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Kolomoisky: Quit, Resigned, Fired, Reigned in by Kiev? Maybe something else?

 Another day. Another step closer to Ukraine's new coup. With a military dictatorship, most likely, to be put in place. The bursting of the bubble that was 'democratic' Ukraine is on full display. Of course that was never really the case. It was just the delusion. Ukraine was always being set up for plunder and dictatorship. It's the banker way

  So, Kolomoisky?  Quit? Resigned? Fired? Reigned in by Kiev? - Or something else entirely? 
Take your pick! Multiple headlines making multiple claims.   Me? I am going with something else entirely!  Kolomoisky is too powerful to be taken down by Poroshenko , via decree. And both men know it. What are those documents signed by Poroshenko?  Recall Kolomoisky stole documents from the State oil office when he broke into it with his thugs? What were those documents? Are they the documents being signed in the Presidential Office? Clearly there is something else going on, no matter the presentation.

Photographs posted on the presidential website show both men sitting around a table at the presidential office during late-night discussions — with Mr Poroshenko signing documents.

 If you are unfamiliar with Kolomoisky's romp through the Ukrainian state oil office. Refresh or bring yourself up to speed reading the post from last week:  Ukraine Oligarch Kolomoisky & his thug army break into Ukraine State Oil Office.

Onto today's news

Poroshenko removes regional oligarch in political shake-up

Ukraine’s president has sacked regional governor Igor Kolomoisky, one of the country’s most influential oligarchs, amid an escalating showdown over political influence and control over state oil companies.

The political shake-up, made by Petro Poroshenko — himself an oligarch threatens to test unity of the country’s pro-western political establishment..
According to a statement posted on the presidential website at 1:45am on Wednesday morning, Mr Kolomoisky’s resignation as governor of the industrialised region of Dnipropetrovsk was accepted minutes after Mr Poroshenko signed into law legislation that threatened to strip his rival of control over management at Ukrnafta, the country’s top oil producer that is majority owned by the government.
So,  is Kolomoisky not just managing Ukrnafta anymore?
Ukraine Government Tries to Rein In Oligarch Ally
WSJ is calling him an ally to Poroshenko- so.....
But the government faces the risk that confronting a powerful billionaire and ally in the fight against the separatists will destabilize an already-fraught political situation.

On Thursday, when officials moved to oust the head of the state oil transportation firm Ukrtransnafta, Mr. Kolomoisky marched into the headquarters in Kiev with his bodyguards and blocked the appointment of a new one.

On Sunday, men in camouflage converged on the headquarters of Ukrnafta, the national oil producer. The company and Mr. Kolomoisky said they were extra security.
Government security officials said they had received orders from Mr. Poroshenko to disarm the men. The situation was calm around the building in Kiev late Monday.

“None of our governors will have puppet armed forces,” Mr. Poroshenko said in a speech at the National Defense Academy on Monday.
None of our governors will have puppet armed forces? Laughing....That cat’s out of the bag!
Kolomoisky- “Appointed governor of the industrial Dnipropetrovsk region, he spent millions on a battalion that is widely credited with stemming the separatists’ westward march at a time when Ukraine’s regular army was lacking men, morale and direction.

He has won fans with his blunt style, but also courted controversy. Asked by a reporter whether he was breaking Ukrainian law by holding passports from two countries, he said he wasn’t, as he has three.

This month he said he used to pay $5 million a month in bribes to avoid hindrances to his businesses.

For years, Mr. Kolomoisky has effectively controlled Ukrnafta and Ukrtransnafta, according to officials and lawmakers. This enabled him to push aside competitors and have oil sent to a processing plant that he controls, the officials and lawmakers said.

Mr. Kolomoisky says he shares control of the companies with the state and is trying to keep them operating”
Do you believe Poroshenko denied Kolomoisky his control of Ukrnafta and Ukrtransnafta?
Kolomoisky is a thug. If Poroshenko denied Kolomoisky his access, there is going to be trouble.
If Poroshenko gave Kolomoisky the company, there is going to be trouble as Kolomoisky takes charge, in a despotic fashion

Flashback! November 28/2014
Ukraine: An Impending Coup & Military Dictatorship?
 Revisit the new "defence minister" appointed last year and his ties to Kolomoisky- Lots on Kolomoisky in that post, along with links back to previous posts.

The strongest Jew in Ukraine, perhaps in the entire world, may have already decided that he enjoys frontline politics and to stay on, to try and become the main power behind the scenes in Ukraine’s future.
Kolomoisky and his t shirt: Ukrainian Trident resembling the Jewish Menorah in the red-black colors of the Bandera flag.

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