Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Netanyahu's win- By hook or Crook? Clearly crookedness prevailed

Look at some of the headlines today regarding Netanyahu's win?
Come from behind- Stunning- St Patrick's Day Miracle?   It's pretty clear the fix is in!!  Netanyahu was needed, in power, for the war agenda & he unsurprisingly remains in power- 
Sure looks like a stolen election to me! 
Benjamin Netanyahu's Likud surges to stunning win
"Netanyahu's return to power for a 4th term likely spells trouble for Mideast peace effort"

"Herzog, who appeared poised only days ago to stage a coup, conceded defeat"

Yet, Netanyahu was behind in all final polling, immediately prior to the election!

Benjamin Netanyahu behind in final polls before Israel's election

Final opinion polls put Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud party four seats behind its centre-left rivals, days before the general election. The top-selling Yediot Aharonot showed Likud’s main challenger, the Zionist Union coalition, winning 26 of the 120 seats in parliament against 22 for the Israeli prime minister's party.
Its survey, published on Friday, of 1,032 respondents by pollster Mina Tzemach put The Joint List, a newly formed alliance of Israel’s main Arab parties, in third, with 13 seats.
The poll had a margin of error of 2.5 percentage points, the paper said.
A Panels Research poll published jointly by The Jerusalem Post and Maariv dailies showed the same four-seat gap between parties, with the Zionist Union winning 25 against 21 for Likud.
The survey of 1,300 people also saw The Joint List winning 13 places. It had a margin of error of 3.0 per cent.

Netanyahu Trails in Polls in Israel Elections

The Last Days of King Bibi

 Such sentiments seem hard to reconcile with the prevailing mood in the country. The final batch of pre-election polls all showed Netanyahu’s Likud Party trailing three or four seats behind its main challenger, the Zionist Union, a coalition led by Labor Party leader Isaac Herzog and former Justice Minister Tzipi Livni. The final survey released by Channel 10 gave Likud just 20 seats, its poorest showing yet, and the party’s internal polling suggests it could slip further—down to 17 or 18.

Let's pretend this election was not fixed somehow and blame the pollsters and the voters..??
It's simpler to fix an election then to blame numerous pollsters & the entire population of a nation, who were by all reports in a sour mood!
 Netanyahu's shock re-election leaves Israel's pollsters red-faced

 Exit polls also proved unreliable. Israel's top three television stations, airing first returns as voting booths closed, found the parties close or tied. Had that been borne out, either could have potentially headed the next government.
Haaretz asks?  How did Netanyahu score such a decisive election victory?
The prime minister who was on course for an ignominious defeat is now being sent back to the Knesset with an even bigger majority......thanks to a brilliant end-game and his rivals flawed campaigns.
So what just happened? How has Netanyahu pulled off the greatest upset of his all-too upsetting political career?
No one in his immediate circle – and certainly none of the senior Likud figures who on Tuesday were planning their moves in a post-Bibi era – expected anything near this result.

 The flawed campaign of opponents claim just doesn't add up- Because the opponents were ahead in final polling- so the opening of the Haaretz article is just silliness. 
Sure looks to be a stolen election, a win for the global war party!


  1. Blogger seems to be preventing my editing so, sorry about the weird spacing


    More on the above, I would say this more like an Amerikan election with exits saying one thing then out of no were it turns into a big win.

    1. Hi jo!

      Yup, all the pollsters got it wrong and all the people were lying- all of them
      rather then the most obvious the election was fixed

  3. I don't know what the little borderless entity even bothers to have the sham of an election. Bibi has to else can he stay one step ahead of the law/justice over the crimes of 9/11?

    1. They have to have "elections" because they are the "only democracy in the middle east" don't you know!

      About as democratic as the democracies of the US, UK et al

      Sham is a good word to describe them all. We could cry, "Referee!!!" but there are none. Those who should referee are already bought and paid for by the players who are always on the "winning" side.

    2. Hi greencrow- well anonymous answered your question and I loved the answer

      Israel is the "only democracy in the middle east"
      So for the illusion to be maintained a (s)election was necessary

    3. Was anyone under the illusion that Bibi would lose? Not that that would have change anything. Netanyahu declared that there wouldn't be any Palestinian State. Herzog declared that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel forever. See the difference? Neither do I.
      The situation was best explained by Haaretz, of all:

      Netanyahu deserves the Israeli people, and they deserve him, by Gideon Levy | Mar. 18, 2015 :

      "Netanyahu deserves the Israeli people and they deserve him. The results are indicative of the direction the country is headed: A significant proportion of Israelis has finally grown detached from reality. This is the result of years' worth of brainwashing and incitement." But: "The list of damage he has done is long. But he is the nation's, or much of the nation's, chosen one. That choice must be respected, even if it makes it difficult to hope for a good outcome".
      Of course, appearances must be kept, "only democracy...blah". You forgot the obligatory... Vibrant! (Shaking rather - go to the Wailing Wall)

    4. Hey WizOz- I figured bibi was going to win- he fits the war agenda too well
      what makes me frightened is to extend that to Canada and Stephen Harper

  4. Nice research you did for this blog. Here is a funny take on his relection.

    1. Hi Jack, I am going to delete you double comment and thanks for the link to read

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