Saturday, March 21, 2015

Ukraine Oligarch Kolomoisky & his thug army break into Ukraine State Oil Office.

Two sources for all the info below and scroll down to a video showing Kolomoisky and his thugs exiting the building! Reuters  &  BBV

A raid by a group of armed men in combat fatigues on a state-owned oil company in the Ukrainian capital Kiev caused uproar in parliament on Friday and thrust banking billionaire Ihor Kolomoisky into the spotlight.

Two parliamentary deputies accused Kolomoisky of sending the masked men into the offices of UkrTransNafta late on Thursday night after it was announced that its chairman, an ally of the 52-year-old oligarch, had been sacked.

Kolomoisky,(appointed, not elected) governor of the eastern Dnipropetrovsk region and one of Ukraine's richest men with a net worth of about $3 billion according to Forbes, later came out of the building and clashed angrily with journalists.
BBV “Igor Kolomoisky (net worth $1.3 billion) was appointed governor of his native Dnipropetrovsk region”
"I came to free the building from Russian saboteurs," he could be heard saying on a YouTube video clip in which he swore several times at reporters.

Kolomoisky is lying- His lips are moving & he is lying. Kolomoisky is associated with and runs the neo nazi battalions. That is a fact. He sent his thugs in to intimidate. Period!
The affair turned a spotlight on the role of Ukraine's super-rich and the future of their business empires as the country grapples with an economic crisis and a separatist war.
Kolomoisky is widely credited with financing the setting-up of a battalion of volunteer fighters which stopped the big city of Dnipropetrovsk from slipping into the hands of the separatists.

Kolomoisky is an oligarchal war lord! The battalions are Azov and/or Aidar.
Kolomoisky, co-founder of the banking chain Privatbank, has interests in energy, media, aviation and metals. He has no direct business connection with UkrTransNafta, which is under full state ownership.

BBV- Kolomoisky, however, wasn't being entirely selfless. He lobbied hard against competitors, such as Rinat Akhmetov (net worth $6.7 billion) and Viktor Pinchuk ($1.5 billion), and seemed to believe he should be able to expand his business empire in exchange for the help he rendered to the Ukrainian state. He also continued exerting power over several nominally state-controlled businesses at which he had installed his managers under the previous regime.
But Serhiy Leshchenko, one of two deputies leading criticism of the tycoon, said Kolomoisky had interests to defend in the energy sector and accused him of personally sending in his men to restore his own ally as head of UkrTransNafta.

"The president must put Kolomoisky in his place. The seizure of a state firm in the center of Kiev by armed people is a personal challenge to Poroshenko and his legitimacy," Leshchenko told parliament.

Interior Minister Arsen Avakov said on Facebook that the building was back under the control of the police and that the armed men had left.

Kolomoisky is a terrorizing thug. Can it be any more obvious? If doubtful, read below
BBV- Apparently, Ukrainian energy minister Vladimir Demchishin, who visited Kolomoisky from Ukrtransnafta, got a more convincing explanation, because he decided against calling the police to oust Kolomoisky from the building. Sevgil Musaeva, editor of Ukraine's most popular news website,, quoted a Ukrainian official as saying Kolomoisky told Demchishin that if needed he could bring 2,000 volunteer fighters to Kiev, "because enterprises are being taken away from him."
Kolomoisky and his 2,000 fighters- Recall the Maidan brutes? Kolomoisky's army.
TV channels had a field day replaying his clash with journalists, with bleeps censoring his most colorful turns of phrase.

Of course I can’t understand the talk, but, this appears to be video shot when Kolomoisky exited the building with his band of neonazis and whatever papers he stole!

This is directly linked to the news I had up the other day-

Ukraine to Launch Massive Privatisation Program- Let the Plunder Begin!


  1. Hi Penny:

    Off topic but I thought you might find this link interesting:


    1. Interesting, thanks gc not surprised.

    2. thanks greencrow- US special forces in caught in Syria...
      like jo says not a surprise- not at all- not in the least

    3. all these isis craps are sickening.
      now they've isis advertising in hk for maids to work in xinjiang.
      wtf !

      those murikkans are like mushrooms....kept in the dark n fed bullshit all day.
      really pathetic !

  2. The Original PaulMarch 21, 2015 at 7:38 PM

    Heard a rumor that Poroshenko has a bunch of his stash in Kolomoisky's bank which is being semi held at hostage and used as leverage. I would post some links but none of the sources has any facts to show, just heresay.

    Would be funny if true though.

    1. Would be funny and if you ever find anything we can verify, let us know, please?!

    2. He also allegedly temporarily froze bank accounts owned by companies affiliated with Petro Poroshenko, himself an oligarch.

      still no facts, just little statements like from above.

  3. Kolomoisky's credit cards for kiddies - spiffing idea!

    1. Yah, well, like religion get'em while their young and you got them for life!

  4. Hi Penny,

    Me and my children have been ill for the past few weeks with what seems to be a "chemtrail cough". The number of people getting ill and staying ill has been very noticeable. Then recently there were reports of heavy smog across Europe.

    Anyway, we're still coughing but I couldn't resist posting the following.

    A British military officer General Sir Richard Dannatt condemed the sale of several dozen Saxon armoured vehicles to the Ukraine not because of any geostrategic or political reasons but because they are useless.

    "The Saxon was intended to act as a cheap but efficient "battle-taxi" for units that would have to make long journeys from the UK to reinforce the British Army of the Rhine. It was made as a relatively low cost armoured personnel carrier based on a revised Bedford M series 4x4 truck chassis and other commercially available components"

    The following video demonstrates that the Saxon as the same issues with gentle inclines that daleks have with steps.

    (Irony alert) "Some of the Saxons have been modified to include state of the art tea making equipment and biscuit loading mechanisms for crew and passengers. There were protests when the production of Digestive biscuits was outsourced to a German company."


    1. Hi Anthony;
      I do hope your children and yourself are soon on the mend!

      As for the Saxon- well you know the Ukraine is going to have many, many debt dollars soon enough so why not take advantage of the situation for abusive profiteering- It's Ukraine today!


    Just another carpetbagger

    1. hey jo - the oligarch mentioned in your article and kolomoisky and have some lawsuit going on against one another

      "The case being brought by Victor Pinchuk against Igor Kolomoisky and Gennady Bogolyubov is the latest court battle between oligarchs to play out in London, even though it revolves around the sale of state industries in Ukraine following the collapse of the Soviet Union.

      Mr Pinchuk, 52, made his fortune through a series of deals, many of them struck when his father-in-law, Leonid Kuchma, was president of Ukraine. Mr Pinchuk began a relationship with Mr Kuchma’s glamorous daughter, Elena — 10 years his junior — in 1997 and married her in 2002

      The case revolves around the ownership of an iron ore mining business in Ukraine, dating back to a deal done — or possibly not done — in 2004. "

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  7. Jewish Billionaire Igor Kolomoisky Says Privatizing Ukraine’s Assets Was Criminal-

    Kolomoysky calls for federalisation of Ukraine. Ukrnafta building in Kiev seized by Dnepr-1 battalion. US Ambassador Pyatt warns Kolomoysky-

    Penny, another version of the video you showed but with subtitles:
    Oligarch Kolomoyskiy about raid on UkrTransNafta and Parliament deputy Leshenko-

    1. thanks for the bidoe gimlet eye- will change the one I have
      Boy, oh boy Kolomoisky is a real potty mouth- not really surprising
      The 'chosenites' always seem to have the most filthy disgusting use of language as if it's innate to them-
      And yes I am speaking from personal experience! I have a collection of some of the most abusive, disgusting, filthy threatening trolling messages from the Hasbara trolls that literally burned my eyes to read
      I couldn't even read them entirely to others so disgraceful were the comments-

    2. that is thanks for the VIDEO

  8. And now for something completely different:

    A photo series of a garden started on an existing front lawn.

    Now just imagine the difference it would make globally if more lawns were gardens.

    My kind of revolution!


    1. Hi Anthony

      that too is my kind of revolution! I love it!!!!