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Adam Osmayev- yet another curious Chechen...

Chechens & Chechnya?
For some reason the western narrative concerning Chechens gives me a 'Kurdish' vibe... Complete with a mythologizing that is over the top. And of course always accompanied by calls for respecting their human rights and right to self determination. The NATO nations talk a good talk, but, do nothing of the sort in reality. So, when it comes right down to it, talk of Kurds, like Chechens, and Uighers for that matter needing to have a homeland, the righting of historical wrongs is always, actually about something else entirely

Recall the fierce Chechen that appeared in Syria, leading ISIS out of Iraq, into Syria?

Meet the Rebel Commander in Syria...... 

  Tarkhan Batirashvili, according to analysts—an ethnic Chechen whose warring skills, learned in the U.S.-funded Georgian army.....

 After high school, he joined the Georgian army and distinguished himself as master of various weaponry and maps, said Mr. Topuria, his former commander, who recruited him into a special reconnaissance group.
 Mr. Batirashvili was first identified as commander of a group calling itself Jaish al-Muhajireen wal-Ansar, or "Army of Emigrants and Helpers."
Such an interesting rebel commander.  A Chechen, with skills learned in the US funded Georgian Army.. Recruited into a "special recon group" & participating in an "Army of Emigrants and Helpers"

A pattern that repeats itself in the story of Adam Osmayev 
From a dimly lit room at his base in eastern Ukraine, the commander of a battalion of Chechens fighting Russia-backed rebels looked shaken as TV broadcast news of Russian opposition leader Boris Nemtsov's slaying. Adam Osmayev hailed Nemtsov as a "true hero" both for condemning Russia's war against separatists in Chechnya and for decrying Russian intervention in the current conflict in Ukraine.
"Watch them try to tie Ukraine to this (murder) in some way," Osmayev added.
The murder of Nemstov already had one very curious tie to Ukraine via his girlfriend: Anna Duritska.. prostitute and tool of blackmail- The selling of brand "Saint Nemstov" & Western Media Self Censoring

He was half-joking. But two weeks later, Kremlin-friendly Russian newspapers published reports based on unidentified sources in the security services that accused the Ukrainian government and also Osmayev himself of ordering the Feb. 27 murder of Nemtsov in central Moscow in an attempt to destabilize Russia.

Osmayev denies involvement and no evidence has been presented linking him to the hit on Nemtsov, who was a relentless critic of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Attempts to implicate the British-educated Chechen commander appear to be part of efforts aimed at deflecting attention from anyone close to Putin, including his security services and the powerful leader of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov.

Within days of Nemtsov's assassination, investigators arrested five Chechens, including a senior officer in Kadyrov's police force, and charged them with carrying out the killing. All five have denied the charges.
Let's cut to the chase
The reports pointing to Osmayev, a Kadyrov foe, were seen as part of these efforts to deflect attention.

"State-controlled media have put forward a theory that is politically satisfying for Russia's security forces, the Kremlin, Kadyrov and all of their rival groups - namely, that Chechen Adam Osmayev ordered Nemtsov's murder," political analyst Georgy Bovt wrote in a commentary published in The Moscow Times.
Osmayev, 33, has a troubled history with both Kadyrov and Putin.
After graduating from Wycliffe College, a prestigious private school in Britain, and attending the University of Buckingham, he returned to his native Chechnya shortly after the second war there ended in 2000. He worked alongside his father, who had been appointed the head of Chechnya's state oil company.
*Chechnya at that time was led by Kadyrov's father. 
*After his assassination (who killed him?) in 2004, power passed to his son, Ramzan, and his relationship with the Osmayevs quickly deteriorated in a dispute over lucrative energy contracts. The Osmayevs fled to Ukraine. 
Besides energy contracts could the relationship  have deteriorated because the Osmayevs might have been involved in the assassination of Kadyrov's father? It's possible.
In February 2012, Adam Osmayev was arrested at Russia's behest and charged with planning an assassination attempt against Putin. Ukraine at the time had a pro-Kremlin government. Osmayev spent three years in detention until being released in November 2014 by Ukraine's new Western-leaning government.
So Adam Osmayev was incarcerated, after detonating an explosive an an apartment while possibly plotting an assassination attempt against Putin. But, as luck would have it a very compliant western leaning government took charge after the coup and freed the would be assassin of Putin, and possibly the assassin of  Kadyrovs' father- Not hard to see him ordering the assassination of Nemstov is it?
Digression: Osmayev and his accomplice in Odessa
His plot was exposed when he and two accomplices accidentally detonated a bomb inside an apartment block in Odessa, Ukraine.
Prosecutors said the group were training themselves on how to use explosives. One of them was killed in the blast, which also destroyed part of the apartment building.
Pyanzin and his surviving accomplice, Adam Osmayev, a Russian citizen, were injured in the explosion.
The Odessa apartment where Pyanzin and his accomplices accidentally detonated a bomb (Reuters)

Shortly after his release(lackeys in Kiev)  he joined a battalion formed by prominent Chechen commander Isa Munayev to fight against Russia-backed separatists in eastern Ukraine. When Munayev was killed on Feb. 1, Osmayav took over the command.

His battalion includes several dozen Chechens, many with combat experience gained in the separatist wars in their homeland against Russian army troops. They regularly get calls from Ukrainian army units asking them to carry out reconnaissance missions or diversionary raids behind rebel lines.
 Reconnaissance missions. Osmayev the Chechen & recon missions.  Tarkhan Batirashvili, Chechen, & reconnaissance missions.
Osmayev said he has few doubts that the perpetrators of Nemtsov's killing have ties to Kadyrov, but that the security services now need a convenient scapegoat whose guilt would be easily acceptable to the Russian general public.
Oddly enough in this sentence below- Osmayev more or less acknowledges that  since he is involved in Ukraine, it's not hard to understand why Russian authorities would tie him to the Nemstov murder?
"The fact the FSB is trying to somehow implicate me in Nemtsov's murder is utterly ridiculous," Osmayev said, "but not hard to believe now that I am involved in the situation here in Ukraine."
Is he is acknowledging his involvement in the assassination is quite plausible?

VICE doing their propagandist best in promoting Osmayev


  1. Hi Penny:

    Remember when I said that "vili" at the end of the name [Tarkhan Batirashvili] meant it was the "usual VILLians"?


    1. Hi gc

      Yup, I recall that and do keep it in mind.

      What interested me, was the connections both Chechen had to what is obviously NATO special operations and the West.

      Osmayev, British educated and fancy private schools- Why on earth would he have gone back to Chechnya, other then to get into the family business, with Dad, military/intelligence assets & oil, of course. Always together-

      Destabilizations? Two chechens running the show.

      Clearly, clearly these two are affiliated with the western military apparatus.

    2. Oh and of course VICE. VICE has full access to NATO's terrorists- same as all other nato media, but, VICE is a way to draw the younger crowd into the agenda of endless war, misery and profits for the elites
      Hope that crowd understand when they are being played!

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  3. Something I've been wondering about - why did he and his common law wife Amina Okueva decide to make it official the very day after he was named by Izvesta as a suspect in the Nemtsov murder? Scroll down a bit here for the links/translations/etc:

    1. I did read your info- why he married his common law spouse is anyone guess?

      It would seem sensible if his wife had info wrt Nemstov's murder, marrying him might be a way to keep that quiet- I don't know?
      Should you find anything out, would you let me know please and thanks?

  4. Hi Penny,

    Things have been hotting up around Donetsk airport, while on the bigger stage Russia has been making some powerful statements:

    1: Russia has said that it will deliver S 300 surface to air missiles to Iran (ordered long ago).

    2: Russia will sell S400 surface to air missiles to China.

    3: Russia is prepared to sell Iskander ballistic missiles to foreign governments. Interestingly, these would have been sold abroad earlier, but the Russian government increased its own orders and only now is there enough excess production.


    1. Hi Anthony
      I was thinking about you and wondering where you had gone off to
      I had noticed some of that news on Ukraine, and yes, saw that Russia is sending the missiles to Iran
      thanks for keeping me up to date!