Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Freeman Dyson- Earth Growing Greener because of Carbon

Earth growing greener.... makes perfect sense because all life on earth is Carbon based.

I am a carbon based life form, as are you!
Shine on you crazy diamond: why humans are carbon-based lifeforms
 It would be impossible for life on earth to exist without carbon. Carbon is the main component of sugars, proteins, fats, DNA, muscle tissue, pretty much everything in your body.

So what does Freeman Dyson have to say about the AGW/Carbon "problem"?
Give a listen below:

Conversations That Matter: Freeman Dyson from OhBoyProductions on Vimeo.

Feel free to skip the first three minutes of blather from the 'talking heads'- I saved you time ;)

Another blogger made a partial transcript. I'm borrowing it for here, because I lack time today to write this up. Thank you Mr Nelson, whoever, you may be! :)
Tom Nelson

5:20: CO2 is "enormously beneficial both to food production and also to biodiversity, preservation of species and everything else that's good.  The remarkable thing is that these effects which have nothing to do with climate...are so much easier to measure than the effects on climate and so much more certain"

9:15: [On warmists] "There certainly is an enormous religion in which there are lots of true believers who think that climate change is evil and that we're going to run into big catastrophes if we don't do something drastic. That's a sort of belief system which exists...I don't understand it and I don't pretend to understand their motives."

11:00: "The real world is far more complicated than the models...I don't think any of these models can ever be predictive"

13:45 On sun's effect on climate: "The correlation is certainly there. Exactly how the activity of the sun influences the climate is not completely clear. Something to do with cosmic rays...probably an effect on clouds"
Freeman Dyson mentioned more about the sun. Talking head mentioned the warmists argument regarding the suns temperature remaining the same, thereby discrediting it's influence on the earths temperature. Mr Dyson points out the very obvious error in that argument pointing to the activity of the sun as the influencing factor.

15:15 "CO2 is so beneficial in other ways, it would be crazy to try to reduce it"

16:40: "Average temperature of the a very poorly defined thing anyway"

18:50: "Carbon dioxide will increase. We will continue to burn oil and coal; probably it does us good. The Earth will get greener as a result"

19:30: "[People from Asia] don't feel pessimistic at all...This sort of mood of doom and gloom...only is particularly in the academic communities, particularly in the western societies...The media have gone alone with it, but I think the general public has a lot more common sense."

20:20: Dyson brought along Lomborg's book "Cool It".  Dyson says "I think it's the best general summary I've seen, in a way...I think he's very sound"

21:45: "Man-made climate change certainly is real..question is how much and whether it's good or bad...I would say it's on the whole's not as large an effect as most people have imagined".

22:00: "I'm an optimist...Everything I look at has improved compared to the 1930s"

Shine on all you crazy diamonds!


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    1. thanks for the info, and much appreciating the updates

  2. Shining here Penny!

    The models are ridiculous and remind me of the theoretical chemists who would scream at the analytical (practical) chemists, "Your empirical data doesn't fit our model!!"


    Glowball warming has been a godsend to real polluters everywhere! Dioxins? who cares! Soil loss due to factory farming - meh! GMOs - hey we all need some extra arms!


    On a more serious note, I think most all of us agree that the petrochemical industry is a massive global scale polluter as well as one of the most corrupt and exploitive industries on the planet. You don't have to subscribe to the 'Carbon Tax Our Guilt Away' clan to see this.


    1. On a more serious note, I think most all of us agree that the petrochemical industry is a massive global scale polluter as well as one of the most corrupt and exploitive industries on the planet. You don't have to subscribe to the 'Carbon Tax Our Guilt Away' clan to see this.

      The petrochemical industry has delivered us a load of chemicals that are harming us seriously, but, what is the carbon tax going to do about it?
      The petrochemical/banking industry is the reason for most of the wars..
      Pipelines, control of resources via access or denial
      Is a carbon tax going to change that? Nope

      The petrochemical industry which has delivered big agriculture to us all, which is killing us, killing our soil and destroying our environment..
      what's cap and trade going to do about that?

      From where I sit, I can only see the petrochemical industry/banking/war mongering cartels benefiting from the AGW hoax and I that doesn't sit well with me at all!

    2. btw: glad your shining still buffy, another grey dreary day
      April is so far still going along with lower then normal temps
      on a bright note, finally a crocus popped up and some tulips are starting

  3. You can go on any greenhouse equipment store and buy things for which this description is given
    "This durable unit automatically provides the carbon dioxide necessary to maximize growing potential. Just set the gauge for to the gas pressure desired for your greenhouse and this unit will automatically provide the correct level of CO2."

    Isn't it nice?

    The day I discovered that this piece of equipment is required (if you want yield) for commercial greenhouses, all discussion about the "evil" CO2 would be met with laughter.

    1. Hi Gallier

      Years ago, hubby did some work in his trade at a greenhouse operation- I mentioned this way back here- and at that time he mentioned the carbon being piped into the greenhouses to ramp up the production of flowers

      This is how it worked- they used a natural gas cogen to heat the greenhouses- and make electricity from turbines- they scrubbed the carbon dioxide and pumped it into the greenhouses
      extremely efficient process-
      the excess electricity generated was sold to the grid
      So Mr Dyson is talking on a subject I am very aware of
      but a great many people are not.

      you can read a bit about this here

      or here

      Rosa Flora was the place and this was some years back now..