Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Unlikely Idlib fell to rebels, as earlier claimed, however ongoing fighting is a definite!

UN News Centre
31 March 2015 – The humanitarian situation in conflict-torn Syria is deteriorating even further amid reports that the city of Idleb has fallen to anti-government insurgents, a senior United Nations relief official has warned.
“I am gravely concerned by the ongoing fighting taking place in Idleb governorate and its possible impact on hundreds of thousands of civilians,” Yacoub El Hillo, the UN Humanitarian Coordinator in Syria, declared in a press release.
“I appeal to all parties to this conflict to adhere to their obligations to protect civilians and all humanitarian personnel under International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights Law.”
Last weekend, Idleb, located in northwest Syria, reportedly fell under the control of a coalition of anti-government armed groups, according to the UN Office for the High Commissioner (OHCHR). The city was subsequently shelled by Government airplanes, resulting in the deaths of at least 15 civilians. The Syrian Air Force then expanded its raids throughout the governorate of Idleb, attacking the towns of Sarmin, Mantaf and Nayrab. 
 Reportedly fell? The UN is clearly not verifying the rebels claims!

The NATO backed terrorists certainly implied or led persons to believe they took the city. But the initial reporting was very suspicious. Images poured out through social media, but, we've all seen that too many times to take it at face value. Other reports had rebels on the outside areas of the city. Where they  took pictures to 'make their case'

At a press briefing in Geneva today, OHCHR confirmed it had received reports of civilian casualties resulting from these attacks but could not yet verify the number of dead and injured.
In his press release yesterday, Mr. El Hillo cautioned that the situation in Idleb had become “increasingly dire” with electricity shortages and the closure of schools and hospitals. In addition, the city’s estimated 500,000 inhabitants remain in the city as fighting intensifies.
“I appeal to all parties to de-escalate hostilities and to allow humanitarian actors to deliver urgently needed life-saving help, which can offer some reprieve from the daily suffering Syrians face,” Mr. El Hillo continued. “While humanitarian actors continue to scale-up assistance, their efforts cannot be a substitute for a political solution to the crisis in Syria.” 
These words coming from the UN just sound like blah, blah, blah to me! I've read their phony empty words of concern for too many years now.

Meanwhile, in its briefing today from Geneva, the OHCHR added its concern about threats by armed opposition leaders to attack the predominately Shi’ite villages of Al-Fu’ah and Kafraya.

The claims of the NATO backed mercenaries were clearly false when they were initially made a few days back, however, the fighting presently is real. 

I do believe that the NATO backed terror crew is making a push  to take Syrian territory, for a no fly zone:

 “The Syrian National Coalition calls for the establishment of a no-fly zone in northern Syria, including over Idlib.  Without it, the territory may quickly fall back into the hands of the regime or ISIL.  A no-fly zone will protect civilians on the ground from Assad’s aerial attacks, enable safer access for humanitarian aid and create the space needed to establish moderate governance and basic services. 
  To create yet another terror state called Kurdistan (think Kosovo). The no fly will enable the NATO global tyranny nations, such as Canada, to wantonly kill civilians & destroy yet another nation but certainly not to destroy ISIS. ISIS is NATO's army. It provides NATO the necessary pretext to invade nation after nation. Iraq. Syria. Libya. NATO's targets are endless and some version of NATO's Islamist Army always provides cover for the real agenda- Nation destruction. Destabilization. Forcing mass immigration. Victims for human trafficking. Victims for organ trafficking. It's all a disgrace.


  1. jo, if you stop by, let Ziad know he is vindicated- His info was correct at the time
    It appears there is some fighting ongoing perhaps on the outskirts of the city
    I just can't get his site to cooperate today- all day today the internet has been sluggish.. Perhaps it's my computer, I don't know?
    Just let him know? Thanks

    1. Done, posted link to here. I was comment 194 on yesterdays story.

    2. Thanks jo
      Some times I can get a comment through like the other day, but , yesterday Syper just spun and spun and spun (wouldn't load) and I gave up!

  2. Assad was out today saying it is Turkish forces backed offensive.

    1. I didn't see reporting regarding assad saying anything specific
      I did see some unnamed source allegedly connected to syrian military making the claim
      could you leave the link where you read Assad saying this was a Turkish offensive?
      thanks :)

  3. Hi Penny,

    In the report connected to the OHCHR press briefing above in your post, they say Idlib city's 'estimated 500,000' civilians, did u notice that?
    That is strange, unless large numbers of people from the countryside and other towns moved to Idlib during the war bc the 2010 census showed its population to be about 165.000. See here:
    Best regards,

    1. Hi Luca

      I noticed and found that odd because I had read that the population of Idlib was around the number you have cited-

      I saw one article that had the population at 125,000 too- but that could have been the city proper, excluding outlying areas-

      So would the UN fabricate the population numbers to make this a really big crisis? I certainly wouldn't put it past them!

  4. Penny wrote:
    "So would the UN fabricate the population numbers to make this a really big crisis? I certainly wouldn't put it past them!"

    My thoughts exactly!