Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Cold Winter, Cool Spring-Arctic & Algonquin Ice Grows & Thickens- Ontario Cap & Trade

So far, it’s been a cool spring. In fact we are headed for a consecutive run of  below freezing temps.
- 1 C or 30 F. Heading towards the end of April... Yahoo? Not!
Thankfully the crocus have made it out.
Daffodils have yet to show their teapot/saucer blooms, though, they usually appear in March.

Here again like last year- NO leaves on the trees. Buds, yes. Leaves, no.
It’s April 21/2015. We are again about a month behind. Hopefully by May we will have leaves on the trees? No one talks about the weather being too cold. Always about the ‘warming’. The alleged man made global warming and carbon. We've had much of that talk here in Ontario as of late. I'll get to that.
Got some work done last week to prep the garden. The soil is too cold.  Too wet.
But, we are hopeful Our tomato seedlings are doing beautifully, in the house. Have I mentioned we love tomatoes? And we save our heirloom seeds from year, to year, to year? The seeds were given to us, many years ago, by a family member long gone now.

Something, noticeably different from even last year, was the lack of robins. You see turning up the soil, or over as is properly said, exposes a veritable smorgasbord of worms- And Robins are a bird that loves worms- But none came to eat the exposed wrigglers. That was a first.

american robin

It’s quite likely the cold had something to do with it.
But no one talks about the cold weather, only about the global warming.
No one that is, except for me.  The cold has been hard on the birds. Very hard on them. As has been mentioned previously here at the blog
The cold has been hard on the Robins
Nova Scotia, Canada:

Mark Elderkin, a species at risk biologist in the wildlife division of the Department of Natural Resources, believes this past season has gone on longer than ever recorded.

“Historically, we might have to go back to 1872 to find similar conditions. In February of that year 171 centimetres of snow fell,” he said.

But for 2015, “everything is later.” Winter-like weather has gone on a month longer than usual, prompting many Nova Scotians to start feeding apples to starving robins recently.
If the Robins come round to pull up worms in the garden I’ll be pleased

The Government Of Canada released new maps of the Arctic-

 These maps are going to become more crucial for big oil to drill baby drill! Big Oil needs to know ice conditions. And contrary to all the media lies- Arctic Ice is expanding and thickening.

Arctic Ice 06

Arctic Ice 2014

One can just imagine how much more ice there is after the long cold winter of 2014/2015?

Not only has the ice expanded it has gotten thicker- Nearly 10 inches thicker.

Does anyone imagine that would be happening if the Arctic was really warming?
An increased volume of Arctic sea ice has been detected in Canada

The European Space Agency (ESA) unveiled the results of their five-year CryoSat satellite mission, revealing that the Arctic floes monitored in the north have become thicker by an average of 9.8 inches, or 17 percent, compared to the thinnest winter ice the agency detected in the region in 2013.

Imaging from the satellite showed a large portion of the Beaufort Sea was covered in ice. This area registered as bare water on the map based on the results from eight years ago.
But, why are they really and truly measuring all this ice?

"This new capability goes far beyond CryoSat's original purpose, which was to collect measurements for scientific research," Professor Andy Shepherd, CPOM Director and the CryoSat's principal scientific advisor, said.
"The mission is now an essential tool for a wide range of services operating in areas of the planet where sea ice forms."

A wide range of services operating in areas of the planet where sea ice forms.....?
You all know what is operating in areas of the planet where sea ice forms, right? Of course!
British Petroleum. Royal Dutch Shell. Rosenoft. Exxon. Etc

"Scientists hope that the information gathered through the CryoSat satellite can help organizations working in the Arctic create a safer plan of operations"

Organizations- Safer plans of operation- That’s all for "BIG OIL" And oil exploration in the Arctic. As it always has been.All these oil companies engage in practices that weaken the Arctic Ice-
No warming necessary-

Perhaps the brutal cold of the past years will save the Arctic? Though it may kill plenty of wildlife in the process
Yet another  tidbit regarding the persistent cold.

Hat tip to slozo who left this earlier in the month-
I'm super late commenting here, but . . . I just got this link to the Friends of Algonquin Park (eastern Ontario for you non-Canucks).

Key phrase in the report is, it's the thickest ice depth ever recorded, since they started the records in 1964.

 Algonquin Provincial Park
"Due to another bitterly cold winter and the slow onset of warmer temperatures, ice out in Algonquin Park is anticipated to be much later than average (average is April 27). Ice thickness recently measured in the South Arm of Lake Opeongo remains at 64 centimetres (25"). Measurements have been kept since 1964 and current ice depths set a new record for this date in time.
About the park

And one last point of fact-

 Being a former greenpeace supporter, no money support anymore but still receiving their emails, it had come to my attention that there was a ‘global warming march’ being held in Quebec City- Load up them buses! No police head bashers of course, unlike the student protests, but, that's a story for another day.
Noticed the march didn’t get much coverage? Could it have been because the protest took place in mid April with snow blanketing the ground? Would too many people notice that contradiction?

Images from the Quebec City "protest" Apparently the contradictions were lost on the indoctrinated?

Ontario is set to start cap and trade-

It’s a cash grab. A way to create another wall street bubble.
A way to enrich the bankers. And the big oil monopolies. And that’s all it ever was intended to be.

Ontario's Cap & Trade Regime could raise 2 billion a year

A carbon cap-and-trade system in Canada’s most populous province is projected to raise as much as $2 billion annually, early government and third-party estimates show.
 Carbon has now been made into a commodity. Carbon will be traded. And absolutely nothing will change except you and I will be further impoverished. Because this entire "carbon" narrative is just another big lie perpetrated to further impoverish/control the people (carbon based life forms) and to enrich banks/bankers/wall street and continue propping up the oil companies. Like having taxpayer dollars used to help organizations working in the Arctic ice- you know safer plans of operation and all that.

By the Way? April blizzard takes Moscow by surprise

That's about what my tulips look like right now- without the snow, thankfully
Check out the images and read the comments


  1. We're a planet of carbon junkies, destroying our only place to live to squeeze out that last drop of oil, when we should be moving towards renewable energies.

    If a fraction of the money and tax breaks governments have given to Coal, Oil and Nukes over the decades would be applied to renewables, we wouldn't need to trash out the Arctic, which couldn't survive a 'Deepwater Horizon' event.

    1. The problem with renewables is that they tend to work better on small, localised scales. They are very difficult to monopolise and centralise, it won't work. They will work on a case by case, individual by individual level - but that means decentralising and losing a massive monopoly. It won't happen under the current framework of oligarchs owning the means to power generation. (see Wynne selling of our hydro - more power oligarchs are born!)

      Carbon is not a problem in itself, if it were not for carbon we would not exist in any way shape or form. I am sick of people thinking it is some kind of pollutant - it's NOT! Ahhh but this lie has been around a long, long time and has many believers... :(


    2. Hi Greg
      We are a planet of carbon, that means you and me and buffy

      As for tax breaks to renewables- green energy has been given tax breaks and incentives galore- and it's killing us in Ontario.

      buffy can attest to that- green hydro producers are paid way, way over the going hydro rates paid to traditional producers and this has resulted in a massive deficit and skyrocketing electricity rates


      "A rapidly expanding portfolio of contracts with other generators including renewable energy companies producing power from hydro, wind, solar and biomass. These companies charge the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) higher-than-market-value prices for energy.

      To make up the difference, the OPA slaps an extra charge – called the Global Adjustment – on the electricity bills of Ontarians

      The Global Adjustment adds to the commodity portion of rates, which combined with charges for delivery, debt recovery, and regulatory factors constitute the overall rate. Elements of the Global Adjustment that are not disclosed include payments to generators to not generate, rates paid to historic non-utility generators, and costs for new hydro-electric developments.

      Since 2007, the Global Adjustment has risen six cents per kilowatt-hour in inflation-adjusted terms, pushing up the commodity portion of bills by 50%

      as buffy very correctly points out this is being done to keep the monopoly in control of the electricity production-
      You know more big business conglomerations?

      Renewables, can work, I for one would love to have a solar panel array on my house- But, I can't afford it. Because my hydro bills have skyrocketed and I'm going to have more money extracted by my government to pay carbon taxes

      Which is, btw, a tax on myself

      I am not in any way shape or form for trashing the Arctic. we have enough environmental catastrophes on the go
      what we need is the ability to produce our own energy on a small or local scale- and we would have the money to do so if every last bit of money wasn't being picked from our pockets by government in aid of the bankster/oil classes

      There is another bit of information for this post yet to come
      and btw buffy- how could those people have gone and marched in quebec city, in the form of an overheating thermometer while the ground was covered in snow
      was the irony lost on them? Duh!

  2. Hey Penny! Yes, it has been bloody cold, here too. Crocus is up, tulips are trying, but the soil is still cold, that is for sure. My tomatoes are coming along nicely inside as well, though I am not taking bets that they will be out by May 21 weekend.... everything is so far behind!

    Glowball Warming my eye! I love the ice maps and the spin they are attempting... ugh. People are idiots. It is too bad those who are awake and aware still have to pay for the ignorance of others :(

    Good piece as usual Pen ;)

    Buffy (furnace still running ... grrrr)

    1. The maps say it all- as does the satellite ice measurements.
      Tracking the ice in the Arctic is vital to the oil companies and it is so nice that taxpayer dollars are being used to do it! Not!

      and yup, the furnace is still on here,coming up on the end of April
      Absolutely the latest we have still had to use the heat

      Where, oh where is the man made warming- it sure as heck has not been over most of the North American continent for some years now.

  3. Hi Penny,

    I recently spoke with someone from around Philadelphia and she also noted how everything was late this year.

    I'm over in southern Germany. We had a moderate Winter (only one week of snow in December and then cold but not very cold through January / February). Spring sprang pretty normally, although we've been chemtrailed hard and it's been dry for a couple weeks, but there was regular rain before that. The week prior to Easter was a washout.

    We had our crocuses, daffodils and now the tulips are in bloom. The magnolia blossom came and is pretty much gone. Cherry and apple blossom are looking very good and even the oak trees are in leaf. We're in the hills and actually a couple of weeks behind nature on the plains.

    Over in Siberia, however, there are forest fires and what appears to be burning peat bogs, although when I mentioned this to a Russian they couldn't believe it and said that the fires generally start in late Summer. Here is a video of cars driving on a road through burning forest.


    A few weeks ago there was an article on Rense showing a graphic of the world in 2014 split down the middle in temperatures above or below the average.

    I would be less than surprised if the escalating conflict between the west and Russia extends into the areas of weather modification. Weather modification as a weapon is forbidden by the ENMOD convention, but if both sides are using it then who is going to be the first to blow the whistle?


    1. Hi Anthony;
      Glad you had a moderate winter- :)

      At least someone is catching a break. But, not here. Buffy is in Ontario like me, and she too gardens, as do I.
      The past three winters have been bad, but the last two have been brutal
      The roads are shot- It's like lumpy oatmeal
      The cold has just destroyed them- We have had water main breaks, consistently- In my city, in all the cities surrounding, us, cold,
      As I had mentioned the St Lawrence Seaway pushed back it's opening for two years in a row now-
      And the dead birds- Starving.

      Philadelphia? Not to far from me, I am North west of that, on the other side of New York State
      And today is another chiller- Our heat is on and yes, everything is way behind-

      I can see why Philly is so cold- the Atlantic was just chillin this year
      For us we our affected by the Great Lakes

      The Arctic ice continues to grow- and Grow and thicken.
      Yet we've been told the Arctic is melting, well it isn't.

      I didn't know that about burning peat in Siberia?
      But, I know peat, is difficult to extinguish once set a fire- wonder how it caught fire?
      We have a peat marsh not far from us and it caught fire a couple of years back- it stunk and burned for quite some time

      I don't see weather manipulation being a factor in the Arctic, because the oil companies would warm the Arctic- rather then freeze it
      Easier for exploitation of resources
      And I know they do what they can to think the ice anyway- which I'm gooing to address in another post
      But thanks for letting me know Anthony, very interesting
      And tell her, I feel her pain, I really do

    2. that should read

      "And I know they do what they can to thin the ice anyway"
      sorry Anthony :)

  4. Carbon isn't a pollutant? Guess all those people that committed suicide using vehicle exhaust were fooled into thinking they had died.
    And all that smog that used to hang over LA was just a mirage.

    I don't know how corrupt Canada is regarding renewables, but here in the States, it's a fight just to get utility companies to pay the going price for electricity generated at home.

    1. Greg- You are referring to carbon monoxide
      That is not what is being discussed. CO2 is being discussed.
      Which is carbon dioxide- not Carbon monoxide
      CO2 Is you.CO2 is this planet. CO2 is all life.

      The smog hanging over LA ? Is likely particulates. Of all manner


      Photochemical smog forms when primary pollutants react with ultraviolet light to create a variety of toxic and reactive compounds.

      Photochemical smog is composed of primary and secondary pollutants.

      Primary pollutants, which include nitrogen oxides and volatile organic compounds, are introduced into the atmosphere via vehicular emissions and industrial processes.

      Secondary pollutants, like ozone, result from the reaction of primary pollutants with ultraviolet light.

      Photochemical smog is most common in sunny and dry cities, like Los Angeles.

      Smog has a variety of negative health impacts.

      Greg: when you inhale oxygen, you exhale CO2- you, are polluting according to the AGW theory- just by breathing
      yet, you aren't, because tree and plants work opposite of us
      they "inhale" CO2 and they release oxygen for us to breath
      this is known as the Carbon Cycle

    2. No carbon is not a pollutant.. it is an element. When people off themselves with car exhaust it is the displacement of O2 (dropping below 18% by volume) which kills them, not the carbon atoms themselves. They die of suffocation, no poison gas (like say, chlorine).

      I remember in uni, in chemistry lab we were always warned about gases displacing oxygen and how quickly one can lose consciousness.

      I think Penny covered the smog element quite well, mostly particulate.

      Another thing which to me is a dead giveaway is how the media and government are all on board for carbon tax and demonisation of Carbon Dioxide and all Carbon every where - yet narry a word on dioxins, endocrine disruptors, soil erosion, water contamination, - you know REAL pollution.

      AGW is a massive hoax and since we don't teach real science in school anymore it is VERY easy to hoodwink people.


    3. Hey Buffy
      It's April 23rd today and guess what we are waking up to?
      I have a nephew born on this day- my first nephew ever :)

      When he was born it was like summer, and every birthday afterwards was a bbq- but, it's snowing and freezing
      The house roofs have a light dusting, the car roofs etc
      Even my daughter said to me this years bday- beginning of April was the coldest she could ever recall?
      And I told her it was- Her bday's were warm like spring- ever since I had her- some were summer like
      None were winter like- same for my nephew.
      From the Atlantic to mid Canada- Manitoba it's cold
      same into the US
      Where is the AGW?
      Oh it's been renamed with an empty word "climate change' which equals humanitarian intervention- just as useless
      just as much a lie

  5. In my part of Calif. it's been very dry and water for the oldest irrigation distract will be turned off as early as July. Winter corps are a month ahead of schedule. I'm hoping the shallow well at the house I rent will make through the yr.

    I'm going to be contacting my Amerikan govt. with an idea on how they could help Calif. It's really simple and cheap, we declare war on Canada and come a steal your water and minerals. It is what Amerika does best and you're right next door instead of half why around the world;)

    1. Jo, I will give you all the snow that I am sick of seeing- no charge, seriously, just don't invade ;)

      Winter crops? So that means what you planted in the winter is ahead of schedule? Wow!
      I wish...

    2. Misleading, sorry no one in my area planted winter crops do to very little rain and no irrigation water. The orchards are ahead of schedule and the farmer that leases the farm land just planted tomatoes for canning. They only planted half of the acreage do to water.

    3. Ok, got ya!
      Thanks for clarifying. jo, why is governor moonbeam allowing the big water cartels to continue taking water?
      why is governor moonbeam allowing the excessive water waste for fracking?
      It's so wrong! And this is the point I'm making wrt to the oppression of the people, vs the big corporations
      I was talking to someone else in your neck of the woods, they are talking about leaving California
      It's time to opt out of this system,c ause it ain't working for us

      That's what carbon tax and cap and trade is about
      oppressing the people and ripping them off, the oil companies and governments wanted to commodify carbon and they did

      I have much more to say on this subject, but, lack time from my big batch cook off today!

  6. Just an fyi
    we are being pummeled as I type with a hard pack snow pellet- not flaky
    sort of hail like
    the roofs are white across the street, my car is covered in white as is hubbies
    Now it looks as if it's snowing- on April 22/2015

    1. and it's a balmy 6 celsisus or 42 F
      and by saying balmy, I am being compeletly facetious
      Hubby is saying other years we were able to get our garden off to an early start- particularly peas, lettuce, beets,
      but for the past few years- not possible at all

  7. steve harper copies the USA use of goverment to form opinion. Yes this is not Canadian. Institutions are the cement, water those down and you got Somaolia

    1. Hey Steve

      I know by my hitcounter, you are not far from me.. Is it snowing there right now, it is here.

      Steve: not sure what you mean, you see, Harper or Trudeau, makes no difference in my book- they are both parties for big, multinational corporations and the TTP etc
      but, yes, canada is turning into- no it is a third world nation
      aging infrastructure and indebtedness to private banks is killing us all
      which btw is why our government needs carbon taxes to pay the debt

  8. Thanks for the tip of the hat, Pen!

    It really is amazing, this cold weather . . . and it's starting to get ridiculous now. Snowy hail last weekend . . . and my kids still in mittens and scarves, and it's almost May. Really something.

    I bet chemtrails, and all the activity they are doing with the spraying and chemicals overall, really helps with the 'coldening'.

    1. Hi Slozo

      I was just saying to hubby last night- this is the longest we have ever had to keep the heat on in the house, ever.
      We have lived here 23 years-
      And the furnace has been on for six months straight- there were a couple of days just this month we were able to turn it down during the day but the nights have been cold

      Bought a beautiful bright yellow potted begonia over the week end- love flowers :)
      It was outside- south facing - all day yesterday (been bringing it in overnight) but what the hell, it had cold damage from being outside, during the day, on the south facing porch at the end of April?!?!
      This morning we woke up to just about freezing temps
      And still no leaves on the trees- but hey it's all about the carbon- taxes and control
      Hoping this is going to pass....