Monday, March 2, 2015

Updating Great Lakes Ice Cover 2015- Passes 88 percent mark!

Following up the Great Lakes ice build up!  I will relink the two previous posts below!
88.3 percent and growing- The images are from the first of March/15

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The global warming slowdown is real — but that’s no reason to question climate science ??


  1. Hi Penny, I don't know if you know this site but it's a good resource for visual data. There's a function near the bottom of the page where you can enter two dates for a comparison, (side-by-side images of Northern Hemisphere sea ice extent for any two dates in the satellite record (1979-present). The images can take a long time to load, but are worth the wait. Quite startling I thought. Cheers!

    1. Thanks john- btw how has the weather been there
      I have seen reports some part of the UK have been really cold- has it affected you at all?

      I snowshoed to my composter yesterday, first time ever!
      Didn't feel like sinking down into the deep snow which was at the exact height as the top of my composter by the garden

    2. It's not been very cold where I am this winter, but then I am in the far south of the country right next to the sea and in a place that seems to have it's own microclimate. When it does snow sometimes I can stand on the hills and see snow laying all around, but not in this valley. We've even had daffodils flowering for about two weeks, which is very early for around here. The last really extensive snow that we had here was in 2010 but since then hardly anything. If you want snow in this country you have to go further north for it. Mind you, I certainly don't go along with all the global warming nonsense.

    3. Aargh, daffodils :(
      It's march here now and it should soon be time for my daffodils to come up in the front of the house- which faces south... but, my house is surrounded by about two feet of snow- or whatever that is in centimetres- I don't know
      but it's lots of snow
      we've been feeding the birds cause it's gotta be so tough for them-
      the pickin's are so slim

    4. Not so much fluttering and dancing in the breeze as buried under the snow then Penny. Sometimes when I'm lying about on my couch, in vacant or in pensive mood, I think about how much I hate centimetres... and kilometres for that matter, can't stand the things, feet, inches and miles for me please :)

  2. Of note Pen, and something which should be taken into account that favours much warmer waters in this modern era, is the releasing of large amounts of warm water waste from nuclear facilities. Most notably in Lake Ontario at the Pickering nuclear power plant, you can clearly see by the lack of ice where it is; but the numerous plants on Lake Michigan also contribute as well.

    During the production of nuclear energy, water is used to cool the rods, then released back into the lake as very warm (non-radioactive) effluent.

    Please see this map for reference:

    If you really want to shatter the whole Global Warming myth . . . talk about the "ARGO" deep sea temperature monitors, and how they measure the other 75% of the earth's surface . . . which happens to be sea. The sea has never gotten warmer in our lifetime, but even this data as well has been fiddled with so that so-called scientists can get the results they want.

    There is a good reason on why there's an information blackout on the precise instrument monitoring put in our oceans over 15 years ago (can't remember the year) . . . it show's what's REALLY happening to the vast majority of the earth's surface.

    While it is true that there has been significant melting of some permanent ice in the north, this is largely due to dust and dirt polution which falls on the snow, and when the sun hits it, it melts it faster (attracts heat) and thus a melting occurs, where normally it wouldn't. This has been observed in Alaska, Yukon and NWT, and I have seen it firsthand, had it explained to me in the 90's back when global warming hadn't yet been invented.

    It's all such a scam, and then they try and direct the public into a US vs THEM debate for or against global warming, as if every anti-warmist must be put in the ignorant redneck republican camp, and every pro-warmist is a progressive, earth-loving nature lover.

    Thanks for the posts, Pen.

    1. Hi Slozo

      what no one ever mentions when discussing Arctic Ice, though it has been growing the past couple years, is the destabilization of the ice caused by the ice breakers always on the move for the benefit of big oil

      I have some info on that but just never get to it- People have to start thinking about all the oil company activity going on in the Arctic right now
      Even the expedition for that ship- can't think of the name was aided by big oil- including ice breaker provision in the summer to free them from the ice

      As for the US vs them- I detest that

      But I find personally offensive those that claim to be 'environmentalists'
      who have done no work on their own to really understand the environment and to dig below the NGO announcements- that just pisses me right off!

      The whole environmental movement has been greenwashed with corporate money-

    2. oh and thanks for reminding me of Pickering- sigh- a disaster waiting to happen but yes that would certainly keep a good chunk of Lake Ontario ice free

  3. That's a very excellent point about the icebreakers, and one I can sheepishly say I have not heard of or thought of. Yes, it would probably amount to an enormous effect on the break up of ice, absolutely . . . and the northern traffic has had a SIGNIFICANT increase in the last 20 years, for sure.

    I'm with you on the supposed environmentalists, who only parrot what they have been told, and who don't use logic, common sense, or have any keen interest in finding out the truth.

    To me, a true outdoorsman (person) is one who has that sense of adventure, learning, curiosity . . . something which is so utterly lacking in the majority of plebes who line up behind the corporate tax schemes of Global Warming.

    We educate one at a time at a community level. We do what we can . . .

    1. Hey slozo

      Oh yah, the ice breakers are going constantly and they are massive
      but the media doesn't ever touch the topic, because then more persons then myself would put 2 + 2 together

      bigger norwegian ones coming
      and Russia is using nuclear powered ones too
      so ice is being broken up all the time

      then Franklin's ship- that's the most recent cover for big oil

      August of last year the ice breaker was sent to free the expedition in the summer when it got frozen in

      Noon ordered the ship to head close to 60 nautical miles west to aid a cargo ship stuck in ice.

      So these icebreakers are going all the time, breaking up that ice and it's being spun as AGW

      Shell Canada put a nice face on the Franklin expedition
      see how helpful big oil is

      "Shell Canada lends its vast and long-standing experience in Arctic resource exploration to the 2014 expedition"

      Breaking up the ice and filthying up the place