Monday, April 13, 2015

Iran Brands Yemen’s War as a Conspiracy Against Saudi Arabia

Keep this information in mind.....

A top Iranian diplomat has condemned Saudi Arabia’s military campaign against Yemen, saying its only aim is “to disintegrate and weaken” Saudi Arabia; he has recommended that the country stops counting on Washington’s help in Yemen.

Iran's Deputy Foreign Minister for Arab and African Affairs, Hossein Amir-Abdollahian, has said that the ongoing war in Yemen is, in fact, a plot against Saudi Arabia.

"The enemies of the [Middle East] region are unfortunately trying to disintegrate and weaken Saudi Arabia, and the aggression against Yemen and its consequences are the start point of this ominous plot," the Iranian news agency PressTV quoted the top official as saying on Sunday

Amir-Abdollahian recommended that Riyadh "stop counting on Washington's help in Yemen" and accused the US of pursuing dual policies in the Middle East.

The Iranian diplomat urged for an immediate stop to Saudi Arabian airstrikes against Sana’a, stressing that a national dialogue and the delivery of humanitarian aid to the country are the only solution to the ongoing conflict.

The continuation of Saudi aggression would lead to “inevitable consequences", he warned

As we see the tables being turned on Turkey, are we witnessing the same for Saudi Arabia?
How could one have missed the black Pope playing politics in such a blatant fashion?
The Ottoman empire and Genocide

The black Pope Francis mentions the role of the Turks, but, fails to mention the active participation of the Kurds in the genocide of  both the Armenians and Assyrians

Why do we not speak of the Kurdish role in both those genocides?
Is it because it runs against the grain of the perception management when it comes to the 'heroic Kurd' meme?

Heads Up!- I will be speaking of that bit of history in short order

From yesterday

A name to watch!: Adam Osmayev- yet another curious Chechen...


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  2. On Syria per FT: Military gains on northern and southern frontiers point to co-ordination

    This comes as Assad made clear the Turks were openly backing the northern offensive (again). Ergo the artillery support fire after the alleged incursion (like the Syrian fighter shoot down last year).

    The taking of the southern border town by Jordan also looks like a Q up for the US moves in Tikrit and Anbar (which the Sunni def minister was lobbying for taking before any move on Tikrit the past few weeks?)

    Then this morning a purge in the Iraqi army?

    After the Wapo story:

    The hidden hand behind the Islamic State militants? Saddam Hussein’s.

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  3. Short and sweet. KSA resides on land that is designated to be Eretz Israel and is on the original PNAC hit list ~ near the bottom but on that list irregardless.

    1. Thanks Noor !
      btw: I did hear you talk to what's his name.... from Jordan
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  4. @Why do we not speak of the Kurdish role in both those genocides?
    Is it because it runs against the grain of the perception management when it comes to the 'heroic Kurd' meme?

    Penny, spot on like always.

    But the 'heroic' Kurds were just recidivists:
    (from WikiIslam):
    "In 1876 a new sultan ascended the throne as leader of the Islamic caliphate, the Osmannic Empire... Abdul Hamid wanted to strengthen the Muslim rule over the subdued populations in novel ways.The novelty was to completely eradicate the Christian population. Among the subjects of the sultan the Armenians were the most diligent and successful. For more than a millennium they had survived Muslim persecutions and extermination attempts. Each time they arose anew and became thrifty traders with a culture where art and poetry were highly appreciated.
    The tools used by sultan Abdul Hamit were the Turkish army and the Turkish police, and the Kurdish people, who are Muslims. He equipped the Kurds with modern rifles and gave them the relevant military skills. Serpouhi Tavoukdijan writes in his book “Expatriate” that in return for their weapons their task was to murder Armenians. They were given the right to rape Armenian women free of penalty and took Armenian houses and shops belonging to the murdered.
    In the beginning the Armenians put up some resistance, in spite of their almost complete lack of weapons. Then Abdul Hamid reinforced the Kurds with regular Turkish troops and let proclaim a “Holy war” against the infidels in the country. Endless killings of civilians broke lose, executed by Turkish army units and civilian Muslims. The killings took place in the eastern, western, northern and southern Turkey, everywhere Armenians were to be found. So many were murdered and starved “that the diligent defender of Islam had to admit, that the Armenians no longer could be of particular danger to the Ottoman state, at least not for the next generations time. He was forced to declare the holy war ended.”

    The policies of Abdul Hamid towards the Christians (suppression of an uprising in Bulgaria. 15,000 people are massacred in the area of Plovdiv in Bulgaria, among them are a number of Armenian members from the local colony, by the irregular troops of the Bashi-buzuks, Kurds among them) led to the intervention of Russia (the War of 1877-1878).
    as it is known the Western Powers did everything in their power to impede Russia to terminate the "Sick Man of Europe", so the massacres continued unabated. Between 1894-97 some 80,000 to 300,000 Armenians were killed.

    Interestingly, one headline in a September 1895 article by the New York Times ran "Armenian Holocaust,"!!! (Wikipedia - Hamidian massacres). But the Black Pope wouldn't dare to use the "H" word, that's why it was dropping the "G" word! Guess why?

    Followed the 1915-1918 massacres of Armenians (to which the Turks added and some few hundred of thousands of Greeks from Anatolia). But after the war Armenian massacres continued. Between 1920 to 1921 - another 50,000 Armenians are executed by Kemalists).
    The West remained indifferent. They were to preoccupied to organize the 1920 to 1921 - Another 50,000 Armenians are executed by Kemalists.

    The West remained indifferent. They were to busy organizing the "National Home" in Palestine.


  5. I am not convinced that Iran is giving helpful advice to Saudi Arabia. However it is very possible the Judeo Christians are trying to weaken everyone in the region until they beg for intervention. Oh wait thats already obviously happened in Iraq. Guess what the perfect Iraq the Americans left is no longer there.

    1. Hi Steve
      " it is very possible the Judeo Christians are trying to weaken everyone in the region until they beg for intervention'

      Let me change that up a bit.
      The Judeo Christians are weakening everyone ahead of the final intervention

      The NATO nutters and Israel are remaking the middle east- that is what's going on, the destabilizations are the warm up- the final blow is yet to come.