Thursday, March 5, 2015

The Laker Arthur Anderson makes it safely to port- The Edmund Fitzgerald

Readers of this post: Great Lakes Ice Cover 2015 almost 87%. Thousands of Record Cold Temps broken may have noticed I mentioned the Laker trapped in the ice of the Great Lakes

The Arthur M Anderson

The freighter Arthur M. Anderson is caught in ice near Conneaut, Ohio, on Feb. 19. Icebreaking vessels from the U.S. and Canadian coast guards worked to free the Anderson

That ship made it safely to port- Very good news for the people on board- And their families.
I have seen many of these ships in my life. And have found them fascinating, especially when I was a child. To watch them go through any of the locks on the Seaway is very awesome.
Especially the flight locks- This blog has some great pics of the lock sytem

The flight Locks- locks 4,5 & 6

STURGEON BAY, WI -- The freighter Arthur M. Anderson finally made port this week after an end-of-the-season Indiana to Ohio run became a nearly month-long futile slog across three iced-over Great Lakes.
The 63-year-old laker, entered winter lay-up in Sturgeon Bay, Wis. on Wednesday morning, March 4, with empty holds after Lake Erie ice kept the ship from loading cargo last month.
On Feb. 22, despite the assistance of three U.S. and Canadian Coast Guard ice cutters over the course of several days, the 767-foot Anderson was unable to enter port in Conneaut, Ohio, due to ice build-up on the southern Lake Erie shoreline.
Ship owner Great Lakes Fleet, a subsidiary of Keystone Shipping Co. of California, ordered the ship back to Wisconsin, said the Coast Guard. The empty ship left Gary, Ind. on Feb. 6 to pick up iron ore powder in Ohio.
"They stopped three miles from shore," said Mark Gill, civilian director of vessel traffic services for the Coast Guard in Sault Ste. Marie. "The ice was too thick and the breakers couldn't get them through it."
"The trip was for nothing."
USCGC Mackinaw breaks ice in St. Marys RiverThe crew of Coast Guard Cutter Mackinaw maneuvers through ice on the St. Marys River near the Soo Locks in Sault Ste. Marie, Mich., March 20, 2014.
The Anderson is the last ship to make port this shipping season, which has become a repeat of the 2013-2014 deep freeze

The Arthur Anderson became"famous for its role in the Edmund Fitzgerald sinking"

 The Edmund Fitzgerald
The 729-foot freighter left Superior, Wisconsin, on Nov. 9 with a full load of 26,000 tons of Minnesota-made taconite iron ore pellets just before a huge storm engulfed the region. The ore carrier was on its way to a steel mill at Zug Island near Detroit but sunk in waves that some call the largest they'd ever seen on Lake Superior. All 29 crew members on board perished.
Late on the afternoon of the 10th, the captain of the Fitzgerald, Ernest M. McSorely, made radio contact with another ship, the Avafor, and reported that the Fitz was listing badly to one side, had lost both radars, and was taking heavy seas over the deck in one of the "worst seas" he had ever been in. Northwest winds were blowing near 60 mph with higher gusts.
At about 4 p.m. an estimated 75-knot (86 mph) hurricane-force northwest wind gust struck the ore carrier Arthur M. Anderson. At 7 p.m. the Anderson, trailing the Fitzgerald by about 10 miles, was struck by two waves estimated at 25 feet or higher.
The last radio contact from the Fitzgerald to the Anderson was: "We are holding our own," about 7:10 that night. But the Fitz's lights faded from sight in a snow squall and then disappeared from the Anderson's radar screen minutes later. No distress signal was sent.

The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald- Gordon LightFoot


  1. Hi Penny,

    First I want to thank you for the info on endocrine disruptors and to let you know that I shared it with my contacts regardless of my opinion of their state of mind vis-à-vis these matters.

    I think you should listen to show number 324 for March 3rd at this link

    With regards to the chem trail stuff, I seem to remember hearing/reading somewhere a while back that analysis of the trails showed traces of blood and biological matter as well as the heavy metals and thinking that that was disgusting and wondering why that would be there. Maybe Clint is right in this analysis of the trails. Maybe they are multi functional and not just weather related.

    There are quite a few shows on this site about vaccines too.

    Regards and thank you again for all your hard wok here.

    1. Thanks and share the endocrine disruptor stuff no matter the mindset, eventually it will trickle through to the masses, seriously, it will

      The chem trail stuff, I am not really familiar with at all
      I would be completely overstretched if I even tried to go there
      And plenty of other people are covering that topic. The EDC's however, totally different story- I have only heard Curtis Duncan speak often on the subject and as for the main stream media- the coverage is sparse and I often spend time searching and searching before i can find anything decent, often having to delve in more scholarly work or non NGO grass roots environmental orgs

  2. I completely understand that you cant cover everything and don't think you should even try that. I felt this was pertinent to your blog as he talks about chemtrails as a method for aerial vaccination. I seem to recall there was something about aerial vaccines proposal in Australia not so long ago. Throws a whole different spanner into the debate on choice concerning vaccines.

    Keep up your good work doing what you do and thank you again.

  3. Penny thanks for this report and now that it's going warming up rapidly the flooding starts.

    1. If it doesn't warm up too rapidly, the flooding should be limited
      Which so far appears to be the case in my area, but, elsewhere who knows?

  4. take 5 Penny-

    Richard Thompson & Los Lobos: Wreck of the Carlos Rey

    1. Thanks for that, I am listening now.
      It's a good song, I had never heard before!

      Songs such as the wreck of the EF and the boat wreck mentioned in your link really speak of the hardship of the working man- Daily. And how under appreciated that is to wider society and of course the elite class
      People sacrifice so much- often used so badly and other people don't really consider that fact-
      thanks again :)

    2. Here's another RT for you, no deep social message but a wry look at the communication gulf between male & female before the age of the feminine man and butch woman.

      Richard Thompson 'I Misunderstood'

      "I thought she was sayin' good luck - she was sayin' goodbye"

    3. "between male & female before the age of the feminine man and butch woman"

      I notice that the world is becoming more hostile to men, particularly manly men- As a woman I never thought I would say that, but, there it is