Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The selling of brand "Saint Nemstov" & Western Media Self Censoring

Saint Nemstov. Or so the western media would want you to believe. Hardly believable.
If you pay attention to recent western media reports regarding Saint Nemstov- his girlfriend has become his 'companion' if she is mentioned at all- The reason for this is- Ms Duritska does not fit into the image western media is promoting of this man- Righteous. Humble. Incorruptible. Wanting democracy and freedom. All rubbish, all the time.

 First of all - the man was deeply involved with banksters, oligarchs and other nation exploiters, one could possibly equate him to, oh I don't know, the right hand man of some abusive overlord.  Assisting in massive plunder while siphoning off benefits to himself.  Hardly the stuff of saintliness

Secondly his choice of "companions"

Anna Duritska- really not the type of  girlfriend one associates with a saint.
Huge age difference- One could almost suggest a hint of underage inappropriateness considering the age of Anna when their 'romance' was alleged to have began. But, it's just a bit more loathsome then that. Which is why the war mongering NATO, corporate media tried to hard to keep it out of sight.
So let's take a look at something the western media tried so hard to keep out the news cycle
Nemstov's "model" girlfriend? - Was she a model? Of some sorts perhaps. But certainly not in the way a westerner would think of a model- In other words she was no Kate Moss, Claudia Schiffer or Heidi Klum.

A bit of background on modelling in the Ukraine

Prostitution remains issue for Ukrainian modeling industry
Ukrainian women have featured prominently in international and domestic media reports about the sex industry, with post-Soviet modeling agencies often mentioned as the places where prostitutes begin their careers

 “Young girls coming to Kyiv from the regions – Donetsk, Luhansk, Kharkiv – are looking for a better life. Ukraine’s got a lot of beautiful girls, and they think their looks are the way to earn money. When competition for legal work gets tough they still need money, and this is how it starts,” said Daniil Klyuchnikov, the deputy head of the department for fighting human trafficking crimes under the Interior Ministry.
 According to Klyuchnikov, the provision of intermediary sex services, which remains a criminal offense, are common among modeling agencies; however, he said, the Interior Ministry has yet to receive any complaints from alleged victims.
 Anna Duritska was a 'model'
Anna, a 20-year-old model who works with Ukrainian and foreign modeling agencies and who asked that her surname remain confidential, said she is convinced that prostitution, and even human trafficking, are pervasive among small Ukrainian agencies.

“Models receive propositions for sex services all the time, mostly from the United Arab Emirates, France, Italy and Japan. If we are talking about countries of the former USSR, I can say that there are a lot of requests from Russian oligarchs,” she said.

“When asking a model for one-time intimate services, a client usually suggests a starting price of $300. If he orders a girl for a long period of time, they discuss a monthly salary that usually starts from $1,500 a month, depending on the client’s demands and other conditions,” she added.
In Ukraine, model, is a cover or code word for prostitute-

Anna Duritska was also a "mail order bride" for a short time
Before she met Russian politician Boris Nemtsov, Ukrainian model Anna Duritska has allegedly tried her luck as a mail-order bride.

Modelling as cover for prostitution- a stint as a mail order bride. Hardly the associate of a saint.
When the murder first happened, one Canadian media outlet reported her as a prostitute and erotic model, but quickly disappeared that information

I had saved this a while ago

from a google search
4 days ago - MOSCOW — The investigation into the killing of Boris Nemtsov, ..... death by his Ukrainian girlfriend (and sometime erotic model and prostitute ..

 If you go to that news article today you will see no mention of erotic model or prostitute.
Also interesting, some suggestion on twitter that Mr Nemstov used this individual, his girlfriend, companion, associate, whatever as a tool of blackmail

From March 2/2015

I know some guys from there who slept with that Ukraini prostitute, Lentsov used to pimp her for political goals.

Of course, I haven't a clue who this person is on twitter, suggesting that Nemstov "pimp her for political goals" But, blackmail is certainly a well known tool of people with power, who want to hold onto power, any way possible. Once compromised always owned.

All in all, it's pretty hard to believe the Saint Nemstov myth. I can understand why the war mongering media scrubbed this information- Which, fortunately, is readily available elsewhere-
However, none of it coincides with the selling of brand Saint Nemstov

I should have had this post done last week, but, it just didn't happen. From a perception management point of view it still makes for interesting reading.

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  1. You're starting to bother me with this crazy sh$t that the west propaganda machine is the problem? I'm totally shocked at the feeling toward Amerikas corp. owned press and really the world press for that matter that is allowed on lame stream;)

    I think that only joseph gobbles and others say if the message is wrong say it louder and more often;)

    Then on another note I got my tiller back from the shop today so next week the dirt in the garden can be prepared. The greenhouse salad greens should be ready in 3 weeks or so;)

    Dinner and whine time

    1. Hey jo
      You are making me jealous- fresh salad greens! Delicious
      My garden is still under way too much snow...
      It's the fresh tomatoes that get me- right now- they taste like yukky
      but from the garden, it's a whole different ball game

      sorry about the western media being a propaganda machine, but, they are
      you can get to the truth, but, it's a tough job and most people don't bother to do it
      The selling of Saint Nemstov looked pretty complete via the media- someone, and I guess that was me had to put out the reality of Sinner Nemstov
      not a good man, certainly not a man worth of reverence