to whine and dinner

    1. Hey jo
      fixed the pics, don't know why that one was giving me trouble
      two of them there now
      wine and dine
      I will have some news regarding the wine industry here
      one of my fave industries -lol

  3. Hi Penny,

    "The Crimean Conundrum" shows that "The Crimean Affair" refuses to die.
    A short reminder (I think that I wrote once about - early onset of Alzheimer?) of what the "conundrum" is about:

    From 'Encyclopedia Judaica: The Crimean Affair'

    "Name used to refer to the closed antisemitic trial of the Jewish *Anti-Fascist Committee (JAC) held in Moscow from May to July 1952. One of the pretexts may have been a memorandum presented in the summer of 1944 by members of the Committee to the Soviet leadership containing a proposal to create a Jewish Soviet republic in the *Crimea (the Tatar population of which was exiled by Stalin by May 1944) on the territory of the former German republic of the Volga. Noting the successes of the Jewish national regions in the Crimea and in the Kerson region, the authors of the memorandum based their proposal on the lack of a geographical base of a significant part of the Jewish population of the Soviet Union and on the need to grant the Jews equality in governmental-legal terms with the other nationalities of the Soviet Union. They also expressed the hope that "the Jewish masses of all countries, in particular the United States would give substantial aid" to building up such a republic. Despite the rumors that some members of the Politburo of the Central Committee ( Lazar *Kaganovich and Vyacheslav Molotov) were favorably disposed toward the idea of the "Crimean Plan," it was rejected in 1944.
    The proposals of the memorandum contained nothing radically new. Projects for establishing a Jewish republic in the southern Ukraine or in the Crimea had been suggested earlier. For example, in 1923 the social leader A. Bragin had proposed that one be established on the Black Sea coast from Bessarabia to Abkhaz with its capital in Odessa, while Yuri *Larin supported, in opposition to the Birobidzhan plan, a Jewish autonomous area in the southern Crimean and Azov region centered in Kerch."

    From: 'Israel’s Secret Plan for a «Second Israel» in Ukraine, by Wayne MADSEN 03.12.2014 10:04':

    "The Times of Israel, an independent Israeli newspaper that counts among its staff a number of former reporters for the Israeli daily Ha’aretz, published a fascinating but largely overlooked story datelined Jerusalem and Zhitomir, Ukraine, March 16, 2014, and which was written by its respective Russian and Ukrainian correspondents, Hirsh Ostropoler and I. Z. Grosser-Spass, citing a secret report provided to the Israeli government. The report, written by a select panel of scholars of Jewish history drawn from academia and other research centers, concluded that that European Jews are in fact descended from Khazars, a war-like Mongol-Tatar group that ruled over Ukraine and southern Russia, which mass-converted to Judaism in the eighth century AD...

    The Israeli and Ukrainian Jewish plan is to resettle the Ashkenazis from the West Bank in the Russian autonomous republic of Crimea after what they see will be an eventual retrocession of the peninsula to Ukraine. The ultimate plans of Ukrainian Zionists such as Kolomoisky, in addition to such American allies as Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Victoria Nuland and U.S. ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt, is to establish an autonomous Jewish region of Crimea and restore to the peninsula the original Khazarian name of Chazerai. Although the Tatars who live in Crimea and elsewhere today are largely Muslims, the plans to create a Khazar nation in Ukraine will also likely involve global proselytization by Israelis and Ukrainians who are bent on restoring Khazaria as an alternative to Israel".

    You connect the dots.

    1. Hi WizOz

      anytime I read stuff like that blah, blah blah goes through my head
      it's such tiresome stuff

      "based their proposal on the lack of a geographical base of a significant part of the Jewish population of the Soviet Union"

      "the need to grant the Jews equality in governmental-legal term"

      the entitled ones- the chosen ones- always looking for that which belongs to others..

      No offence WizOz and believe me I get the point your making
      it's just so dam nauseating, all the time

      " Despite the rumors that some members of the Politburo of the Central Committee ( Lazar *Kaganovich and Vyacheslav Molotov) were favorably disposed toward the idea of the "Crimean Plan," it was rejected in 1944."


      No wonder other people get so sick and tired of this bunch!

  4. Beware of Hirsh Ostropoler and I.Z. Grosser-Spass!

    Don't let them pull anymore wool over your eyes. I.Z. Grosser-Spass means "It's a great/big joke". And why, all of a sudden, would they want to go back where they came from? 'They' have managed to establish cushy places all over the world. No need to retreat.

    1. Oh yes. I should have quote the original from Times of Israel:

      The Blogs > Jim Wald
      This post has been contributed by a third party. The opinions, facts and any media content here are presented solely by the author, and The Times of Israel assumes no responsibility for them. In case of abuse, report this post.
      'Leaked report: Israel acknowledges Jews in fact Khazars; Secret plan for reverse migration to Ukraine, March 18, 2014,
      Jerusalem and Zhitomir, 16 March/Adar II 14
      (Our Russian and Ukrainian correspondents Hirsh Ostropoler and I. Z. Grosser-Spass also contributed to this story, delayed due to the crisis over the Crimean referendum.)

      Typical Jewish way to go around the real problems.

      But that is no more joke:

      '100,000 Former Soviet Jews In Israel Return To Russia', By Michael Mainville
      Special to the Star
      The Toronto Star, 5-4-5'

      Nor this:

      'World’s Largest Jewish Center Opens in Dnepropetrovsk
      By Tamar Runyan | October 17, 2012 9:00 PM'
      ...financed by the President of the Dnepropetrovsk Jewish Community, Gennady Bogolubov and the president of the United Jewish Community of Ukraine, Igor Kolomoyskyi.

      Nor this (from Kiyv Post)

      'New beacon spurs revival of Jewish life in Dnipropetrovsk', Nov. 22, 2012, 10:45 p.m. | Travel — by Annabelle Chapman...

      'Today, Dnipropetrovsk is home to an estimated 50,000-70,000 Jews, although the official count is much lower – at 12,000 people. Up to 80,000 Jews left the city for Israel. But many came back. Some members of the Jewish community in Dnipropetrovsk have Israeli passports'.


      'According to the Israeli website, a unit of 35 armed and masked men and women on Maidan square is commanded by four former Israeli Army officers, who wear a kippah under their helmets.
      The site claims that these former officers, who live today in Ukraine, joined the movement since the beginning of the events alongside the Freedom Party (Svoboda), although the latter has a reputation for being virulently anti-Semitic.
      With the help of the Israeli Embassy, this intervention force reportedly also handled the transfer of 17 seriously injured persons to Israel for treatment.
      The presence of Israeli units had been reported in a similar scenario in Georgia, both in during the "Rose Revolution" (2003) that in the war against South Ossetia (2008)'.@

      How come that Yatseniuk and Poroshenko (at least) are Jews "led from behind" by the "Khazar" Kaganess of the Nuland?

    2. I'm not 100 percent certain what your saying in the comment. Sorry- early am.
      If you could clarify it, that would be great and thanks!

    3. Quite strangely the comment I made in response to MachtNichts has vanished in thin ether.
      I was pointing out that there is a Jewish habit to present all damaging truth about themselves as "conspiracy theories" and poke fun at those who are shtupid enough to take them seriously.
      I quoted some other sources which indicate that the whole operation Ukraine is a Jewish cum Israeli plot. That the actual President, Prime-Minister, some Ministers, Governors, "led from behind" by the Kagan (simbolic name!) clan, are of the tribe is proof enough.
      "That Bereza (Right Sector’s speaker) is a proudly outspoken and synagogue-going Jew is often pointed out by those who do not agree with the mounting equivalence of Right Sector with neo-fascism", that "Jewish leaders in Crimea back Ukrainian government, call for Russian withdrawal", that "Jews and Ukrainians Have Become Unlikely Allies despite a history of Jewish-Ukrainian unhappy relations... but these days, the two sides are joining forces against Vladimir Putin", that "if there is any anti-semitism in Ukraine it 'emanates' from Russia", is clear and convincing proof.

    4. Mean Mister MustardMarch 14, 2015 at 6:46 AM

      I get what MachtNichts is driving at -

      That 'Israel’s Secret Plan for a «Second Israel» in Ukraine, by Wayne MADSEN' was originally published by the Times of Israel as satire - a joke against the Khazar 'conspiracy theories' of the dumb goyim. There are plenty of clues in the piece that it is satire and it doesn't matter that there may be more than a grain of truth in it - that well is now tainted.

      It was sad to see some of us (dumb goyim truthers) bite that big fat juicy worm when the ToI joke was first released but it was even sadder to see Wayne Madsen promulgate it months later and then have some more reputable outlets such as Voltairenet make fools of themselves by unthinkingly publishing Madsen's article.

      Advice for 'truthers': it is not clever to mistake satire for truth; when you see a big fat juicy worm wriggling in front of you make damn sure there is not a hook attached! The enemy is not stupid.

      You are very good at avoiding these traps Penny ;-) but unfortunately too many others jump into them with both feet.

      (sorry for mixing fish-hook and bear-trap metaphors :-(

    5. WizOz- I will check in the spam file and see if your lost comment can be found- but, blogger has a habit of doing that kind of stuff

      If it's there I will post it

    6. MMM- FWIW, Wayne Madsen = Gordon Duff
      Neither of them trustworthy, entirely, so best avoided
      that's just my own opinion

    7. WizOz- Yup, it was in spam- Apologies for not checking there, but, usually it is full of spam type stuff- so admittedly I don't check as often as I should
      Please let me know if that ever happens again?
      I only delete anything other then real trolling ad hominem type garbage
      and WizOz, you never fall into that category- never

    8. Mean Mister MustardMarch 14, 2015 at 10:16 AM

      WizOz said "I was pointing out that there is a Jewish habit to present all damaging truth about themselves as "conspiracy theories" and poke fun at those who are shtupid enough to take them seriously."

      Very true. The problem is that Madsen didn't bother to explain that the TOI article was truth masquerading as satire but presented it as a revelation which it wasn't. Madsen wasn't the only one to miss the 'satire' trap.

      "I quoted some other sources which indicate that the whole operation Ukraine is a Jewish cum Israeli plot."

      Yes it is, like so much else.

      News of Khazar Khaganate-

    9. The "revival" of the Khazar meme is certainly a metaphor for the real return of the former refuseniks emigrated to Israel to the former Soviet Union and former Communist Countries of the East. All have double nationality and by Ukraine accession to EU they would have a third one.

      'Israelis Leave Their 'Promised Land' Forced Out By A Battered Economy And Years Of Violence', By Justin Huggler
      The Independent - UK

      'Jews Who Fled the Soviet Union Return to Russia', by MICHAEL MAINVILLE, Special to the Sun | May 20, 2005

      'Russian immigrants leaving Israel, discouraged by conversion woes
      Figures show one-third of Israelis who emigrated in recent years were not accepted as Jews in the country', by Judy Maltz | Nov. 2, 2014 | 10:01 AM | 8

      'World’s Largest Jewish Center Opens in Dnepropetrovsk'
      By Tamar Runyan | October 17, 2012 9:00 PM

      "Designed by architect Alexander Sorin, the center will serve as a platform for the ongoing revival of the local Jewish community, which has been headquartered at the historic Golden Rose Synagogue under the direction of Chabad-Lubavitch Rabbi Shmuel Kamenetzki....
      Oleksandr Vilkul, chairman of the Dnepropetrovsk Regional State Administration, addressed the crowd, calling the opening of the Menorah Center a landmark event, not only on the scale of the Dnepropetrovsk region and the wider nation of Ukraine, but on a GLOBAL LEVEL as well. Vilkul, who expressed deep gratitude to Bogolubov and Kolomoyskyy in building the center and museum, said it was no coincidence that the impressive center was built in one of the childhood hometowns of the Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson, of righteous memory....
      One of the center’s priorities is to use the profits from the businesses to fund charitable projects." (for returned "refuseniks"?)

      'In Chaos of Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk Again Stands as a Beacon of Refuge
      For decades, it was home to the Rebbe’s family; today, the city is absorbing Jewish refugees, as it has in the past', by Dovid Margolin | October 7, 2014 9:00 AM
      "...The Jewish governor of the region, Igor Kolomoyski, who together with fellow philanthropist and president of the Dnepropetrovsk Jewish Community Gennady Bogolyubov funded construction of the $100 million Menorah Center, is strongly pro-Ukrainian. He is also credited by much of the city for heading off any possible separatist activity in Dnepropetrovsk"

      'Dnepropetrovsk and indeed the entire Jewish community of Ukraine, will have a multi-purpose, state-of-the-art complex which will include a community centre, museum, shops, kosher restaurants, leisure facilities, offices, apartments, a hotel and more. In addition, the project is creating much needed local employment during the construction process, and will offer dozens of new permanent jobs once the centre opens.' (for returned "refuseniks"?)

      What about the Kaganate of Nuland? Is a bit of Kabbalah here? Sometimes fiction is more real than "reality".

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. BTW- Levada Center is not 'independent' as the article writers claim-meant to clarify that when I posted- It is funded by the US. It's a western funded ngo pollster
      Somewhere at the blog is a post that points that out
      So, Levada, likely takes the pulse of the people, for western benefit
      That said- the approval rating is so overwhelming- it's going to be very difficult for the west to keep pushing their lie of illegal annexation

  6. I've just posted a reply at the "conundrum" article. It's a bit more forthright than anything I could see there, so maybe it will fall foul of that site's moderation policy.

    In case it disappears, I'll copy it here, assuming Penny doesn't mind.


    While it is obviously welcome that a site like this is open to considering the possibility that the self-determination of the Crimean people is "legitimate", why on Earth does it keep talking about it being "illegal"? No serious argument is given for this strange claim.

    The right to self-determination is clearly enshrined in the UN Charter and in international law, and the relevant international courts have made it quite clear that the state being left has no veto on the legality or legitimacy of a democratic vote for self-determination. (If they had, the principle of self-determination would be a nullity.) The fact that Ukrainian law claims that the Crimeans have no right to self-determination is a criticism of Ukrainian law, not a proof that their self-determination is illegal.

    The only significant reason to claim that this particular exercise in self-determination is "illegal" is that the NATO powers don't like it. Most of all, they don't it like it because it robs them of what they most coveted when they organised the coup against the legitimate, democratically elected government of the Ukraine - i.e. the Sebastopol naval base. (Even before the coup had succeeded, the US Federal Business Opportunities website was inviting tenders for converting buildings in Sebastopol.)

    Obama tried to argue that the Crimea was different from Kosovo because of the difference in the form of referendum used. He claimed that in Kosovo's case, the referendum was conducted under U.N. auspices, and with the support of the neighbouring states. He is certainly right about the referendums being different. In fact there was no referendum at all when NATO separated Greater Camp Bondsteel from Serbia. Obama just lied. The Crimean change had infinitely more democratic legitimacy, not less.

    For the West to criticise Russia on the basis of the Budapest memorandum is unbelievable chutzpah. The memorandum forbad external intervention in the Ukraine. The West intervened by overthrowing the legitimate government. They cannot claim that the memorandum miraculously went into abeyance while they were putting their hand-picked putschists into power in Kiev, and then equally miraculously came back into force to prevent the people who had democratically elected the overthrown legal government asking for assistance from outside the country.

    Kruschev's gift of the Crimea to the Ukraine in the 1950's was unconstitutional. (It was not approved by the Supreme Soviets of the two republics, as required.) Crimeans have repeatedly voted by massive majorities to leave the Ukraine and re-join Russia. Their self-determination had previously always been crushed by Kiev. They took the chance to try again when the West had ensured that there was no legitimate government in Kiev to crush them again.

    It is totally a good-news story. There is no conundrum other than how the West can get out of the anti-democratic position it has adopted, without too much loss of face - or a nuclear war.

    1. I'm really pleased, that you shared your excellent comment with myself and the readers I went to look at the conundrum link and as of now it is still there It will remain here, as you left it
      Thanks for sharing!

  7. And so the mosul offensive begins
    Syrian Kurds call for airstrikes on ISIS in northeast NYT

    1. Just went to look at that news- thanks for letting me know
      ISIS will fold in the East and the Kurds will claim the territory
      In that perfect symbiotic relationship that has been seen time and time again

  8. Serbs just cut rates and pulled out of the Kosovo coalition.

    Serbs arrested on warn crimes late last year: Serbia, Bosnia Arrest 15 in War Crimes Swoop

    after the ICC finds no genocide by either croatia or serbia

    Kosovo Prime Minister Isa Mustafa said on Thursday that the Serb (Srpska) List had set no conditions to return to his government.

    LAVROV in Feb: "While the West has hit out at what it believes to be a Russian ‘annexation’ of Crimea, the Russian Foreign Minister says that the will of over 90 percent of the peninsula’s population has been ignored, pointing to a referendum in which residents almost unanimously voted to join Russia. He gave the example of Kosovo, which despite not holding a referendum, was allowed to leave Serbia and create its own state. "

    And Russia builds Macedonia pipeline

    Weeks after an attempted coup and now electronic leaks of election fraud

    Macedonia and Bosnia Propose Joint Balkan Armed Force RIA

    In Croatia calls by new PM to Serbia to back Russia sanctions

    As Croatia denies its fighters in Ukraine

    Croatia at center of Turkish arms running allegedly backed by UAE via Turkey: "From offices at secret locations, American intelligence officers have helped the Arab governments shop for weapons, including a large procurement from Croatia, and have vetted rebel commanders and groups to determine who should receive the weapons as they arrive, according to American officials speaking on the condition of anonymity."

    As for Albania, last year's dust up at a soccer game intended to inflame

    Serbian and Russian wargames wrapped up yesterday

  9. Just an fyi- this post and the one on csis recruiting for ISIS are temporarily unmoderated-

  10. those multitasking lunatics in washington are testing beijing in its very own *crimea* !

    1. reminiscent of the chinese sailors killed in a Mekong raid years ago which prompted China to deploy patrols. Shan /golden triangle

    2. anon

      thats definitely another murikkan black op.
      the men executed in china are just fall guys.
      the real killers are most likely murikkan faction in the thai armed forces.
      ever since the murikkan *pivot* to asia, shits like this start occuring all around china's backyard.

  11. Related to the Khazar revival comments above -

    the autonomous Jewish 'Crimean California' plan-

    1. Thank you,

      I was about to draw attention on the fortruss. post, but you spared me the effort.
      It is good that the elephant is coming out of the room.

      Just a few highlights to show why the USrael can't stop foaming at the mouth:

      "In case of successful implementation the authors of the note guaranteed the receipt of tens of millions of dollars "through Jewish, American, and international organizations", as this "will cause an unprecedented interest in all economically and politically powerful organizations in America and Europe".

      "the largest financial and political families in America - Rockefeller, Marshall, Warburg, Roosevelt, Hoover, and others became the holders of the shares of land in Crimea."

      "D. Rosenberg admitted during the interview: "Crimea interests us not only as Jews, but as Americans, because Crimea - is the Black sea, the Balkans and Turkey".

      "The President (Roosevelt) approves of Your (Harriman) plans. He added to them the following. Coexistence on the territory of Crimea of the Soviet Black Sea Fleet and the Jewish Republic, open for free entry of Jews from all over the world is not feasible, fraught with unpredictable consequences. This initially caused him to doubt the possibility of the "Crimean project". Crimea should become a demilitarized zone. Let Stalin know, that he should be ready to relocate the fleet from Sevastopol to Odessa and the Black sea coast of the Caucasus. Then we will believe that the Crimean Jewish Republic is a reality and not a propaganda myth.
      J. Marshall"

      Of course the posts should be read in full.

  12. I wish people would stop using the word 'annexation' which implies a forcible taking and incorporating if something . The crimeans voted in free elections . There was no force used by anyone. Now what Kiev regime is doing in novorossiya : that's an annexation