Monday, March 30, 2015

The reality of back to back brutal winters in the Atlantic/Great Lakes area

Following up on yesterday's post. Where hopefully you all read about yet another AGW lie,  biting the dust?   AGW/Global Warming DOES NOT CAUSE EXTREME WINTERS!

That lie that died, warming = cooling, was the one created to explain away the ever cooling temperatures and extremely frigid winters that have occurred back to back in North America. Extending down to Mexico, parts of the UK. Spain. Lebanon. Syria. And many, many other areas of the globe. Just the fact that the Atlantic ocean froze up to the extent it did is indicative of the extreme cold temperatures, due to the fact that salt water freezes at lower temps.

Ocean water freezes just like freshwater, but at lower temperatures. Fresh water freezes at 32 degrees Fahrenheit but seawater freezes at about 28.4 degrees Fahrenheit , because of the salt in it.
The extreme cold, this year, in the Atlantic resulted in icebergs washing up on the shores of the Atlantic
Huge icebergs the size of boulders have been washing up on the shores of Cape Cod after one of the bitterest winters in living memory. 
Months of frozen temperatures have created huge sheets of ice up and down the coastline and now the temperatures have warmed slightly they are breaking up and washing ashore.
In Wellfleet, on the Massachusetts coast, the ice made the beach look more like an arctic wasteland than the soon-to-be summer playground of the rich and famous of the East Coast.

As you know, yesterday, an Air Canada plane made a hard landing in heavy snow near Halifax
The fact the Atlantic froze enough for slushee waves and icebergs also tells us all, as posted two weeks ago, the ocean definitely isn't "hiding the warming'  Study Finds Earth’s Ocean Abyss Has NOT Warmed- Not Warmed!

I had mentioned in the comment section of  yesterday's post, we ventured out to one of the  Great lakes (Lake Erie)  last week end. There was ice as far out as one could see. No waves hitting the sandy beaches. Just ice. Not moving. No shifting. No crackling indicating the ice was weakening. Just icy cold winds and ice, ice, ice....

The Great Lakes are home to many birds. Hundreds of thousands of birds. Winter last year and this year took a terrible toll on the many beautiful ducks and other water fowl- And I do love birds.

From 2015- Ducks and waterfowl are starving to death

Duck being treated at Hobbitstee Wildlife Refuge, in southwestern Ontario.
With the Great Lakes serving as the winter home and migratory route for millions of sea birds and waterfowl, it’s unknown how many birds will have perished during the harsh winter, some experts say the death toll on Lake Erie alone could be in the tens of thousands.
Across the border, Tim Jasinski runs the Lake Erie Nature and Science Center, the cold weather has it at capacity as well.

From 2014- Thousands of dead water fowl appearing all over the Great Lakes region

More here
Biologists say carcasses began piling up by the hundreds in early January after the plunging temperatures started icing over nearly the entire Great Lakes, preventing the ducks from getting to the minnows that are their main source of food. Necropsies on dozens of birds have confirmed the cause: starvation.
“All have empty stomachs. They’re half the weight they should be,” said Connie Adams, a biologist in the state Department of Environmental Conservation’s Buffalo office who has personally seen 950 dead birds.
“This is unprecedented. Biologists who’ve worked here for 35 years have never seen anything like this,” she said. “We’ve seen a decline in tens of thousands in our weekly waterfowl counts.”
 It’s a phenomenon that has been seen elsewhere along the Great Lakes, with news reports of diving ducks and other waterfowl turning up dead by the hundreds along the southern part of Lake Michigan. They’ve also been found in Lake St. Clair between Lakes Erie and Huron.
 These many thousands and thousands of waterfowl would have survived had any actual warming been taking place- They would have had plenty to eat. Instead it's been cold and colder and for two consecutive winters these birds have been dying en masse. It was noticeable last year in the reduced duck and geese population that I see. I expect this year to be worse still.

Delayed Seaway Opening

The St Lawrence Seaway System joins the Great Lakes to the Atlantic Ocean- It is the H2O highway.
This year. 2015. The Seaway has delayed the opening of the H2O Highway (Welland Canal) until April 02/2015. This is the first April opening since 1997. Even last year despite the ice build up on the Great Lakes the opening was delayed until later in March. But this year the opening is  later still
St. Lawrence Seaway Management Corp. has delayed the opening of the canal due to the large amount of ice in the seaway system and surrounding waterways.
“It’s quite rare that we delay the opening,” seaway company spokesman Andrew Bogora said of the event that typically takes place in the third or fourth week of March.
While the start of the navigation season was delayed by a few days in March 2014 due to cold weather conditions, the seaway hasn’t been forced to push the launch back to April since 1997, he said.
This year, ships will begin transiting the canal April 2
 It will be interesting to see if April 02/15 is a go? Because the ice sure has not been melting

The icebreakers are out on the east coast- Opening up the Atlantic Ocean entrance to the Seaway- If they can get any ships through all that ice, it will amazing! If the opening is a go the canal will see limited shipping initially.

And what about wine country 2015?

Ah, yes. Wine country. Like last year the damage looks to be extensive. And as the cold continues.... who knows how the vines will fare?
Willwerth's team publishes "Vine Alert" which compiles statistics from growers who survey their vines and estimate how much damage there's been. Some of the readings look pretty bleak. A reading taken on Feb. 23 indicated a 19 per cent bud survival for Cabernet Sauvignon in Creek Shores.
But by March 3, things were looking a bit better. The Cab grapes in Creek Shores had a 43 per cent survival reading. 
The real survival rate for this year's crop is probably somewhere in between, said Willwerth. Different varieties, regions and wineries will have been impacted differently.
"We are still sampling and getting better assessments," he said. "Our assessments improve as we collect more data and get closer to spring, too. It's a biological system and there is inherent variability."

All of the research has been going right into the region's attempts to grow wine. Still, Willwerth said he wouldn't wish a cold winter on the industry in real life. He'd rather test his theories in his laboratory freezer.
"I'd rather have it as an experiment," he said.
 And the tender fruit crops
"On the tender-fruit side, I am expecting almost complete wipeout (areas) on the west-end for peaches, apricots and plums."
Brewster and others caution that fruit vine and tree samples are being collected now and the extent of the damage is too early to assess
Let's hope the damage is not as bad as initial assessment

Wine Country Cold Damage 2014

Bottom line: 

If AGW, as has been sold, was anywhere near truth or reality,  none of what I have posted above would be happening. The  Great Lakes would not be freezing. Massive bird deaths would not be happening. Ice boulders would not be washing up on the Atlantic coast. The H20 Highway would be opening and the tender fruit growers and wine industry would not be looking at yet another year of crop losses-  Massive road damage. Water main breaks. Sink holes. People going without water in their homes due to water main breaks. None of that would be occurring. Yet, it is.

The climate changes, always. But the AGW theory of excess man caused carbon was supposed to result in warming, and moderation of temps- That is not the case at all

This was after all the first year the snow was so deep, no melt or 'january thaw', I put on snowshoes to get out to my composter which was buried in snow as high as my composter is tall


  1. Curious that facebook picture of the co pilot was in front of the golden gate bridge which is famous for what? Now his sexuality?

    1. anything to avoid the truth, eh?

    2. May be but I wouldn't see too much in that, or else all my accointances that went to a visit in the States would be of the inverted sort. SF is regardless of its gay friendliness one of the must go sites for European tourists, alongside with the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, Hollywood, New York, Niagara Falls, Monument Valley.

    3. Sorry Gallier, but all those places are gay. A real man would travel to Canada...

      Leaping from tree to tree!
      As they float down the mighty rivers of British Columbia!
      The Larch!
      The Pine!
      The Giant Redwood tree!
      The Sequoia!
      The Little Whopping Rule Tree!

    4. The Little Whopping Rule Tree?

    5. Monty Python ;-)

  2. On topic with my post, I guess tens of thousands of dead birds, starved, injured, debilitated - gone. Over two years of frigid, don't have the impact of a random polar bear on the ice, with no context right?
    It's all what works to promote an agenda- when 10 of thousands of ducks, geese, swans etc die- their loss affects other animals too
    Apparently none of that matters- what matters is the agenda

  3. Penny, my yard is still full of snow, usually I am cutting my grapes now, can't even get to them yet due to snow under the vines. If I am lucky it will get above 0 today. AGW is such an utter scam but it sure works for distraction purposes! NO one talks about REAL pollution any more - at all.

    Polar bears are happy btw ;) Ducks and songbirds not so much. It's crazy.

    BTW Stupid Earth Hour was this weekend - I did NOT turn off any lights. :P


    1. Hey Buffy

      My back yard has snow- My front, south facing, having the benefit of full sun does not - However- It's nearly April 01 and no crocus have appeared? Likely because the ground is still frozen. Yup, we are supposed to barely get above 0 today also, I think it's 2 celsius, nope I checked it's 4 C
      Yesterday was a mixed bag of ice pellets, snow freezing rain and I was out for my walk absolutely drenched yet with ice building up on my jacket?

      We have been feeding the song birds as much as possible, also trying to keep the ducks etc fed that have come around to one local area with open water here- by the water treatment plant- there were, no exaggeration, thousands and thousands of assorted waterfowl there at the peak of freezing- geese, lake ducks.. mallards, merganzers, barrows golden eye, one female wood duck- there was a swan around in the summer, I have no idea where that swan went, or if it survived?
      I also saw an injured duck from hard landings on all the ice- It certainly died.
      No open water nearby and no way to get to that tiny bit of open water

      We haven't started our tomatoes yet, because, we don't want them too big if we have to wait till later to plant them

      Polar bears on ice photos shot by big oil employees while they are destabilizing Arctic ice?
      Sadly the Polar bears are being affected by the endocrine disrupting chemicals- but no one speaks of that- because that doesn't suit the agenda at all- after all EDC's are big oil chemicals.. and no one is going to impede big oil- Certainly the AGW agenda has benefited them with all that taxpayer subsidized 'green' money.

      Example? Whose going to benefit from taxpayer funded carbon sequestration?
      Why of course, big oil! So, that is just another illusion created for people who don't bother to look into anything at all on their own

      As for earth hour- I didn't turn off a single light. And the furnace is keeping us warm- so.... I needed the electricity.

      I see participation was way down, coast to coast, probably because most of Canada is abnormally freezing and everyone needs their heat, space heaters, furnaces etc

      Besides Earth Hour was always a mind control event. Always.

  4. I'm super late commenting here, but . . . I just got this link to the Friends of Algonquin Park (eastern Ontario for you non-Canucks).

    Key phrase in the report is, it's the thickest ice depth ever recorded, since they started the records in 1964.


    1. thanks slozo- I'll check it out and use the info when I do my polar bear post
      because apparently tens of thousands of dead waterfowl for two years in a row, dying from cold, isn't as good of a prop as a cuddly meme reinforced polar bear