Thursday, April 9, 2015

Canada Launches Airstrikes On The Sovereign Nation of Syria

Oh Canada.... hangs head in shame
Canadian fighter jets have carried out their first airstrike against ISIS in Syria, hitting one of the Sunni militant group's garrisons. 
In plain language Canada has launched airstrikes on a nation that had done nothing to Canada.
 The CF-18 Hornets bombed near ISIS' de facto capital of Raqqa, Canada's Department of National Defence said Wednesday. It described the strike as successful.
Bombed near the 'de facto' capital of Raqqa? Raqqa isn't the capital of anything. No matter how the NATO media presents this illusion.

Canada F18
Canadian fighter jets have carried out their first airstrike against ISIS in Syria, hitting one of the Sunni militant group's garrisons.
A garrison. Which most likely means they bombed Syrian infrastructure- Those contracts for rebuilding have just gotten a bit sweeter

"This first airstrike under the expanded mandate demonstrates our government's firm resolve to tackle the threat of terrorism against Canada and to promote international security and stability," Defense Minister Jason Kenney said in a statement.

 Sorry, when did Syria threaten Canada? Oh, yeah they didn't.
This is where we see the Ottawa false flag really serving the long desired agenda. This is how Canada justifies it's bombing of a nation and what will certainly be the mass killing of civilians, by creating false flag attacks and putting the blame elsewhere.
Cui Bono? The war making agenda of course.
Banker enrichment. Pipelines. Resource control. Multinational profit taking.

Aircraft return safely
The Canadian aircraft and their crews safely returned to base, the military said. It wasn't immediately clear how many casualties the airstrike had caused.
 Certainly the airstrikes caused civilian casualties, but, no worries when the 'good guys' drop bombs civilian deaths are always 'regrettable'


  1. You stupid bastard still peddling your fantasy here. I recall the Boston Bombing according to you was an act and "never happened". You are a waste of space. A colonialist with an ugly narcissistic a face.
    This is all you have you pathetic creature.

  2. Why is it governments act on the behalf of the citizens yet the citizens did not vote for this? the people of the world will rise up against their zionist run governments, there will be a war between the pro-zionists and the anti, it will be horrific as the zionist have raped us of most of our earnings and will use it against the morally correct people.

    The right will win, that means the zionists will pay heavily for their evil ways, as the saying goes, evil will triumph if good men sit idle.


    1. Hi Chevi789

      I don't think governments act on behalf of their citizens, they just tell us they are.

      glad to see you stop by :)

  3. Sad to see Canada on the wrong side of history. I honestly don't see how this is ever going to be repaired. Our nation's reputation is in tatters, our economic forecast is dismal, as we as a country own very little of it anymore. All around very sad. It would be a dream to nullify the last 20 odd years - or more.

    I think it is too late, Canada is dead.

    Buffy feeling Blue

    1. don't feel blue, buffy,
      it seems spring has finally sprung, finally
      yesterday was an actual honest to god, spring day- we got our bikes out!
      grinning from ear to ear-