Friday, March 27, 2015

Ukraine: Arrested Officials to be freed- Kolomoisky/Poroshenko deal?

Recall that "showy" arrest from the other day?

Two Additional Top Ukrainiain Officials Arrested- in showy fashion
 The one that looked completely staged? 
Ok did anyone beside me think the whole arrest thing looked staged
The two men arrested were virtually emotionless- weird
 I wasn't alone in noticing the faked feeling of the entire incident. And why would I be? There are some savvy folks hanging around, for sure!

WizOzMarch 25, 2015 at 8:51 PM
I do think that it WAS staged. 
What part seemed odd to you, I couldn't put my figure on why it was not right

The arrest, well I'm under the impression that everything coming out there is staged just like isis. Hollyweird anyone?
All politics in all western controlled countries is theatre. One always has to ask the question, "why am I seeing this; why am I reading this? The camera was propositioned to film the arresting officers. My guess it was preplanned if not rehearsed!

 Check out the latest from gettin' tough on corruption Kiev!

 Former head of Ukraine State Emergency Service Bochkovsky may be released on Saturday

 "The Kyiv Pechersky District Court has turned down the Interior Ministry's request for the arrest of former head of the Ukrainian State Emergency Service Serhiy Bochkovsky"
 Why stage the arrest other then to deflect from whatever really went on between Poroshenko and Kolomoisky?  Kolomoisky steps down from his appointed leadership. What did he get in exchange? Recall he removed documents from the state oil offices? What were the documents he removed? Were they the same documents Poroshenko signed in the office the night he 'fired' Kolomoisky

And speaking of Kolomoisky?

 Kolomoisky says Ukrnafta dispute was publicity stunt
The situation concerning crude oil producer Ukrnafta will be settled judicially, former Dnipropetrovsk regional governor Ihor Kolomoisky has said.
Obviously Kolomoisky got what he wanted. Poroshenko made it happen. The courts will rubber stamp it.

If you are unfamiliar with Kolomoisky 's show of force?


  1. NATO is at a policy impasse over Ukraine’s conflict

    Pro-Kiev subversive group detained in east Ukraine

    Ukrainian army hiding heavy weapons near frontline from OSCE observers – LPR Interfax

    MOST interesting
    New Witness to Nemtsov Murder Contradicts Previous Version of Events

    CIA Refuses to Share Updated Intelligence on MH17 Crash - US Journalist.

    1. Interesting about the Nemstov witness- I believe the girlfriend/ prostitute/ blackmail accomplice was in on the hit- I read some of her recounting afterwards and found it non credible-

      I will look at the other links - thank you very much!

  2. While the showy arrest was going on they must been handed a get out of jail card;) Hollyweird